I have 125 classroom students and over 700 21st century students from around the world. I needed a mechanism for these students to visit my science web site and take tests.


As a science teacher ProProfs Quiz Maker has made test construction so easy and flexible to use. With ProProfs Quiz Maker my students enjoy taking online tests because I allow them a maximum of 4 times to make a higher grade. Now I can be more creative in the using colors, images, videos, and change the font size so that I can view my work. I can spend more time helping my students with their learning problems. The old way of grading papers would take 5 hours to grade all of my tests, which is now automatic. I can construct my tests on various levels based upon my student 504 Plans or I.E.P. (Individual Educational Plans). The parents can be involved in helping students learn the material while taking my tests on ProProfs.

Result is the best technology for test construction. I had worked with 6 other web sites. There is no comparison to the service to other web site test generators. Please keep up the excellent work!

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Professor Daniel Stein
Everyone should give it a try!
Professor Daniel Stein
Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College.
Brenda Kesler
Painless to execute an exam to several 100 global employees!
Brenda Kesler
Ph.D. Business Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Charlene Campbel
Hands down the easiest, most efficient program I have ever used!
Charlene Campbel
Space Science Faculty
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