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How to Create an Online Exam

Get your exams up & running in 6 easy steps

  • Step 1: Choose a quiz type
  • Step 2: Pick a template or create from scratch
  • Step 3: Select questions from our library
  • Step 4: Automate grading & scoring
  • Step 5: Add your logo, colors & theme
  • Step 6: Share anytime, anywhere

How ProProfs Exam Software Works

Create the best online pre-scored exams & save time

With ProProfs, you can create online exams, practice tests, online quizzes, and boost student engagement & improve knowledge retention. Our online creator is a cloud-based tool that lets teachers and corporate trainers teach on the go and assess learners’ performance using online exams and tests.

How ProProfs Exam Software Works

The Simplest Way to Create Online Exams

1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions

Easily create exams online using the world’s leading exam software from ProProfs. You can create an online exam or a test from scratch or use our library containing customizable templates and 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions. This exam builder software offers 15 different question types to create an exam on any subject. Add images and videos to your exams with this exam maker software to make online exam more exciting and fun.

  • 100k+ customizable exams
  • 15+ question types
  • Question banks

Custom Certificates & Themes

Generate online exams from scratch or use 100+ design themes

Prepare your exam using 100+ professionally designed themes or make your own design for more personal experience available with ProProfs online exam software. The best part about this exam creation software is that you can create your exams using your own colors and logo. With this exam creator software, you can also customize completion certificates by adding your own signature, color, and design.

Prevent Cheating With Security Settings

Security, timers, scoring, and 100+ settings

Utilize 100+ settings and smart configurations to secure your exams and assign them to selected users or groups. This makes it the most reliable exam maker. With this online exam builder, you can limit exam availability to specific dates and time frames. This examination software helps prevent cheating by randomizing questions and shuffling answer options. The ProProfs online exam test software is the ideal tool to create secured tests.

  • Customize scoring & results
  • Add timers, shuffling & more
  • Create secure exams
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Share Exams Anytime & Anywhere

Exams that look great on all screen sizes

Create and share exams anytime, anywhere with ProProfs online exam creator. Once it gets published, you can easily share it via email, embed on your website or even share with each examinee with their own login credentials. These online exams created with online exams software can be taken on any device such as desktops, laptops, and mobiles. ProProfs exam software enables you to create exams in 70+ languages.

Delightful Reports & Analytics

Track all participants & analyze the performance

Monitor who is taking your exams, their scores, the difficulty level of questions and more. ProProfs exam software offers advanced reports with useful insights that’ll help you understand exam participants. Analyze their performance and save time by automating grades along with feedback. Delight participants with instant results & personalized feedback from ProProfs exam software.

  • Advanced reports & stats
  • Understand users & groups
  • Automated grading & results
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Why ProProfs Exam Maker?

ProProfs exam creator is trusted by millions of teachers & trainers globally

100+ Quiz Templates
100+ Quiz Templates

Create online exams in minutes using our question library with 100,000+ ready questions.

10+ Question Types
10+ Question Types

Make your tests and exams fun and engaging with a variety of question types, including video questions.

Automated Grading
Automated Grading

Save hours of your time by pre-scoring your exams and produce exam results with zero manual efforts.

Instant Feedback
Instant Feedback

Turn mistakes into lessons by showing instant feedback for incorrect answers

AI-Powered Reports
AI-Powered Reports

Identify knowledge gaps with the help of smart reports and improve learner performance.

Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive

Exams perfectly fit the screen size of smart devices. That means you can assess students anytime, anywhere.

Who Can Use ProProfs Exam Maker?

Use ProProfs exam creator to create quizzes to suit your needs

Employers & Recruiters
Employers & Recruiters

Create pre-hiring assessments for hiring & onboarding new employees. Use the record-video question type to let the candidates introduce themselves with a real-time video recording.

Corporate Trainers
Corporate Trainers

Create post-training assessments to assess the level of knowledge retention. Get access to actionable reports & AI-enabled statistics to identify training loop-holes. Use the consolidated reports to assess the overall impact of your training sessions.


Create online exams for your students to identify knowledge gaps and gauge learning ability using different question types like multiple-choice, hotspot, record-video, and more. Create online classrooms to encourage self-assessment in students.

Exam Maker Features

  • Add time limit with online exam maker
    Add time limit

    Set a time limit to your exam to reduce the chances of learners using external methods to find answers.

  • Shuffle answer options with exam creation software
    Shuffle answer options

    You can shuffle the answer options, so that learners cannot copy the correct answers by peeking into another's screen.

  • Randomize questions with exam builder
    Randomize questions

    Just like shuffling answers, randomizing the order of questions is another effective way to discourage learners from copying each other's answers.

  • Limit exam availability with exam software
    Limit exam availability

    You can make your exam available only during certain dates or hours, so that learners cannot take the exam after it expires.

  • Keep your exam private with exam creator
    Keep your exam private

    To ensure that unauthorized user do not take your exam, you can create a password-protected exam and it with only select learners.

  • Easy sharing with online exam maker
    Easy Sharing

    You can create an exam and share it easily with your students on their respective email ids so they can take the exam from wherever they are.

Perfect For

Online exam software designed for multiple use case

Student Assessment

Evaluate students’ knowledge about a certain topic by creating topic-based online exams. Assign online exams in an online classroom for self-assessment.

Hiring Candidates
Hiring Candidates

Hire anytime, anywhere with online skill assessments. Create a new one or choose a ready-to-use assessment from the assessment library.

