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Right or Wrong answers. Quiz takers get a score at the end.

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How well do you know Microsoft Office?
Score: 97%
Scored Quiz
Create Scored Quiz
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Personality-based answers. Quiz takers get a personality at the end.

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Which superhero are you?
Result: Superman
Personality Quiz
Create Personality Quiz

Create Online Quizzes in Minutes

Make quizzes using 100K+ scored or personality quiz templates

Create a Scored Quiz

Test learners’ knowledge & track progress

Make a quiz using a scored quiz template. Scored quizzes are ideal for learning and mastering a topic. You can assign these quizzes to test the understanding of learners on a particular subject. For instance, you can make an online quiz to create language learning exams or skill assessments where the answers are automatically graded by our AI-powered test maker software. Along with automated grading, you get instant reports, quiz completion notifications, and more.

  • Test understanding of learners Test understanding of learners
  • Ideal for tests & exams Ideal for tests & exams
  • Reporting & analytics Reporting & analytics
Create a Personality Quiz

Generate leads while entertaining your audience

You can easily make your own quiz using a personality template too. While a scored quiz is used to test knowledge, personality quizzes are used to assess the quiz taker. These quizzes can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Lead generation quiz Lead generation quiz: Embed a personality quiz on your website to generate engagement and capture new leads.
  • Leadership personality test Leadership personality test: Create a Jungian-type of personality quiz to screen the personality traits of potential job candidates.
  • Social media promotion Social media promotion: A personality quiz has the potential to go viral in social media and is perfect for promoting your brand.
Create Online Quizzes Using Our Question Bank

Browse over 100,000+ ready-to-use questions

Want to create your own quiz but need help with questions? No problem. Creating quizzes with ProProfs is super easy. We have the world's largest quiz library, with over 1 million questions organized into thousands of topics that you can use to make a quiz. To create your own quiz, you get world-class ready-to-use assessments on a variety of topics from education to business. With ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can create a quiz for free in minutes.

  • 1 million+ quiz questions 1 million+ quiz questions
  • 100,000+ quiz topics 100,000+ quiz topics
  • 70+ languages 70+ languages
Create a scored quiz

How to Create a Quiz: Step by Step Guide

Learn to make your own quiz in minutes in easy steps.

Step 1
Pick from 100+ Templates

Creating a quiz is easy with ProProfs. We have a library of 100+ ready-to-use, beautifully designed, scored, and personality quiz templates that you can edit as needed and create your quiz easily. Alternatively, you can also create your quiz from scratch.

Pick from 100+ Templates
Give a Catchy Quiz Title
Step 2
Give a Catchy Quiz Title

Add the name for the quiz and update the quiz description to let people know what your quiz is about. The title of your quiz not only tells learners what it is about; it also lures them in. Make it crisp!

Step 3
Add Questions & Answer Options

We have got you covered for the most difficult part of making a quiz - thinking of questions. Browse from over 100,000+ ready-to-use questions in our library, edit them if need be, or add your own questions. You can also bulk-import them using Excel.

Add Images & Videos
Step 4
Add Images & Videos

Break monotony with images and videos. The best part is - you can add media to not only quiz questions but also the answer options. You can upload an image, use professionally designed images from our library, or search for images on the Internet without leaving the quiz editor.

Step 5
Add Instant Feedback

Creating quizzes with ProProfs allows you to add explanations for correct answers that would help learners understand a topic better and reinforce important concepts instantly.

Add Instant Feedback
Configure Quiz Settings
Step 6
Configure Quiz Settings

Set up whether you want your quiz to be public or private and add a password. Set up timers, branding, colors, background, fonts, and more.

Step 7
Set Up Scoring, Grading & Results

Set up scoring, the order and presentation of questions, and whether you want the questions or answers shuffled. Customize your completion certificate and choose how you want quiz results to appear.

Step 8
Enable Lead Capture

Select what information you want to gather from your quiz takers. You can choose to place the lead form at the beginning or at the end of the quiz. You can even enable seamless integration with your favorite CRM tool, such as Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot and automate lead generation.

  • Capture leads and segment your audience with your quiz Capture leads and segment your audience with your quiz
  • Customize your opt-in form for maximum conversions Customize your opt-in form for maximum conversions
  • Make quiz results that sell products and drive traffic Make quiz results that sell products and drive traffic
  • Step 9
    Share Your Quiz

    Easily share your quiz as a link, via email, post on social media, or embed directly into your website or blog. You can even set up a virtual classroom where your learners can log in and see all pending and complete quizzes, get announcements, and more.

    Analyze Quiz Results with AI
    Step 10
    Analyze Quiz Results with AI

    Get real-time reports about who has taken your quiz, when they took it, and how they did. You can even see how learners answered each question individually or our AI based analysis on the group like the hardest question, the easiest question, question difficulty level, the average time to complete, and more.

