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Walmart is open every day, but is closed once a year. This means that the only time that Walmart stores are closed is during Christmas day. If you are planning on visiting any Walmart store near you, the store is open from 06 in the morning and closes at exactly 11 in the evening. However, if you are planning on buying something for Christmas, make sure you do it before December 25 because you are just going to waste your time and gas only to find the store closed.

There was an instance when Walmart stores in Canada were open 24/7 last Christmas 2011, but unfortunately for people living in the United States, Christmas Day is the only major holiday that Walmart stores are closed.

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Christmas is an annual event which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed primarily on 25th of December and is celebrated by billions of people all over the world. Christmas is celebrated in over 160 countries.

However, Christmas is not celebrated all over the world. Some countries do not celebrate Christmas.
Morocco, Turkey and Maldives are Muslim countries and hence, they do not recognize Christmas as a major holiday.

In Thailand, most of the population are Buddhist. The day is not recognized as Christmas day and it is just seen as another day.

Russia and some European countries do not celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. It is mostly celebrated on the 7th of January in Russia.

Some other countries that do not celebrate Christmas are: Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Libya, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Tunisia, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Congo, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Qatar, Nepal, Bahrain and many other countries.

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Of Course, we can! Christmas is not only wrapped up in materialism - receiving loads of presents from Santa Claus, but it also focuses on spending good time with family, friends, and dear ones.

Christmas is meant for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. And on this auspicious occasion, people get an opportunity to connect and spend time with their families and friends. There are about 160 countries where Christmas is celebrated and not everyone thinks about Santa or receiving gifts from him while celebrating this festival.

Few people think it should be our main responsibility to worship and honor the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ on this day. However, some people believe that Christmas is the best time to go out and help the needy ones. There are also few people who celebrate their Christmas by making delicious snacks together and spending time with their family. These people totally ban all kind of distractions from their mind and completely focus on making memories with their loved ones.

For me, Christmas is a time to enjoy the holidays without any stress. So, this festival remains very special even without Santa.

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Google Android canceled Huawei's license because of the increasing trade war between the US and China. It is important to note that the decision to cancel Huawei's license did not actually originate from Google itself, but it is one of the directives of President Donald Trump-led administration which forbids any company in the United States from engaging in any kind of businesses with foreign companies that have the capacity of posing great security issues to the country.

It is because of this reason that Google Android canceled Huawei's license. However, the effects of this development are not going to be huge on Huawei as existing Huawei phones will continue to get security updates from Google; they will also continue to enjoy every service from Google. But new phones from Huawei will not be enjoying these services from Google. However, new phones from Huawei will be able to use the recently launched Android 10.

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The recent ban on Huawei in the United States is primarily because the US government is trying to forestall any possible occurrence that might pose a huge threat to its national security. President Donald Trump has forbidden any US companies from dealing with some companies it has blacklisted. Huawei is one of those companies, and companies like Google have stopped providing their service to Huawei, a development that might affect the company (Huawei) in the long run. With this development, Huawei users are now being restricted from getting different services from Google, though already existing Huawei smartphones are not affected in any way.

The trade war between China and the United States is another reason for Huawei's ban, although the US government is so clever to give security concern as the reason for their actions. Presently, Huawei is still the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones. This actually speaks volumes of the reason why the United States government is dealing with them.

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Well, generally speaking, the response of a reader oftentimes is affected by a dream sequence in many ways. A dream sequence is a technique mostly used in storytelling to set aside a brief break from the main story. The interlude, in most cases, comes in the form of flash-forward, flashback, vision, fantasy, dream, or some other elements. Although many authors are being warned to be careful of its usage in order not to confuse their readers, in some cases, the response may be negative, while in other cases, positive; the dream sequence primary assignment is to enlighten the reader.

Fortunately, if the dream sequence is properly put to use by the author, readers would most likely grasp the logic behind the story set aside in the literary work. In other cases, when the usage is improper, the reader’s mind may possibly be tangled, and the message remains abstruse. Overall, the effect of a dream sequence, in most cases, is nothing short of enlightening, which turn makes readers exhibit signs of satisfaction while reading.

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Symbols and motifs are concepts that are frequent in literary works. Symbolization is something that is easy to decipher in practice. Within the context of literature, a character inside a novel is compared with something or someone else through symbolism. A symbol is an object or thing used to compare something with another item, even if there is no similarity between the two.

A symbol is not overused, and one sees it is used one or two times only in a literary work. A motif is a repeating concept in a work of literature that supports a theme. A motif is not only a word, and it may even be an image or sound that helps in developing the theme of the work. The symbol is used once or twice, while the motif is repetitive to the reader.

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This current world is filled with so many people whose integrity can never be vouched for. This is exactly why men and women of integrity are mostly celebrated because they are scarce. Becoming a woman of integrity is not that easy, but it is achievable. People's integrity can be evaluated in so many ways. One of the best ways to achieve this is to be morally upright. Women around the world now engage themselves in all sorts of things that are offensive to a normal standard of decency and morality. They engage themselves in things that are not right and forsake the good things.

A woman of integrity knows the right thing to do and the bad ones to forsake. Be plain with people; don't be a backstabber. Verify your source before you start laying claims about things you have little knowledge about. As a woman, you need to be responsible to the people around you. Also, you need to have some principles, especially those that will be of benefit to you and the people around you.

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Today, students are finding it difficult to focus on their studies not because they don't know the importance of education, but because they are being distracted by a lot of things. Three things are needed if you truly want to focus on your studies, and they are; commitment, consistency, and motivation. These three factors are needed to compliment your efforts in your studies.

There are other things you still need to be doing. Initially, you need to set a timetable for yourself. Students attend different classes per day; setting an appropriate timetable will help you with your reading. It is advisable not to be using more than an hour on a subject so that you won't get bored easily. Spend little time on other things. You shouldn't spend the whole day reading; in fact, this will make you get tired easily. Attend to other things; play with friends, sleep if you want. After this period, go back to your book and remind yourself about the things you have read earlier. Once you notice a level of progress, you need to reward yourself as this is going to serve as your motivation.

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It has been known and observed from time past that Halloween is always celebrated every last day in the month of October, and the year 2019 is not an exemption. Thus, the Halloween day for the year 2019 would be celebrated on 31st October 2019. Halloween is traditionally referred to as "All Hallow's Eve." The Christians usually celebrate the holy day of 'All Hallow's Eve' or 'All Saints Day' on the 1st November, while the real 'All Hallow Day' is targeted to be celebrated an evening before this Christian's 'All Saint's Day.'

For this year 2019, the day of the celebration falls on a Thursday. The UK's Brexit Day is also going to be celebrated alongside the Halloween Day this year. The Brexit Day marks the day that the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. You can celebrate your Halloween Day by getting a nice dress to rock the day in a new style. In addition, do not forget to gather your pumpkins to make some nice carvings.

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