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Create multiple-choice tests, quizzes, and exams easily

  • Easily create multiple-choice tests
  • Create a quiz using 10+ question types
  • Automate grading & scoring
  • Add images & videos
  • Prevent cheating in your tests
  • Get insightful reports & analytics

Easily Create Multiple-Choice Tests

15+ multiple-choice test templates to create your own tests

Easily Create Multiple-Choice Tests

Easily make your own multiple-choice quiz or MCQ test using our online multiple-choice test maker software. Explore the numerous ready-to-use multiple-choice quiz templates and simply edit the one you like to create your own multiple-choice quiz or MCQ test. Add questions directly from a pool of 100,000+ ready to use multiple-choice quiz questions. Add audio or video to your questions to make them more interesting using our multiple-choice test maker.

  • Access ready-to-use tests
  • 100,000+ pre-made questions
  • Add audio & video

Create a Quiz Using 10+ Question Types

Explore 10+ question types to create more interesting quizzes.

Throw in a mix of different types of questions to build interesting quizzes, online tests, exams & assessments.


Ask more questions in less time with multiple-choice question type. They take less time to complete as compared to other question-type and leave no room for subjectivity.

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions Type
Multiple Choice Quiz Checkbox Questions Type

For questions that have more than one correct answer, go for the ‘checkbox’ question type. Provide a list of options that your test-takers can check to answer the question.

Fill in the blanks

One of the excellent means to measure knowledge is adding multiple-choice questions to your test. They’re easy to create as you do not have to come up with answer choices as you do for multiple-choice questions.

Multiple Choice Quiz Fill in the Blank Questions Type
Multiple Choice Quiz True or False Questions Type
True or False

You can use True/False question type when you need to measure test-takers’ level of understanding and learning. With True/False questions, test-takers choose true or false in response to a statement question.


This question type is great for testing ‘association skills’. Matching questions require test-takers to match content from one list with content from another list. So, these questions can cover a large amount of content.

Multiple Choice Quiz Matching Questions Type
Multiple Choice Quiz Essay Questions Type

Include essay type questions when you want to test a deeper level of understanding. Essay type questions give test-takers a chance to spill their thoughts and opinions. You can, of course, limit the word-count and grade them manually.

Hotspot Questions

These are visual questions that allow participants to click on a spot on an image as the correct answer. While creating the questions, you can determine what area of the image acts as the answer and the size of this area is customizable.

Multiple Choice Quiz Hotspot QuestionsType

Automate Grading & Instant Feedback

Reduce your workload by pre-defining grades and scores

Make a multiple-choice quiz or MCQ test using our multiple-choice test maker and reduce your workload by automating grades for correct answers in advance. Pre-assign scores for correct answers. Provide instant feedback for answers and attach relevant links within the feedback.

  • Assign points for answers
  • Add feedback
  • Customized results

Add Images & Videos

Customize your multiple-choice tests by adding relevant media

Make your multiple-choice tests interesting by adding images and videos to the questions and answer options. You can even customize your multiple-choice tests by adding your own logo and background. Want to issue certificates to your test-takers? We got you covered. Customize certificates with your signature and logo using our multiple-choice test maker.

  • Add image to questions or answers
  • Add logo & background
  • Issue certificates

Prevent Cheating in Tests

Configure 100+ smart security settings

Create Your Own Multiple Choice Quiz

Prevent cheating in your tests by using the smart security settings offered by our multiple-choice test maker. Randomize the order of questions, shuffle answer options, and set a time limit for each question. Create private links and set a password to avoid unauthorized access for your tests.

  • Randomize questions
  • Shuffle answer options
  • Set time-limit for each question

Get Insightful Reports & Analytics

Generate delightful reports and analytics to assess test-takers

Get insightful reports and analytics generated by our multiple-choice test maker to assess your test-takers’ performance. Analyze individual and group data like time spent on each question, number of right or wrong answers, problem areas, etc. Monitor progress and send instant reminders.

  • Assess learner performance
  • Analyze reports & stats
  • Monitor progress & send reminders


  • Ready-to-use MCQ Templates
    Ready-to-use Templates

    Choose from 100+ templates on different topics

  • Automated Grading Mcq Test
    Automated Grading

    Pre-assign scores & grades to save time & effort

  • Instant Feedback Multiple Choice Quiz
    Instant Feedback

    Provide instant feedback depending upon the answer option chosen

  • Free Mcq Test Platform with Auto-generated Reports
    Auto-generated Reports

    Obtain useful insights with auto-generated reports & statistics

  • Get Customized Completion Certificates
    Completion Certificates

    Provide customized completion certificates to learners

  • 100+ Settings & Configurations in Your MCQ
    100+ Settings & Configurations

    Configure 100+ smart settings and configurations to prevent cheating, manage notifications, etc.


  • Great for companies doing Online exams!
    Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
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  • Drive up traffic & website engagement
    ProProfs quiz maker is a great way to engage your visitors (most people will take the quiz, thus spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further Quizzes are greatly shared and can be used to drive up traffic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multiple-choice test maker?

Any online test maker that lets you create a test with questions that have more than one answer option can be a multiple-choice test maker. It's easy to create one with ProProfs - select a quick template, copy questions from our question library, modify questions or answers, and there you go. Here's a blog for you to learn in detail What Is a Multiple-Choice Test Maker?

How to create a multiple choice quiz

Creating a multiple choice quiz is very easy. To create one with ProProfs Quiz Maker, you need to follow the steps that do you for a normal quiz. When it's time to add questions, choose “multiple-choice questions” from the list of questions. Add your question and at least 4 answer options. Assign grades to answer options. Repeat this step until you reach your desired number of questions. Here's a quick guide on How to Create a Multiple Choice Quiz.

How to create a matching quiz

With ProProfs, you can create a matching quiz in just a few simple steps. Start by clicking on ‘create a quiz’. Choose ‘create from scratch’ and then select the question type ‘Matching.’ To create a matching quiz - type in the question, enter the choice and its corresponding match, and click on ‘Save’. Refer to this step-by-step guide to learn How to Create a Matching Quiz.

What is the best multiple-choice test maker?

An online test maker that lets you create a test with questions that have more than one and upto at least four answer options along with automated grading can be called the best multiple-choice test maker. ProProfs Quiz Maker is a simple-to-use tool with everything you need to create multiple-choice tests and is an answer to your question What Is the Best Multiple-Choice Test Maker?

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Winner: Best Online Quiz Maker Software, U.S. Business Technology Elite Awards
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