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  • What animal is the cleverest?
    What animal is the cleverest?
    Dolphin’s are one of the smartest animals in the world they are known to teach each other, they can organise themselves to work in a team, and they even mourn the deaths of other dolphins. Dolphin’ have displayed the ability to understand and solve complex problems, and will even choose the I don’t know option when they can’t work out the answer, something many humans still haven’t worked out how to do.

  • Which animal is considered man's best friend?
    Which animal is considered man's best friend?
    Dogs have been considered to be man’s best friend for many centuries. There are hundreds of different dog breeds, which have come to be by thousands of years of selective breeding. Since dogs have been around humans for such a long time, research has found that most dogs have a high sociability, causing them to be uniquely in tune with human behavior. Different breeds all drastically vary in height, weight, color and shape. Larger breeds, such as a German Shepard, tend to be more of a working breed, whereas a smaller breed like a Pomeranian is designed more just for companionship.

  • What animal can fly and swim?
    What animal can fly and swim?
    Thousands of species of birds live all over the world all varying in size, color and markings. The smallest bird on record is the bee hummingbird measuring at a very small 2 inches and ranging all the way up to the ostrich measuring at 9 feet. Birds are descendants of extinct dinosaurs with feathers, which make them the only dinosaurs still existing. All species of birds have wings but the development of a some wings don’t allow those birds to fly, such as penguins.Some birds such as parrots are among the most intelligent animals, even where some birds are even to speak in phrases to humans.

  • What is the name of this animal?
    What is the name of this animal?
    This is called a giraffe. They are the tallest mammal on earth - with a full grown giraffe easily able to look through a second story window. Yikes! It is native in China and scattered areas throughout Africa - such as Niger and Somalia. Only one species of giraffe still lives, while there are seven extinct species that have been found through fossil studies and fossil carbon dating. Despite being the tallest mammal on earth, they aren’t immune to being the prey of other animals. Lions, hyenas, and leopards will prey on giraffes, going after the young that sleep on their butts or the injured and sick that can’t run as fast as a full grown and healthy adult giraffe can run.

  • What is the most colorful animal on Earth?
    What is the most colorful animal on Earth?
    The tiger is the most colorful animal out of the animal. The main color of a tiger’s body is orange. The stripes are black. The underbelly of a tiger is white, so they have three colors on their body - not just two. Despite this colorful body, the tiger is not to be messed with. A tiger often needs a lot of prey, and with that requirement comes the requirement of a lot of land to find that prey. This often interferes with human activities where there are many wild tigers.

  • What is a collective name for a group of ferrets?
    What is a collective name for a group of ferrets?
    B is the answer to this question. There are some people who may become confused with what they would call a group of animals. They always assume that everything is going to be the same. There are some people who called them business but there are also some who call a group of ferrets busyness. There are a lot of ferrets who usually have to stay together because there are times when they may become lonely. There are some people who keep ferrets as pets in their own home. If you want to keep a ferret, you want to make sure that you will interact with your ferrets from time to time.

  • What animal is very dirty and gives delicious meat?
    What animal is very dirty and gives delicious meat?
    Pigs are omnivores that live off of a wide range of food similar to humans. In the wild, pigs are foragers, mostly eating leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, and grasses. When being raised or farmed by humans, pigs are commonly fed corn and soybean meal with added mixes of minerals and vitamins to help the pig maintain a healthy weight or to gain weight. There are many similarities between pigs and humans, making the perfect subject for human medical research. Pigs also carry many of the same parasites and diseases as humans and can also transmit those diseases to humans they come in contact with.

  • Which of the following animals are mostly found in Canada?
    Which of the following animals are mostly found in Canada?
    Canada is one of the five existing polar bear nations. Because they are considered a marine mammal they live near water. Approximately 15000 polar bears are living in Canada which would be about 25 percent of the polar bear population within five regions including Alaska, Russia, Iceland, and Norway. Other animals are living in Canada, and there is an abundant wildlife population including, Geese, Moose, Deer, Wolves, Bears, Bobcats, and Mountain Lions. The polar bear is the most popular and can be found in Churchill, Manitoba, and they are quite a tourist attraction. Canada is well known for preservation of the hundreds of species of animals there. The government is quite active with this, and many private organizations work to educate and preserve animal wildlife there.

  • Which is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild?
    Which is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild?
    Africa is the only continent on Earth where giraffes live. Giraffes usually inhabit savannahs and open woodlands. The Angolan giraffe can be found in desert environments. Giraffes browse on the twigs of trees, preferring trees of the subfamily Acacieae and the genera Commiphora and Terminalia, which are important sources of calcium and protein to sustain the giraffe's growth rate. They also feed on shrubs, grass and fruit. A giraffe eats around 34 kg (75 lb) of foliage daily. When stressed, giraffes may chew the bark off branches. Although herbivorous, the giraffe has been known to visit carcasses and lick dried meat off bones.

  • What is the difference between Pill Bugs And Sow Bugs?
    What is the difference between Pill Bugs And Sow Bugs?
    Pill Bugs and Sow Bugs are types of pests that look very similar, but they are not totally the same. Most times, you find them in the garden. Pill Bugs and sowbugs are great decomposers because they feed mostly on decaying materials. If they are present in a large proportion in the soil, they can cause more damages as they will be feeding on the roots, seedlings, and vegetables. One major difference between pill bugs and sow bugs is how both tend to protect themselves when threatened. When a pill bug is threatened or gets agitated, it has the ability to easily roll itself and turn into what looks like a ball. This is possible for pill bugs because of the nature of their body. Sowbugs, on the other hand, do not have this type of ability; they can't roll into a ball during emergencies. Another difference is in the arrangement of their body.

  • What is the difference between Blastula and Gastrula?
    What is the difference between Blastula and Gastrula?
    Both Blastula and Gastrula represent different stages of embryo formation during the process of embryogenesis. This process has four developmental stages, the fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, and organogenesis. The Blastula is formed immediately after fertilization has occurred through the fusion of haploid cell of the female and the male gamete. The cleavage that is formed after fertilization is what is known as the Blastula. After this stage, the next developmental stage is what leads to Gastrula through the process known as gastrulation. The rapid mitotic division of the zygote is what leads to Blastula, while the slow mitotic division of Blastula is what forms the Gastrula. Also, during blastulation, there is no movement of the cells, whereas there is an increase in the number of cells, and the cells move during the formation of Gastrula. Another thing is that Blastula is formed when the embryo has not fully matured, while gastrulation leads to the formation of the matured embryo.

  • What is the wildest color ever found in an animal?
    What is the wildest color ever found in an animal?
    In my own particular view, I think the "Tiger" has the wildest color mutation. With an extremel uncommon, and strikingly lovely, the brilliant tiger, or -striped cat as it is regularly called, in a novel and individual color in its own particular privileged. They extend in color from light gold to ruddy gold. Their stripes are cinnamon colored as opposed to dark. There are different reasons why animals have different colors. . Animals use color to promote themselves, for example, cleaning to animals of different species; to flag their sexual status to different individuals from similar species; and in mimicry, exploiting the notice coloration of another species. A few animals utilize flashes of color to redirect assaults by startling predators. Zebras may perhaps utilize movement astonish, confounding a predator's assault by moving a strong example quickly. A few animals are colored for physical assurance, with shades in the skin to ensure against sunburn, while a few frogs can help or obscure their skin for temperature direction. At long last, animals can be colored by chance.

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