How To Manage A Project from Start to Finish

Identify and define goals and objectives for your project

Breakdown your project to understand what it entails for all the stakeholders. Once you narrow down the project, it is time you establish clear goals and objectives.

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Create tasks and subtasks

Define the various tasks and subtasks that will help you reach your goals and provide deliverables within set deadlines.

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Assign tasks, track feedback and project discussions

Decide which team member will work on different tasks. Comment and discuss their progress on the project to make workflow more organized and boost team efficiency.

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Easily set deadlines and track overall project’s progress

Create a timeline for all the created tasks and subtasks. It will help you track their completion progress through a single dashboard view.

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Got clients? Generate reports & invoices

Send your clients detailed graphic reports on the progress of your project and email them the invoice on time with the use of simple project management software.

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Get Started For Free
Jim Moore
“Much more time to spend working, much less on tracking and managing projects”
Jim Moore, Word Jones Inc

It's time to move on from spreadsheets and gain control of your projects

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All your projects, in one glance

Take one look at your projects page and see all of your projects as they happen. See the status, progress, how much time has been spent, whether your team have questions on anything – all in one quick glance with our simple project management software.

Assign tasks to your team members

Assign tasks to your team members

Invite your team to a project, get them to complete the tasks you assign, share files, and have focused conversations. ProProfs Project is a simple project management software that only requires a couple of minutes for your team and clients to understand.

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Create task dependencies to save time

Utilize powerful features such as Task Dependencies, so that you can move dates for hundreds of tasks in one click, and other features like recurring tasks and project templates which will save your time

Track time on projects, for you and your team

Track time on projects, for you and your team

Set a timer considering how long you expect a task to take. This will also help you meet deadlines and provide project deliverable before/on time. You can also track time on-the-go using our iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Easily create reports for your clients

All it takes is a couple of clicks to create a report when it comes to this simple to use project management software. It contains a summary on your project status, a breakdown of tasks, and when they are due, along with Gantt charts and financial summaries.

Bill for all your projects in two clicks

Easy billing for all your projects

Creating project reports shouldn’t be a struggle. With its simple and easy-to-use interface, ProProfs Project helps you quickly generate reports for all your projects. Reports includes a summary on your project status, a breakdown of tasks, and when they are due, along with Gantt Charts and financial summaries.

Bill for all your projects in two clicks

Collaborate across different departments and remote teams easily

Keeping everyone on the same page is hard. ProProfs Project is a simple to use project management software that streamlines team communication whether you are managing a remote or an in-house team. Everyone will receive timely notifications to help them stay updated on the latest developments and milestones covered. Keep feedback and discussions in context using comments on tasks.

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ProProfs Project Customers ProProfs Project Customers
Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface
Your team and your clients will learn how to use it in less than two minutes
Integrates with hundreds of your favorite apps through Zapier, e.g. Salesforce and Xero
Share Files
Share Files
Discuss projects with your team members and share files with Dropbox and Box integration
Fully Mobile
Fully Mobile
Download our native iOS and Android apps, so you can manage tasks on the go

Troy Gittins
“ProProfs Project helped our marketing agency reach higher production levels in a short period of time”
Troy Gittins, Campaign House

Thousands of people manage their projects better with ProProfs Project

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