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These are the best kinds of trivia you will find right now and there is no doubt about that. Don’t believe us? Well then maybe you should try this one out for yourself and see if you like it. It is impossible not to have fun and yet feel challenged by the questions we will ask you. The topic of our next quiz is marketing.

Let’s see what you’ll be put up against now: What is the name of the person with which the origins of the term “marketing” are associated? Guerilla marketing uses what kind of means in order to convey or promote a product or idea? A marketing plan is a comprehensive blueprint which outlines what? If these seemed easy to you then you should check out the others and see how well you can score.

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  • Marketing enriches society by:
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  • Many universities provide physical or electronic bulletin boards to facilitate ride-sharing and exchange of used books among students. These bulletin boards increase _________ marketing. 
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  • To become value driven, firms:
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  • The purpose of legal procedure is to ensure that each party receives

  • Wal-mart, Chevron Texaco, and Ford Motor Company sell stock in their companies. They are examples of which of the following types of business ownership:

  • Channels of distribution benefit businesses by

  • Of the following website functions, which is the most important?

  • The best way to promote a business with social media is

  • On page search engine optimization refers to

  • At least half of my budget is dedicated to "inbound" marketing programs such as blogging, search engine optimization, and social media.

  • I actively use and maintain three or more social profiles (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

  • I know exactly how each of my marketing campaigns and channels is performing at all times. I live and die by that data.