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Calling all science fans!  We have the top trivia quizzes around to test your science acumen.  It’s time to strap on the lab coats and adjust your safety goggles, and dive right into the best trivia quizzes around.  If you’re fascinated by how the world works and want to discover new and interesting facts, our trivia quizzes are for you—try them today!

You’ll have to run the gamut of the sciences to ace these quizzes—from astronomy to biology, chemistry to zoology, it’s all here.  Do you think you’ve got what it takes to play with the Newtons and Pasteurs of the world, or will you be blinded by the science?  Find out by taking our top science quizzes today!

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Science Questions and Answers

  • During inhalation, which is true?

  • The process of diffusion occurs easily because the alveolus has...I one cell thick wallsII a thin layer of moistureIII large surface areaIV covered in blood capillaries

  • Which is true?

  • Squirrel monkey is a type of __________ ?
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  • An instrument to measure temperature is called __________ ?
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  • Another name for a twister is
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  • Tides are________________________________________________.
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  • Tides are mostly caused by______________________________.
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  • The farthest point the tide rises up a shoreline is called the
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  •  What is the composition of oxygen in our exhaled air? (in percent)

  • This action include oxidation of food