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At ProProfs, we invite contributions from people who are keenly interested in improving customer service. Feel free to come up with ideas encircling customer support and we promise to consider your thought. Prior experience in operating or designing live chat software is a plus, but we treat all content submissions equally, provided our readers can walk with a takeaway. We believe in content that captivates and engages readers, thereby promoting knowledge sharing and improvising existing processes. If you want to get the attention your content deserves, please go through our guest post submission guidelines.

Who Should Consider Writing for Us?

If you are passionate about customer service, we would definitely love to hear from you. Make sure that your guest post is data-driven and contain industry insights to create an everlasting impression on the readers. Moreover, your submission must be comprehensive or in other words, cover the topic in detail. Our doctor said that half-cooked knowledge is harmful! Feel free to write about customer servicing, industry insights or pretty much everything that can create a positive experience for the customers. Quote reports, data elements, and case studies; just make sure they’re credible.

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We have a huge customer base with a combined monthly readership of over 8 million. At ProProfs, we share our content on leading social platforms to give your content the exposure and traction it deserves. As a guest post contributor, you can:

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We also accept guest post on Knowledge Management, Learning & Training, and Project Management.

Post Submission Guidelines

  • Your guest contribution must be exclusively meant for In other words, you can’t republish that post elsewhere on the internet.
  • You can submit your guest post directly, however, coming up with 2-3 ideas before writing would be great as it avoids multiplication of efforts.
  • Though there is no standard length for guest posts, we prefer to publish comprehensive posts above 1000 words or more.
  • Our readers are intelligent skimmers. Please take time to edit the post to make it more readable and scannable. Avoid long paragraphs. Use subheads and bullet points wherever possible and bold/italicize important words in the content.
  • We don’t encourage the explicit promotion of any product. Try and make the post useful for the audience, without making it sound like a sales pitch.
  • Please hyperlink original sources or references in the post.
  • Ensure to use high-resolution images with your submission. Give appropriate credits to the original source. Photo format: web-optimized JPEG and Ideal size would be 804 (height) 350 (width).
  • Kindly include a brief author bio in no less than 75 words. You are free to link out to your web page or any social media profile.

ProProfs reserves the right to accept or reject any guest contribution at our discretion. If you don’t hear from us in 15 days, feel free to reach out through our contact form.