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Which is a method used to get over a bad day?
A has to be the answer to this question. You do not have to change what you are thinking about because this would mean that you are trying to move away from your problem and this is not your intention. Changing your thought process means that you wou
Is this possible? A plane crahed on one side of a river and buries itself in the wet mud. The crash kills all of the survivors and no bodies are recovered.
No which means that B is the answer. It is not possible for the plane to kill off its survivors because they have already survived the crash. There are no other things that can kill the survivors anymore. If the question stated passengers, then the a
What are the cells of the eye called that are most sensitive to light?
The correct answer is Rods not Cones. Rods are a lot more sensitive to light than are cones. Therefore, in very bright light the rods are not used at all. This is also why rods are used for seeing in low lights areas: their high sensitivity to light
Which group of personality disorders is characterized by odd and eccentric behaviors?
I would have to go with C. The antisocial personality disorder is a type of personality wherein people would like to manipulate other people into doing what will only be beneficial for the person. This is odd because it can violate the rights of othe