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7+ Product Survey Questions for the Ultimate Product Survey

In a hyper-competitive world, how do you ensure that your product stands out and catches the customer’s attention? Sure, you could offer a never-before-seen product, but does that always ensure success? Not always! Google Glass, Facebook phone, and Apple’s Newton Handheld were thought to be incredibly innovative for their time, but where are they now?...
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8 Types of Customer Complaints and How to Resolve Them

“Your people keep directing me from one person to another.” “I bought your product but it doesn’t deliver what it promised.” “I haven’t heard a darn thing!” If you’ve heard such customer concerns lately, then it means they’ve been through a bad customer service experience with your brand. It’s not like you wanted this, but...
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How to Boost Customer Engagement Using Live Chat

Did you know that 42% of consumers say that they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait on hold? It’s not a surprise anymore that live chat has been established as the upcoming customer support tool in the market. It’s even becoming a popular sales tool among both B2C (74%) and B2B...
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What is the Buyer’s Journey & How to Write for Every Stage

What would you prefer – being greeted like an honored guest while entering a store or just another visitor that needs to be convinced to make a purchase? Honestly, it can get annoying when you come across pushy sales representatives during your buyer’s journey who treat you like a sales target that needs to be...
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The Ultimate Customer Segmentation Guide

Are your customers young and rustic or toolbelt traditionalists? Feeling lost as to why we are referring customers with such nicknames? Well, market research firms such as Claritas use these to divide customers into different segments. And why not, it helps you understand your customers even better. Once you know how your customers are and...
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How to Use Your Live Chat for Contact Center

In the 70s and 80s, call centers were treated as a sales tool by large enterprises where agents would call up the consumer to sell a product. Later on, their toll-free number ‘800’ enabled consumers to get in touch with a business and ask questions related to one of the marketing campaigns they came across....
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15 Helpful Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn

What’s that one thing you’d like to change about your business? If it’s to avoid seeing customers leave your business, then you aren’t alone in this. A lot of business owners want to reduce customer churn and retain as many as possible. Honestly, it’s not because of revenue all the time. There’s a lot more...
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How to Handle Multiple Chats at the Same Time

Ever wondered how challenging it must be for your operators to handle multiple chats at the same time? What if they make a mistake while managing multiple chats or one of their responses prompts the visitor to leave the website before getting a solution? These are some pressing questions that need your immediate attention. Yes,...
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How to Manage Live Chat Support During the Holiday Season & Drive Conversions

Changing shopping trends are likely to reshape this 2020 holiday season. 71% of Americans claimed in early August that their holiday traditions will change by up to 10 points. This impacts the way consumers will spend, travel, shop, and celebrate this season. And it is this change in the consumer behavior landscape that will pose a...
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How to Use Email Surveys to Grow Your Business

Let’s consider a scenario. As a marketer, you design numerous campaigns to understand your website visitors. You apply many strategies to convert them into leads but in vain. That’s when you try out email surveys, and the results are excellent. You understand the exact requirements of your audience. Research suggests that the average response rate...
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