  • Track who took your quiz & when Track who took your quiz & when
  • Check scores & performance Check scores & performance
  • Stats to help learners improve Stats to help learners improve
  • Analyze individuals & groups Analyze individuals & groups
  • Know your audience & track conversions Know your audience & track conversions
  • 10+ Question Types

    Take engagement a notch higher with 10+ question types

    Multiple-Choice Questions

    Multiple-choice questions work best when the goal is to enhance learning as they present multiple answer-choices for a single question, out of which one is correct, and the rest are distractors.

    Multiple-Choice Questions
    Essay-Type or Open-Ended Questions
    Essay-Type or Open-Ended Questions

    Essay-type questions are useful when you need to gauge your learners' thoughts, views, and ideas as they can type in a detailed answer in a box provided below the question.

    Checkboxes or Multiple-Response Questions

    A multiple-response question type is quite similar to the multiple-choice question type. The only difference is that it can have more than just one correct answer option.

    Checkboxes or Multiple-Response Questions

    Fill-in-the-blanks type of questions can be used to evaluate the real knowledge of any topic as there are no hints or clues provided.

    True or False Questions

    True or False questions simply involve creating a statement that is either true/false related to the concept that the question has stemmed from.

    Matching Questions

    Matching questions can cover a large amount of information and make for one of the most engaging question types.

    Comprehension Questions

    Comprehension questions are great for testing reading and comprehension skills as they are created on a passage provided to the learners.

    Comprehension Questions
    Hotspot Questions

    Hotspot questions are great for testing the visual proficiency and observation skills and make for a great visual question type.

    Video Questions

    The record video type question is the most fun and engaging way to answer quiz questions for learners and an easy medium for interview candidates to introduce themselves as it enables quiz takers to respond with a video. Quiz takers can record a video in real-time or upload a previously recorded file.

    Video Questions
    TypeIn Questions
    TypeIn Questions

    The TypeIn question type is great for testing knowledge retention. Quiz takers are presented with hints in the first column and are required to type in their answer in a text box provided next to it.

    Order List

    Order list type question lets quiz takers organize a list of responses in a specified order. It’s a good way to gauge analytical skills while providing a ton of engagement.

    More Question Types

    Collect feedback, generate leads & grow business

    Online questionnaire

    Online Questionnaire

    Make a quiz and use online questionnaires to gather feedback from your quiz-takers. This quiz is perfect for interviewing your audience or gathering feedback from them, using straight & simple questions.

    Feedback surveys

    Feedback Surveys

    Make better decisions by capturing feedback using feedback surveys. Understand more about your learners and customers by creating online surveys, such as course evaluation surveys, Net Promoter Score, and more.



    Create a poll to gain insights from your learners and customers. A simple “yes or no” poll can provide you with vital statistics to understand the market for your product or service better.

    Scored survey

    Scored survey

    Using scored surveys is the best way to get quantifiable feedback from your audience. A good example is a Net Promoter survey, where the questions are scored, helping you measure your quiz-takers’ satisfaction with your brand.

    Features of ProProfs Quiz Maker

    Everything you could possibly need in one place

    • 100,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions
      100,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions

      Explore our public question library with 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of topics.

    • Ready Skill Assessments Tests
      Ready Skill Assessments Tests

      Use our assessment library for 100+ ready-to-use assessments and tests.

    • Automated Grading
      Automated Grading

      Pre-assign scores to questions so they’re automatically graded when attempted.

    • Instant Feedback
      Instant Feedback

      Add feedback for correct and incorrect answers to be displayed instantly.

    • 100+ Settings & Configurations
      100+ Settings & Configurations

      Get access to 100+ settings & configuration at your disposal.

    • Customized Results
      Customized Results

      Create shareable and upbeat quiz results that your audience would love to share.

    • Configure Scoring, Certificates & Results
      Configure Scoring, Certificates & Results

      Pre-assign scores to answers, customize completion certificates, create upbeat results

    • Integrations

      Streamline your lead generation process. Integrate with marketing automation tools.

    • Notifications & Reminders
      Notifications & Reminders

      Enable instant notifications for when a new person takes your quiz. Send reminders for incomplete quizzes.

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    Via link

    Via link

    Send quiz links via mail, whatsapp, chatbots, and more.

    On Social Media

    On Social Media

    Share your quiz as a post on social media.

    Embed on Your Website

    Embed on Your Website

    Embed quiz on Blogger, WordPress, or any other site.

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    Online Exam

    Test knowledge by creating online exams with automated grading. Randomize questions, shuffle answers, and disable tab switching to prevent cheating.

    Online Test

    Access the vault of 100+ quiz templates to create scored pr personality tests in minutes. Generate leads, boost traffic, grow engagement, and more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to create a quiz certificate

    Quiz completion certificates are a great way to make your quizzes more engaging. To create your quiz completion certificate, go to your quiz settings. Under the general settings tab, go to the completion certificate section, turn the toggle button to yes, select a certificate template to edit, and you’re done! Here’s a detailed guide on How to Brand and Customize a Quiz Certificate.

