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What would you say about a brand new challenge? This time our quiz covers the topic of personality. Let’s see you distinguish between all types and categories. Can you name them all? Off we go with some sample questions. How much do you know about the term 'personality'? When was it invented? How much do you know about your own - or some of your most closed associates? Not much, you say?

Then take some of our personality quizzes and answer some fun stuff that includes, "Which hairstyle suits your personality?, "What is your phone personality?", "Which cartoon character are you most like", etc. Play along and have the time of your life. And now that we got you all pumped up, we’re hoping you’ll take the challenge and answer all the questions in our personality quiz!

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Personality Questions and Answers

  • What are your favorite colors out of these?  (sorry if your actual favorite color isnt in here)
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  • What is your favorite type of animal?
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  • What would your friends describe you as?
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  • It's family game night! Which game are you excited to play?

  • What is your favorite music genre?

  • Which famous figure would you rather befriend?

  • You and your friends have joined an online book club and you're committed to reading one book a month. Which book do you suggest to the club?

  • You've decided to get fit and healthy so you look at some exercise classes at your local gym. Which class do you sign up for?

  • What kind of career would you rather pursue?

  • When you see a homeless man on the side of the road, you...
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  • When your friend get dumped, you
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  • You win a sporting event and you...
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