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A comprehensive database of more than 290 dog quizzes online, test your knowledge with dog quiz questions. Our online dog trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top dog quizzes.

Man’s best friend is off to rescue you. Just in case you need a little assistance in our special four-legged, furry quiz. Get your snacks ready and reward yourself for top answers to our top questions: "Why are boxers called that way?", "What breed does Paris Hilton look after every day?", "What’s the top breed for discovering truffles in the forest?", "When did the domestication of dogs begin?" and "What breed was featured in the movie Beethoven?".

The answers to those mind boggling questions will show up at your door, proudly carrying a newspaper that reads: "Dog lover achieves high score in challenging quiz!". Doesn't that tickle your senses? We know you, you can smell a right answer from miles away.

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