    How to embed a quiz on a website

    After creating your quizzes, embedding them just takes two easy steps. Go to your quiz dashboard, click on share, set the resolution, and copy the code on your website. It’s that easy. View this tutorial to learn in detail about How to Embed a Quiz on any Website.

    Can I make my own quiz?

    Yes, you can. Besides providing ready-made templates, quizzes, and assessments, ProProfs also lets you make quizzes from scratch. You can make your own quiz by importing questions from our massive question bank of 1 million+ ready-to-use and customizable questions covering almost every topic or by adding your own questions. You can create questions in 15+ different formats and add images and videos to questions and answer options. You can also set up branching logic and add instant answer feedback. Learn how to create a quiz in easy steps.

    How to create a scored/trivia quiz

    You can create a scored/trivia quiz with ProProfs by picking a scored quiz template and customizing it or by creating your quiz from scratch. Here are five quick steps to create a scored quiz from scratch:

    • Step 1 - Add questions by importing them from the question bank or designing them from scratch. (You can choose from various question types, such as multiple-choice, checkbox, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, order list, hotspot, etc.)
    • Step 2 - Add images and videos to questions and answer options.
    • Step 3 - Set up the type of results (pass/fail, letter grading, etc.).
    • Step 4 - Add a title, description, and image to the welcome screen.
    • Step 5 - Configure security settings, themes, notification settings, etc.

    Once you’ve designed your scored quiz, you can share it with your quiz takers via a link, email, website embed, etc.

    Check out this help page to learn more about how to create a scored/trivia quiz.

    How to create a quiz for a team

    Creating and conducting quizzes for your teams is easy with ProProfs. You can build your quiz quickly using our quiz resources library featuring 100+ quiz templates & assessments and one million+ ready-to-use questions. Once you’ve created your quiz, you can share it with your teams via secure links, email, by embedding it on a website, or by assigning quizzes via virtual classrooms and secure, individualized logins. You can also share your quiz links on video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc., to host fun team quizzes for employee engagement. Check out this help page to learn how to create a quiz.

    Follow these simple steps to make a quiz for students.

    Follow these simple steps to make a quiz for students.

    • Step 1: Pick from customizable quiz templates or start creating from scratch.
    • Step 2: Import questions from the question bank or add your own questions.
    • Step 3: Configure security & anti-cheating settings, such as shuffling, proctoring, question pooling, tab switching prevention, password protection, copying/printing prevention, and more.
    • Step 4: Add a beautiful pre-built or custom theme and customize the background, colors, fonts, and more.
    • Step 5: Share your quizzes via a secure link, email, website embed, or virtual classroom.

    If you choose to share quizzes using virtual classrooms, you can grant quiz access to students via individualized logins or single sign-on (SSO). You can also create multiple instructor accounts & learner groups to streamline quiz assigning and teacher collaboration, and access group reports in addition to individual reports.

    How to make an interactive quiz

    You can make an interactive quiz by including various interactive elements in your quizzes. One of the best ways to do this is by providing instant question feedback. Giving quiz takers feedback as soon as they answer a question is a great way to engage them. You can also add an image to the feedback to make it even better.

    Other ways to create an interactive quiz, include creating a personality quiz and using interactive question types, such as hotspot, drag-and-drop order list, and audio/video response questions.

    How to create a video quiz

    You can create a video quiz on ProProfs in a bunch of different ways. In the first method, you can create video response questions where the quiz taker has to respond to questions by recording or uploading a video. This type of video quiz is very useful for conducting remote interviews for hiring and asking for customer testimonials. In the second style of video quiz, you add a video to your quiz and ask a series of questions based on it. Besides these two question types, ProProfs also lets you add videos to your questions & answer options to provide a video-based quiz experience to your learners.

    How to create a matching quiz

    You can create a matching quiz by adding matching-type questions. Matching-type questions present the quiz taker with two columns of items/options, and the quiz taker must choose an option from the second column for each of the items in the first column.

    To design matching-type questions, you need to add options in the left column and their correct matches in the corresponding cells in the other column. You need to do this for a minimum of two rows. You can also add distractor options to make the question more challenging and add images to make it more engaging.

    To know more on how to create a matching quiz, check out this help page.

    How to insert a picture, video, or audio in a quiz

    You can easily add media to a question or its answer options by clicking the image icon in front of them. Clicking the image icon takes you to an overlay where you can add media in various ways. You can:

    • Option 1 - Add images from the library, Google, or Pexels
    • Option 2 - Add videos from YouTube or Pexels
    • Option 3 - Upload an image, audio, video, or document

    Learn more on how to insert a picture, video, or audio in a quiz.

    Can I allow quiz takers to edit a submitted quiz answer?

    Yes, you can allow quiz takers to edit their quiz answers before submitting the quiz by enabling the “Allow review before submission” option. Quiz takers can also mark questions for review so that they can easily track the questions they need to give another look at. Check out our help page on this topic to learn more

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