Employee Training

Train your workforce with delightful online exams. Conduct training sessions followed by engaging exams that can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Benefits for Teachers & Businesses

For Businesses
For Businesses

Companies can create employee training tests, compliance tests, employee skill assessments, and more. For example, trainers can use online exams as part of training to ensure that employees understand the materials being taught

  • Screen candidates
  • Onboard employees
  • Assess retention
For Teachers
For Teachers

Online Exam Maker for teachers can help them in creating online exams and save tons of effort. The exams are automatically graded with the results instantly available to students, so that teachers don’t have to spend hours in grading.

  • Assess knowledge retention
  • Create online classrooms
  • Identify knowledge gaps

100+ Professionally Designed Exam Templates

Explore our templates and pick one to build your exam in minutes

10+ Dynamic Integrations

Integrate exams with marketing automation tools for better data segregation

  • Mailchimp- Easily add new learner data to Mailchimp’s lists.
  • Salesforce- Easily import learners’ information to Salesforce.
  • ActiveCampaign- Grow mailing lists by integrating exams with ActiveCampaign.
  • SCORM- Make your online exams SCORM compliant with easy integration.
  • Tin Can API- Instantly record plus view test data (reports & learner interaction).
How to Share Your Quiz With Learners
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an online exam

Creating an online exam is easy. Choose from ready-to-use templates from scored quiz templates in ProProfs library, add and edit the questions, answers, enable automatic grading, configure settings such as ‘prevent cheating’ and share it with your learners. Watch this quick video guide to learn How to Create Online Exam.

How to Create a Multi Sectional Exam?

With ProProfs, you can easily create a multi-sectional exam with as many sections you desire. The grading for each section is done separately. To create a multi- sectional exam in ProProfs, you first need to create an exam for each section separately. Once those exams are ready, go to the “Training Maker” and add those exams as pages to the course chapter. To understand better, read this step-by-step guide on how "How to Create a Multi Sectional Quiz"

How to prevent cheating in online exams

Preventing cheating in online exams is very easy with secure exam software. You can shuffle the order of your questions & answer options, create question banks for random question selection, enable proctoring, disable tab/browser switching, add time limits, disable print/copy/download, create unique login credentials for exam takers, and restrict exam availability to specific time frames & IPs.

Check out this article to learn more on How to Prevent Cheating in Online exams.

How to schedule exams

You can schedule an exam for a specific date/time frame by going to your exam settings and locating Quiz Availability under the Advanced tab.

All you need to do is select your time zone and set the start and expiry date/time for the exam. Once you’ve created a schedule for your exam, you can let your learners know of it by setting up an exam announcement in your virtual classroom.

Alternatively, you can go to the Compliance section in the Advanced settings and set a time period/date by which the exam must be completed, adding reminders for the same.

What are the recommended exam settings?

Apart from anti-cheating & privacy settings, the other most recommended configurations for online exams include setting minimum passing scores for certification, restricting the allowed attempts, adding a time limit, disabling question skipping, setting up a schedule for quiz availability, enabling review before final submission, and tagging questions to test competency on specific topics.

If you have a large number of exam takers, it’s also recommended that you use virtual classrooms to set up multiple instructors, learner groups, group admins, etc. for optimal exam management.

How to set the minimum passing score and maximum allowed attempts for an exam

You can set the minimum passing score for your exam by navigating to the General tab in your exam settings and locating “Completion Certificate” under Presentation.

Here you can set the minimum score percentage that exam takers must achieve for certification as well as customize your certificate as per your needs. To set the maximum allowed attempts, you need to scroll to the Order section and choose a number for “Number of Attempts Allowed”.

You can also restrict your learners from reattempting an exam for a specified period of time using the “Lock Quiz After an Attempt” option in Advanced settings.

How to automate & configure grading

Apart from the essay and video response questions, all question types are graded automatically based on your point assignment.

ProProfs lets you assign points to questions and answer options in a bunch of ways. You can choose between regular, partial, and custom grading to suit your needs.

In regular grading, the learner is either awarded the full points or none at all, whereas, in partial grading, they get points based on how correctly they answered a checkbox, matching, or fill-in-the-blanks question.

Custom grading, the most flexible option, lets you assign different points for each answer option. You can also have negative marking for incorrect responses and award bonus points for exemplary performance.

To know more about ProProfs exam maker’s scoring system, check out this quick guide on How to automate & configure grading.

How to automatically award custom certificates to learners

You can set up an automated certification program for your exam by going to your exam settings and navigating to “Completion Certificate” under the Presentation section.

You can opt between always displaying the certificate in the reports or displaying it only if the exam taker achieves a minimum score percentage of your choosing.

You can choose and edit one of ProProfs’ professionally-designed certificate templates or upload your own design & add tracking info fields to it. ProProfs also lets you set expiry dates for your certificates.

All you need to do is go to the Advanced settings tab, locate “Quiz Completion Compliant Till” in the Compliance section, and add an expiry date or time period. You can also choose to send emails to learners on certificate expiry and ask them to retake the exam.

Check out this help page to learn more about How to Automatically Award Custom Certificates to Learners.

How to create a multi-sectional exam

With ProProfs, you can easily create a multi-sectional exam with as many sections as you desire, each with separate grading.

To create a multi-sectional exam in ProProfs, you first need to create an exam for each section separately. Once those exams are ready, go to the “Training Maker” and add those exams as pages to the course chapter.

For more help, read this step-by-step guide on How to Create a Multi-Sectional Exam.

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