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Functional groups are specific substituents within molecules that are responsible for the characteristic chemical reactions of those molecules. The same functional groups undergo the same reaction regardless of the size of their...

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This test is given to help you in reviewing Module 1 of OLD PACOP as a preparation for the upcominng Board Examination. I know you have your PACOP reviewer with you but at least try to answer the following questions honestly. You...

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  • Sample Question
    Which anion evolves a gas with fruity odor when treated with concentrated sulfuric acid and ethanol?

Are you looking for some Organic Chemistry Trivia Questions to refresh your understanding when it comes to chemical composition and formulas? The quiz below is exactly what you are looking for, as you will be expected if the...

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Carbohydrates have six major functions within the body; they provide energy and regulation of blood glucose. Most people think that too much carbohydrate is unhealthy. Having studies them in class you have a clear...

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  • Sample Question
    What type of atoms do carbohydrates contain

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Organic Chemistry Questions & Answers

What is a penultimate carbon?
Thepenultimate(second to lastcarbon)carbonis the last chiralcarbonof the chain. The alcohol group attached to thiscarbonis that which attacks the carbonyl during cyclization of a sugar.
What is Galactosemia?
Galactosemia is a rare genetic metabolic disorder that affects an individual's ability to metabolize the sugar galactose properly. GALACTOSE INTOLERANCE
What are the most abundant pentoses?
Scrous and glycogen has been a good game for the first few days and this game was
What is an amylose?
Thank you for the helpit is a pleasure