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Hire and retain the right talent by assessing their knowledge and skills with ProProfs’ professionally built and ready-to-go quizzes, assessments, and tests. Launch online quizzes and assessments from within ProProfs LMS in minutes. Choose from 1,000,000+ questions in our library and over 15 question types. You can use these assessments as-is or modify them with your custom questions, branding, and other personalizations. It’s easy to distribute and get results on these assessments. Skill assessments help you ensure that your job candidates and current employees have all the skills they need to succeed.

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How to Create Pre-Employment & Skill Assessments

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Use Skill Assessments & Pre-Employment Tests to Transform Hiring

  • Skill Tests for Screening

    Use pre-employment screening tests to accurately assess technical skills for any job profile while also checking up on soft skills, such as communication, time management, leadership, and more.

  • Cognitive Ability Assessment

    Assess applicants’ ability to process information quickly. Conduct engaging and insightful aptitude tests on any topic, such as logical, numerical, verbal, and spatial reasoning.

  • Easy Remote Interviews

    Conduct video interview assessments to hire remotely from any time zone. Widen your candidate pool by allowing candidates the flexibility to take interviews anytime, anywhere.

  • EvaluatePersonality Traits

    Evaluate applicants’ personality traits to check for role alignment and work culture fit and ask better questions during interviews. Create productive and collaborative teams and reduce turnover.

  • Smoother Onboarding

    Onboard employees efficiently using insights gained from skill, personality, and situational judgment tests. Find and address immediate training needs and improve employee experience.

Quiz & Assessment Solutions for Your Industry

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Everything You Need for Pre-Hire & Skill Assessments

1 Million+ Ready Questions

Create hiring assessments quickly and easily using ready-to-use questions covering almost every job role.

15+ Question Types

Ask questions in various engaging ways, including multiple-choice, checkbox, video-response, and more.

100+ Skill Assessments

Get started quickly with ready-to-use skill and personality assessments designed by subject matter experts.

Advanced Reporting

Make smart, data-driven recruitment decisions by leveraging insightful reports and stats from your pre-screening tests.

Proctoring & Anti-Cheating Settings

Ensure the credibility of your assessments by employing powerful settings for privacy and cheating prevention.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

Conduct pre-employment exams in over 70 popular languages to hire from diverse cultural demographics.

100+ Smart Configurations

Tailor your assessments to the role and your requirements using over 100 intelligent settings and configurations.

Anytime, Anywhere

Use our flexible pre-employment testing software to allow candidates to take assessments on any device at their convenience.

Custom Themes & Branding

Add a custom or pre-built theme to your pre-hiring assessments to showcase your brand identity.

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