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One of the ways in which a company or a person uses their income or profit is through taking up investments. The acquisition of shares is one of the essential methods people choose to use. When it comes to buying security as...

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    The net wealth of the aggregate economy is equal to the sum of

If you want to start a business, then you should not just do it because many people are engaged in, but you should do it because you have a strong passion for offering a given good or service. When people venture into a line of...

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    Some animal or person is in trouble, it got shot. What do you do?

Which Business Chemistry Personality Pattern You Belong To? There are different Personality Patterns, and you can either belong to Driver, systems, Pioneer- Integrator, or Guardian, all based on what you believe in and your...

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    Choose the word that best describes you.

Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers. The business field has a lot of career opportunities and if you are looking to venture into a business there are some basic information you need to...

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    The basic elements of the supply chain include:

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    An LLC (limited liability company) is a hybrid of two types of business ownerships below.

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What cannot be considered a disadvantage of Entrepreneurship?
There have been many advantages of entrepreneurship for an individual and also the society when compared to the disadvantages. Here are a few advantages of entrepreneurship. 1. Employment generation/reduction of unemployment: Unemployment refers to
What is the difference between Franchising and Licensing?
A franchise is an authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services in a certain area. It is basically an extension of an existing brand. If you become part of a franchise, you follow the operating systems, you can levera
What drives competitiveness for e-business?
Much research has been done on how e‐commerce has enabled organizations to coordinate business forms and decrease operational expenses. The purpose of this study, nonetheless, is to see how e‐commerce has influenced organizations' capacities to s
What is the difference between CEO and Owner?
The word owner sounds more generic as it applies to a lot of things. While it is common to see people referring to themselves as owners of various businesses and establishments, the word can also be used to describe someone who owns something. This m
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