How to Provide a Delightful Customer Service Experience

Did you know that 55% consumers are willing to pay more to have a delightful experience? A report by McKinsey says that 70% of product or service buying experiences are totally based on how the customers feel they have treated. For about 62% organizations, customer experience is viewed as a great competitive differentiator. The takeaway?...
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#1 Challenge Faced By The Project Managers & It’s Resolution

Have you ever wondered why very few companies successfully complete their projects? Every 1 in 3 projects do not have a proper baseline. About 2/3rd business executives and IT experts believe that their projects will fail in first three months. 44% of the projects fail because they do not use any project management software. (Stats...
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Checklist To Pick a Project Management Software For Your Creative Agency

In this digital age, a paper ledger to track the progress of your project would not only be outdated but laughable. The same could be said of using outdated project management software that covers the basics in its clunky fashion but offers no versatility or efficiency. Creative agencies especially are concerned with innovation and newness,...
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7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness

Trends and ties change, such as the millennial generation, which doesn’t believe in spending every hour of the day at work. For a business, it could mean that you should come up with solutions that can make those hours count. That means employing strategies that translate to increased efficiency and boost employee performance. So, what...
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Bottlenecks That Hamper Creative Collaboration and How to Avert Them

Regardless of your job’s nature, collaboration is one of the most crucial pillars of success. It is no exaggeration to claim that the outcome of every project is heavily dependent on the level of collaboration taking place between the different members of the team. In that sense, effective collaboration emerges as the backbone of success...
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How eLearning Software Can Boost Productivity During L&D Implementation

A large number of organizations today are implementing learning and development (L&D) plans for their teams to ensure their learning curve never ceases. Implementing a rock-solid learning and development strategy can help employees learn new skills in almost every conceivable vertical; whether it’s software development, change management or simply soft skills. “As much as ERP...
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