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Someone liked the planet they put a ring on it! If you know the Beyonce song, then you'll be at home answering questions about the "ringed" planet! Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system can be seen by the naked eye...and it looks like a star! But how much do you know about the planet named after the god of time?

Here are some sample questions: Which metals are found in the rings? What does the planet Saturn made of? Would it float if you put it in a bathtub? Do you think you know more than Galileo or NASA? Are you the next great scientist/astronomer? Get ready to dive into these quizzes like Saturn in it's rings!
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Today we’re offering up all of our love for Saturn, the second-largest planet in the Solar System and the sixth from the Sun. What do you know about the wonderful gas giant? Let’s find out right now!

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    How many known moons are around Saturn?

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    1 day on Saturn takes?

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    How long is one day on Saturn?

Saturn often called “The Jewel of the Solar System is one of the planets that are in the outer space. It is a planet that cannot be compared to our own. Take this quiz to measure your knowledge about this planet.

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    Saturn is regarded as the first planet to have?


Saturn Questions & Answers

What are the specialities of Enceladus?
Enceladus is known to be one of the moons of Saturn that is a bit different from all the other moons. It should be noted that Saturn has 62 moons. Some of these moons are still being studied while others are not probed yet and do not even have names
What does saturn mean in Roam mythology?
Saturn is known to be one of the Roman gods in Roman mythology. He is known to be the god of sowing and the god of seed. He is supposed to improve the growth of the various crops depending on how pleased he is. This explains why there are some people
Why does saturn have rings?
It is not a common feature of planets in the solar system to have rings. Saturn is one of the two planets that have them. The rings of Saturn are very prominent. In fact, some people are familiar with Saturn because of its rings. The rings are said t
What is the importance of saturn in Indian astrology?
A lot of the people believe then that the planets have a lot of influence on people. It is not only Saturn that is important to Indian astrology. Rather, all of the planets are considered to be important. Saturn is known to move slowly. This is diffe
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