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Think of the word business, and you’ll probably think of briefcases, computers, and men in three-piece suits. The word may conjure up positive thoughts (making money, getting promoted!) or negative ones (meetings that last all day, sharing a cubicle with the guy who cuts his toenails at work). But what does it really mean to work in the world of business?

From manufacturing to agriculture, from retail to real estate, the word ‘business’ describes a huge range of companies and workers. Are you thinking about a career in business someday? Do you just wish you knew more about what so many employees in the country do all day, every day? Take this quiz to explore the world of working in business!

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  • What are you passionate about? In other words, what do you spend most of your time doing?  

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  • What can I do to give my business a bounce? (From Nancy Summer’s Meeting at Convention)
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  • Where can I find the current hostess and customer specials?
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  • Why should I wear a “Cabo” pin? I don’t wear pins!
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  • Business finance can come from either internal or external sources. (a) Which of the following is an internal source of finance? (1) Select one answer

  • Amazon is a well known online retailer. It has grown by differentiating itself from its rivals and being highly competitive. Amazon is an online retailer. (a) Which one of the following elements of the marketing mix does this represent? (1

  • Select one answer.

  • A business which acquires trading stock to sell to resellers is classified as a:
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  • The easiest ownership structure to set up and operate under is the;
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  • The maximum number of partners allowed in a general business partnership is:
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