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Your Ultimate Guide to Brand Perception

Be it a small or a big business, good brand perception is the common business goal . The ultimate verdict on any brand is given by its customers. Brand perception is a crucial indicator of how well your customers are able to connect with your brand: What are their feelings and emotions when they think...
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How to Eliminate Survey Bias to Improve Your Survey Responses

As a survey creator, it is natural for you to expect encouraging and reliable responses to your surveys. With an enhanced survey response rate, the chances of collecting accurate data increases. But unfortunately, not all surveys are error free. Many surveys face the problem of survey bias leading to inaccurate and unreliable feedback collection. Survey...
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Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey: Top 9 Reasons Decoded

“It is true that work gives life its true meaning and makes it worthwhile. But when you are not appreciated by your leaders, are asked to work overtime, and the only thing you look forward to is the weekend – you might wonder if it’s really worth it?” For employers, understanding how satisfied and engaged...
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Best Zoho Survey Alternatives & Competitors

Zoho Survey is a popular survey creation tool that helps you create a reliable and actionable survey in minutes. It has all the features required to create a basic survey. You can choose from interesting templates like customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, healthcare surveys, education surveys, non-profit organization surveys, and much more. Any user...
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How to Ask Sensitive Questions in Surveys

A survey is an effective medium to collect feedback from your target audience. Sensitive questions on age, income, race, and religion form an unavoidable part of demographic surveys, market research surveys, health surveys, and so on. Usually, people are reluctant to share personal information via offline surveys. But, online surveys can be made more discreet...
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Lead Generation Survey Best Practices

Lead generation is necessary for the survival and growth of any organization. Not just that, it is important to convert and nurture each of your leads to make them your lifelong customers. But, lead generation is not as easy as pie. Both the quality and quantity of leads matters a lot.  “According to Hubspot research, ...
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Top 10 SoGoSurvey Alternatives & Competitors

SoGoSurvey is one of the popular and reliable online survey tools used by individuals and businesses alike. With the SogoSurvey cloud based platform, you can easily create multilingual surveys, polls, forms, quizzes, and other types of assessments. This amazing platform gives the option to choose from versatile survey templates to create an employee engagement survey,...
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How to Create Popup Surveys for Your Website

It is quite common to encounter the attractive popup widget that greets you when you scroll through any website page. The questions that show up on the widget varies from page to page! Are you visiting our website for the first time? Have you found the product feature that you were looking for? Are you...
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Top 10 Qualtrics Alternatives & Competitors

Qualtrics is one of the most sought after survey maker software in the market. Versatile features like interesting question types, survey scheduling option, survey reminders, and advanced analytics features are all that you need to create a basic survey in a hassle-free manner. But, Qualtrics cost is on a higher level for small and medium-sized...
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How to Turn Your Detractors into Promoters

As an organization, it is natural for you to expect positive feedback from your customers. We all love this bunch of promoter customers who constantly give us high ratings and make repeated purchases with our brands. In contrast, why are we skeptical while dealing with the detractors? These groups of customers are the vocal critics...
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