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Anika Nicole, Wordsmith
Answered: Apr 23, 2019
The word OK might be one of the most versatile and commonly used expressions in the English language. In fact, people rarely fail to use it while writing a paragraph in English, including me. The...Read More

18 Answers

Perez D.Scarlett
Answered: May 03, 2018
There are 802 Pokémon in total before you count start adding any additional forms.
The Pokémon establishment rotates around 807 anecdotal types of collectible creatures, each...Read More

22 Answers

Markda John
Answered: Mar 28, 2018
Yes there are certainly ways that exist which allow you to match with someone that you have unmatched recently. This usually works for many people but take some work. See, the thing is that you...Read More

4 Answers

Answered: Sep 12, 2019

Xbox one




1 Answer

Answered: Feb 09, 2018
CIA is the Central Intelligence Agency and it uses human intelligence to acquire data and analyze it. The FBI is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They also deal with intelligence and provide...Read More

4 Answers

Larry Thornton, Student
Answered: Jun 13, 2019
There are just slight differences between bull and ox. The notable differences between them are basically on their physical appearances and the nature of works the two animals are used for. A...Read More

2 Answers

Danny R. Glover, Editor
Answered: Jul 11, 2018
Alan Walker is also known as DJ Walkzz. His single “Faded” that was released in 2015 was well-received by a lot of people. This has made him recognizable especially to people who like...Read More

6 Answers

V. Barnes
Answered: May 10, 2018
It's age that goes up but never comes down.
However, there could be more answers to this same riddle as height and time also lie in the same list. These three things, age, time, and...Read More

27 Answers

Answered: Oct 24, 2017
Herb Stewart is the father of Morgan Stewart, an actress who became famous through the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills which ran from January 19, 2014 to June 19, 2016 and starred Dorothy Wang,...Read More

2 Answers

Patricia Allison
Answered: Mar 27, 2018
Unless you’ve made your tweets private, you can see who liked your tweets by looking in your Twitter notifications. Make sure your notifications in your settings are set to ON. If someone...Read More

2 Answers

M. Krasinski, Content Writer
Answered: Jul 05, 2018
By 'spoiled milk' I think you refer to milk that has 'gone off' or is past the state where it can be called 'fresh'. Such milk that is old, or has been left in a warm place will be undergoing...Read More

3 Answers

N. Kingsley, Writer
Answered: Jul 11, 2018
I think that Kim Kardashians sometimes date men who are not black but those that they do attract are black men. It has something to do with their appearance too. The Kardashians look exotic...Read More

4 Answers

N. Jarah
Answered: Dec 24, 2019
Eilish has faced some backlash from some of her fans about the song, “Wish you were gay.” People assumed this song was about the pop singer’s crush on another girl; however,...Read More

5 Answers

Malcolm Carneal, Corporate employee
Answered: Jul 09, 2018
There are just a lot of sex offenders in Hollywood. There are some whose names are already popular in the public eye and then there are some that are still kept a secret. Charlie Chaplin is one...Read More

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G. Roland, Professor
Answered: Aug 08, 2019
CMOS and TTL are both classifications of integrated circuits. CMOS stands for ‘Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor’, while TTL means ‘Transistor-Transistor Logic’. The...Read More

3 Answers