5 Effective Strategies to Improve Team Collaboration

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve worked hard to land that big client that would change your agency’s fortunes. You’ve got an elaborate project plan, enthusiastic stakeholders, and tons of resources ready to go. You can’t wait to dip your hands into the project and deliver stellar results. When it comes to deliverables, however,...
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Productivity Hack – 10 Tips For Managing Your Time

Can you imagine all the things we can learn about ourselves if we were all honest with 100% of the times? We could make so many positive changes if we just admitted to ourselves what we struggled with! We’d probably be surprised by how many of us share the same struggles. Many of us are...
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ProProfs Training Maker Recognized as an Exceptional Online Training Software

ProProfs Training Maker proved its mettle again, grabbing outstanding scores on popular review platform CompareCamp. Star studded with Great User Experience and Rising Star awards, ProProfs Training Maker software scored an overall 85 out of 100 in user reviews. The CompareCamp review platform listed several benefits users can take advantage from ProProfs Training Maker including...
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Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Live Chat Integration

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” — Bill Gates, Microsoft No matter what industry or business you are in, customers are your most important assets and maintaining customer relationships is one of the crucial steps for growing your business. All you need to do is keep yourself abreast with tools and...
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How to Acquire and Apply Knowledge Acquisition in Your Organization

Large companies with complex organizational structure—thus, a repository of disparate knowledge across its various business units—should leverage knowledge acquisition to improve their overall efficiency. Although knowledge acquisition is commonly associated with a manufacturing company’s research and development goal, it can be utilized also for other business processes, namely: I.T., operations and, to a degree, customer...
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How to Create a Quiz that Generates Leads and Sales

Everyone loves to take online quizzes as they are interesting, engaging and informative. But, who knows the importance of quizzes better than the marketers. They need a reliable and worthy piece of content which helps them to drive their sales and revenue. Although there are various forms of content, most business owners prefer quizzes to...
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