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ProProfs as a Tin Can Compliant Quiz Maker

Record quiz data and learner interactions in Tin Can SCORM LRS
 Integrate with SCORM LRS.

Integrate with SCORM LRS

Track everything in your Tin Can SCORM LRS

ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it super easy for your to centrally access quiz reports and learners’ interactions in the Tin Can SCORM LRS.

You can view detailed records such as who took your quiz, what was their score, what content they viewed in your quiz and more in the SCORM LRS, without ever logging into ProProfs.

Create robust learning programs

Unleash the power of mobile learning

Collect data from multiple devices

ProProfs ensures that your learners can access your quizzes on any mobile device.

With our API developed for Tin Can and SCORM, you can track learner activities even when they take a part of the quiz on a desktop, then move on to a tablet, and finally finish the quiz on a smartphone.

 Capture the invisible data

Capture the invisible data

Draw a more accurate picture of learning activities

With Tin Can API integration, you can capture not only quiz reports but also learning interactions that are currently invisible.

For instance you can track whether a learner watched a video, clicked a particular image or read a PDF which was part of your quiz. This helps you to measure the performance of learners as well as success of your learning programs better.

Create robust learning programs

Create robust learning programs

Improve learning with informed decisions

With powerful analytics, you can track not only compliance (whether learners took a particular quiz) but also how the learning was experienced (how much time learners spent watching a video).

This insight helps you identify the knowledge gaps existing in the current learning model and accordingly improve the content to make learning more effective.

How Tin Can SCORM LRS works

Centralize your data, record interactions and analyze learning experiences.
Centrally access quiz data

Centrally access quiz data

Instructors can access all quiz data in SCORM LRS, without even logging into ProProfs. Tracking the total score of learners, their quiz answers, paused / resumed quizzes etc is quick and easy.

Further, instructors can also centrally track reports of learners who started the quiz on a desktop, read a part of it on a tablet, and finally finished the quiz on a smartphone.

  • Track who took the quiz and their scores
  • View total time spent by learners on a quiz
  • Sort the data by passed or failed results
Record interactions of learners

Record interactions of learners

ProProfs helps instructors form a complete picture of how learners interacted with a quiz. Instructors get reports on whether learners watched a video, clicked on an image or read a PDF, which was part of the quiz.

Such data around the interaction of learners and not just their test scores helps instructors get a holistic understanding of learners’ performance during an online test.

  • Record any clicked event on your quiz
  • View correct & incorrect answers of a quiz
  • Track all paused & resumed quizzes
 Integrate with SCORM LRS.

Analyze learning experiences

With ProProfs, instructors get multi-pronged data such as quiz completion reports and learning interactions. This offers Learning & Development professionals insights into knowledge gaps that may exist among learners.

Additionally, they also understand how engaged learners are with the content of a particular quiz. Armed with such insights, instructors can vastly improve the content of the tests to suit the needs of their learners.

  • Track learning interactions on multiple devices
  • Learn what content learners found most valuable
  • Record how learning is experienced & applied

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