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Sales is the backbone of every business. It is to business, what oxygen is to us. If you want to become a sales expert and don’t know where to start from, choose our online sales quizzes ready to take you by storm.
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    The IRS definition of “cash” does not include:

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    A salesperson wishing to uncover more details about the information that the buyer previously provided, should use the following types of questions?

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    The legal provisions relating to the sate of movable goods are contained in

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    What are the common reasons customers object?

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    As a salesperson, what do YOU sell first on a sales call?

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What’s the difference between standard and custom objects?
Option C - is the correct answer. Standard objects are included with Salesforce by default; custom objects are objects that you create in your organization. Standard objects are objects that are included with Salesforce. Common business objects like
What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?
Sales and marketing are different in their functions. Both are important aspects that are needed for a business to function. Sales refer to the number of goods and services sold out. The sales team is responsible for having a good relationship with a
What solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements? Universal Containers sells three unique products and each product has its own sales process. The company qualifies...
A. Define sales processes to map to each opportunity record type B. Configure opportunity record types for each sales process Above seem to be the correct options
How should the consultant proceed? A consultant is working on a Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation project and the client indicates that the implementation will only be successful if every...
Sometimes the clients can be focused on a single thing rather than looking at the big picture. It is your duty to make them look at the big picture so that they can evaluate the entire situation. In such a situation, a consultant can engage the clien
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