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Top Advantages & Disadvantages of Customer Feedback Surveys

According to Vince Lombardi, it takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose one. Hence, customer satisfaction at every point of the customer journey should be the number one priority for any organization. Customer feedback is one of the easiest ways to understand customer satisfaction. Are they happy with your products and services?...
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How to Fix Survey Problems: Your Ultimate Guide

The telephone company solved John’s complaint within 24 hours. Hence, he was more than happy to respond to a follow up customer survey. Question 1: How would you rate your overall customer service interaction? { John gives a five star!} Question 2: What attributes did you like the most about our customer service representative? (minimum...
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Your Ultimate Guide to Write Matrix Survey Questions

Designing elaborate surveys and receiving less response? Don’t worry, you are not alone. It happens with every organization. When you ask similar multiple questions back to back in a survey, it can bring in redundancy and bore your survey takers. A lengthy survey also implies higher response time. Research suggests that a good survey on...
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How to Calculate Customer Effort Score to Grow Your Business

Imagine there is a customer browsing your product page for a while. The customer explores the product images, scans through the features, checks the pricing, and hits the ‘Buy now’ button.  After encountering multiple slow loading pages, the customer leaves without making the purchase. Now, what went wrong?  The customer did not have a seamless...
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7 Best Tactics to Collect Website Feedback

Let’s consider a scenario. You send an email to your customers asking for their feedback. You are confident about the response because you have added all the possible questions. But, one week down the line…. You receive the responses – hardly any numbers! You scratch your head thinking about the errors, and your enthusiasm goes...
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Improve Your Product Line With These 11 Product Survey Questions

Businesses spend countless hours building the best-in-class products that can bring them more sales.  But, only a few products manage to win customers.  Let’s face the truth. The secret to a successful product doesn’t depend on innovation and quality alone. Your product should resonate with your customers and meet their evolving needs and expectations.  As...
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How to Use Email Surveys to Grow Your Business

Let’s consider a scenario. As a marketer, you design numerous campaigns to understand your website visitors. You apply many strategies to convert them into leads but in vain. That’s when you try out email surveys, and the results are excellent. You understand the exact requirements of your audience. Research suggests that the average response rate...
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Measuring Service Quality- Your Guide to Customer Service Metrics

Your brand philosophy might have its roots in creating top-notch products or services. But can you really deliver in the long run if the service quality is ignored?  Poor service quality can cost your business, whether you are a month old startup or a decade old enterprise. “33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies...
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Your Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys

Did you know that engaged employees are 44% more productive as compared to just satisfied workers! Engaged employees are your best assets to grow your business. Their efforts are aligned to the business goals. They act as role models to other employees by setting a standard benchmark. But, how to measure employee engagement to ensure maximum...
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Open-Ended Survey Questions: The Key to Collecting Qualitative Data

Ever wondered why people are born with two ears and one mouth? The reason is quite simple. In life, you’ll achieve more by listening than talking.  Even in the business world, listening to customers can be a great skill to understand customer needs, avoid crises, and foster meaningful customer relationships.  In this customer-oriented era, companies...
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