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What is four-legged, furry, adorable and runs all day? A cute hamster, of course! To test your knowledge in the field of rodents, we’ve assembled several questions in our hamster quizzes. You’ve most probably had one as a pet and if not, you’re bound to get one after this challenge.

When were hamsters domesticated? What sense is the weakest of all, in a hamster? What do hamsters usually eat? How much do hamsters live in captivity? What was the name of the hamster featured in the 2008 animation 'Bolt'? So, what do you think? Have you got plenty of supplies and loads of affection to tackle this small but worthwhile challenge? It’s worth a shot and the reward is awesome: a clap from all your wheel-spinning friends.

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  • Your looking at hamsters. There are tons of cages, each with cute hamsters. Theres so many chices, but one catches you eye.

  • You begin by choosing the first hamster to handle. He looks friendly.....however you should never judge a book by its cover....He bites you. You react...

  • Your picking out cages, and toys, ect....you pick...............

  • Your at the pet store, what hamster do you want?

  • Time to hold the hamster you want! But then he bites you, you:

  • Time to choose a cage, you get the:

  • When you get home from school, shoud you play with your hamster?
    Hamster question from

  • How often should you clean a hamsters cage?
    Hamster question from

  • Should you build a cage out of wood?
    Hamster question from

  • How big is your hamster:

  • What colour is your hamster:

  • Finally, what does it act like: