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Find out if you'll be the leader of a new civilisation or end up as nuclear waste!

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    The Bomb drops, where are you?

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Find out your role in the family!

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    How do you behave at family parties?

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Nuclear Science Questions & Answers

Which countries currently have nuclear weapons?
D. United States, China, United Kingdom, France, Russia, India, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea
Why is cobalt used in nuclear reactors?
Many of the components or structures from which a nuclear reactor is made are made of metal. Cobalt occurs naturally in ores along with other metals such as nickel and iron. When these metal parts are exposed to the neutron radiation, generated when
Which Longhorn likely has been exposed to more radiation throughout their life-time?
Ivan, the iranian exchange student, from the town of ramsar-ivan, the iranian exchange student. since ramsar naturally exposes its population to 260 msv of radiation yearly (compared with 0.06 msv of a chest radiograph or up to 20 msv of a ct scan).
How many nuclear plant operators at Fukushima Japan have been hospitalized due to the crisis?
3-on march 11, 2011, the controversy over nuclear power changed forever when a magnitude-9 earthquake off the coast of japan stuck the region. the earthquake was so forceful that it moved japans coast 15 feet eastward (according the gps stations in j