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  • How many species of hamster are kept as pets?
    How many species of hamster are kept as pets?
    There are only 5 domesticated species of Hamster. Pet stores(especially PetSmart/Petco) like to give Syrianhamsters names such as teddy bear, panda bear, etc. THESE ARE NOT SEPARATESPECIES!THE FIVE DOMESTICATED SPECIES OF HAMSTERS ARE:Roborovski Dwarf HamsterWinter White Dwarf HamsterCampbells Russian HamsterChinese Hamster (it's not a dwarf hamster)Syrian Hamster

  • How many bones does a hamster have in it's body?
    How many bones does a hamster have in it's body?
    A hamster is very different from humans in its bone structure because they are very different from us in the way they move. They do have joints and cartilage, like us, but their bones, though strong, are very flexible. Some of the bones tend to be fused, and this is the case with the three main skull bones. This flexibility is important for squeezing the body into and through small areas if the animal was living in its natural state rather than in a cage. The best estimate for the total number of bones is 124, according to an enthusiast who collects the skeletons of small mammals.

  • What is the scientific name of hamsters?
    What is the scientific name of hamsters?
    Cricetinae Hamster, Scientific name. Hamsters are rodents has a place with the subfamily Cricetinae, which consists of 25 species arranged in six or seven genera . They have turned out to be built up as prominent little house pets, in any case, since they are anything but difficult to breed in imprisonment , hamsters are additionally frequently utilized as research facility creatures. Hamsters are more crepuscular than nighttime and, in the wild, stay underground amid the day to abstain from being gotten by predators. They encourage basically on seeds, natural products, and vegetation, and will every so often eat tunneling bugs. As one of their more conspicuous attributes, they have stretched cheek pockets reaching out to their shoulders, which they use to convey nourishment back to their tunnels . Despite the fact that the Syrian hamster or brilliant hamster was first portrayed scientifically by George Robert Waterhouse in 1839, specialists were not ready to successfull

  • Where do hamsters originate from?
    Where do hamsters originate from?
    The most common rodent pet, the Golden Hamster, is native to Syria. At one time, hamsters went crazy in that nation; in the long run, agriculturists became burnt out on the critters uncovering their root vegetables, and prepared mutts to chase them. Others found a productive exchange hamster fur. At the point when the Syrian Hamster was found in 1839 by English zoologist George Robert Waterhouse, he gave it the latin name Cricetus Auratus meaning Golden Hair thus the Syrian Hamster is likewise commonly referred to as the Golden Hamster or as it's been said in Finland, Kultahamsteri. There are more than 20 species of hamsters, which are identified with voles, lemmings, and mice. Just five species are common as pets. Wild hamsters are found all through quite a bit of Europe and Asia. All hamsters are nighttime, or dynamic at night.

  • What are baby hamsters called?
    What are baby hamsters called?
    Hamsters are small rodents that have become a popular small house pet. When a litter of baby hamsters, also known as puppies, are born, the litter can range anywhere from seven pups to as great as 24 pups. After a male and female hamster have mated, it is common that the female becomes aggressive towards the males and may attack or even kill the males. If, during birth, a female feels threatened, she may cannibalizes and eat her pups. After a litter of pups is born and is able to feed and drink independently, it is best to separate them from the mother as she may again cannibalize the litter.

  • How are baby hamsters born?
    How are baby hamsters born?
    Like many animals, hamsters are born without fur, deaf and blind. These rodents have become popular pets in homes. When a baby hamster is born, it is pretty much helpless due to being blind and deaf. The mother has prepared a nest for her babies so the feel warm and comfortable since they can’t fend for themselves. They will spend about five to seven days in the next before venturing out. After the week, they will begin to explore their surroundings. After a month, the hamsters have grown some fur and can see and hear better. At this point, they will become more acclimated to their surroundings. Pet owners will not sell their hamsters until they are about six weeks old because they have then been properly weaned.

  • How often should you clean a hamsters cage?
    How often should you clean a hamsters cage?
    This honestly depends on the hamster and the size cage you have them in if you have a hamster that only goes in certain areas you just have to clean them and if you have a very large cage you don't have to clean it every week. I have male Syrian in a 40 gallon breeder tank and I only have to clean it every 3-4 weeks but I do clean his toys and spot clean about 2 times a week so it really only matters on your cage and you pet

  • Which is the most popular kind of hamster?
    Which is the most popular kind of hamster?
    Syrian hamsters are also known as golden hamsters. Hamsters are a popular pet for children. Syrian hamsters have the large cheeks that are used for storing food. They expand to twice their size. Most hamsters only live a couple of years. They live for fewer years in the wild. Sometimes, these hamsters really don’t like to be around each other. They may attack even kill other hamsters for no reason. Even their family members are not safe from each other. Attacking occurs after mating, with their young and any other hamster that they see. Therefore, it is necessary to separate hamsters from each other for the safety of the hamsters. Some female hamsters can produce a litter of eight pups.

  • What's a hamsters favourite food?
    What's a hamsters favourite food?
    Many hamsters will eat typically the same things, but it really depends on what the hamster really likes to eat. Most hamsters like to eat alfalfa and vegetables. However, they almost always eat seeds and pellets. Alfalfa helps the hamster’s stomach with digesting the food. If a hamster eats too many fruits and vegetables, they could have stomach issues. Hamsters need a portion of their food to contain protein and smaller amount of fat. Mostly, they need carbohydrates because hamsters are so active. Most of the owners of hamsters figure out what their hamster enjoys eating of all the fruits and vegetables they have to choose from. Then they make sure their diet has the needed nutrients. Some of the acceptable vegetables include broccoli and celery.

  • What happens if you poke Mushu the hamster while he is asleep?
    What happens if you poke Mushu the hamster while he is asleep?
    Hamsters, like any animals, are skittish and make loud noises when startled. If an animal is startled, it will jump and possibly attack. Most hamsters keep to themselves. They also exhibit similar feelings and emotions that people do. They experience stress and depression due to certain situations. Also, they stay awake at night. Most hamsters like to dig and burrow. The reactions of a hamster can be aggressive. If a human startles by awakening a hamster from a dead sleep, it will get angry and possibly violent. A hamster might then bite the human in an automatic reaction even if the hamster knows its owner. Hamsters are known for storing food in their cheeks so that they can eat it later.

  • Which variety of hamsters has a long tail that is prehensile?
    Which variety of hamsters has a long tail that is prehensile?
    An animal that has a prehensile tail is able to use its tail to wrap it around something and hold on to it. These hamsters were discovered in China and its northern neighbor, Mongolia. Most of these little hamsters weight around about 40 grams as adults. Hamsters only live a couple of years. These hamsters have a very long tail. Some people may mistake these animals as rats because of their mousy face and long tail that resemble a rat. Most of these hamsters are brown and have some darker and lighter colors on their backs. These creatures can grab on to something small like a finger. They also can be mean, but they get nicer and more trusting as the hamsters move from childhood into adulthood.

  • Do you have to use a water bottle for water?
    Do you have to use a water bottle for water?
    1. Yes, hamsters need bottles.Some hamsters play in their dishes. Wet hamsters lead to sick hamsters. Also, their bedding could get soggy, resulting in a sick hamster.

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