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Assess Employee Skills & Knowledge

Make employee assessments secure and fast

Use quizzes to build pre-recruitment tests and choose the right candidates for your company. Conduct employee assessments and track employee performance by creating online assessments that are password protected. ProProfs Quiz Maker for business is the ideal tool for assessing employee knowledge and skills.

  • Identify applicants’ skills and abilities
  • Simplify post-training assessments
  • Secure and password protected
  • Track employee performance

Engage Customers & Prospects

Build interactive quizzes to engage your customers and prospects
Build interactive business quizzes to engage your customers

Delight your customers with interesting and engaging quizzes on social media. Build interactive quizzes, business personality quiz or business quiz for students with quiz maker for business to improve communication and identify customers’ pain points with your brand and expectations. Predict consumer behavior with the help of small business quiz results and implement strategies to improve customer retention.

  • Send fun quizzes
  • Identify customer pain points
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Improve customer retention

Generate Qualified Leads

Use online quizzes to capture leads
Online quiz maker for business will generate qualified leads

Online quiz maker for business will generate qualified leads and help you boost sales by 200%. Create the best business quiz with existing templates or build your own. Capture leads with the help of customizable lead forms and add important customer data to marketing lists that can be used to nurture potential customers. Design small business quiz or take help from our existing quizzes to derive interesting business quiz ideas.

  • Increase sales by 200%
  • Customize lead questions
  • Identify potential customers
  • Add leads to marketing lists

Grow Mailing Lists

Integrate quiz maker with marketing automation tools
Grow Mailing Lists with online business quiz software

Integrate quizzes with marketing automation tool Increase business conversions by up to 80% with ProProfs Quiz Maker by integrating quizzes made with quiz maker for business with marketing automation tools.

  • Increase conversions by up to 80%
  • Build subscriber lists
  • Export quiz data to email marketing tools
  • Send marketing campaigns & nurture leads

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  • Add time limit

    Set a time limit to your exam to reduce the chances of learners using external methods to find answers.

  • Shuffle answer options

    You can shuffle the answer options, so that learners cannot copy the correct answers by peeking into another's screen.

  • Randomize questions

    Just like shuffling answers, randomizing the order of questions is another effective way to discourage learners from copying each other's answers.

  • Limit exam availability

    You can make your exam available only during certain dates or hours, so that learners cannot take the exam after it expires.

  • Keep your exam private

    To ensure that unauthorized user do not take your exam, you can create a password-protected exam and it with only select learners.

  • Easy Sharing

    You can create an exam and share it easily with your students on their respective email ids so they can take the exam from wherever they are.

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