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Who said these words? I thought Id be like Pied Pier, he had told a newspaper in 1992.
1. harshad mehta-harshad mehta promised the ultimate rags to riches story - from the small town boy who was once rusticated from school to sultan of dalal street with all the trappings of wealth such as a fabulous house, a fleet of cars and multiple
What is the sum of 2+2?
This answer is easy its 4 because 1 2 thats two you carry on and do two more numbers IN ORDER and it's 3 4 thats a nother two and its 4
Why do butts have farts?
Farting is all part of the digestive process. Once you have eaten something, your intestines and liver do their work in breaking down the food before, eventually, many hours later, it comes out as poo. Some foods create more gas inside you than other