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This is set to raise some money and glory for you. We’re talking about sales and our newest trivia ready to take you by storm. How well can you perform under stress? Can you deliver results and boost our sales of right answers? If so, take a look at some sample questions and let’s get started with some fascinating sales quizzes.

What is telemarketing? What is the main purpose of sales brokers? What does FMCG refer to? Can you name 5 of the most important selling strategies? Who used to be a brand ambassador for American Express in the fifties, boosting sales for the great American company? What’s a paint-the-picture selling technique? Great! Seems you know your way around sales. There are more coming up so get ready.


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  • Which of the following steps listed below make up the S.P.R.I.N.T sales model?

  • When a customer walks into one of your branded retail locations, what is the correct way for your dealer/RSP to approach them?

  • True or False: When Probing/Qualifying customers, a sales reps needs to identify likes and dislikes about their current service as well as what they plan to use their phone for.

  • Cashiers do not have a responsibility to sell.
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  • Selling Home exclusive brands like Natura, Eurostream, and Kuraidori will not help your store be profitable or gain loyal customers.
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  • An appropriate add on item to suggest when a customer is purchasing a cleaning bucket would be a pair of rubber gloves
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  • You should have various techniques in  contacting lead clients with not less than four attempts that are not limited to phone calls only phone.  
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  • Which of the following would be a good example of sales call objective?
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  • The process of locating new customers is know as? 
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  • A ______ drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average would stop trading for the day. 

  • Initial margin requirements on stocks are set by _________. 

  • Which one of the following is not an example of a brokered market?