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ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it easy for you to create scored quizzes for your business whenever you need to. You can use one of the templates we have created or start from scratch. You can add your own branding and adjust the questions and answers to create a fully customized experience. Our reporting features make it easy to keep track of your quiz results over time.

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Evaluate Employee Performance

Performance Assessment Quiz

12 Questions

This quiz is designed to assess the performance of an employee in the digital marketing domain.

Is Your Team Capable of Effective Advertising?

Advertising Quiz

9 Questions

A quiz to assess the skills of your advertising employees. 

Analytical Abilities Quiz

Critical Thinking Skills Quiz

12 Questions

Can your employees think "Out of the Box" as and when required? This 3-minute quiz can reveal the true story about the analytical abilities of your employees!

Are Your Employees Happy?

Employee Satisfaction Quiz

9 Questions

A quiz to assess HR manager's knowledge and understanding of employee satisfaction.

Evaluate Your Knowledge of the Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Quiz

10 Questions

Take this quiz to assess your understanding of Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Understanding Health Insurance

Health Insurance Quiz

10 Questions

Accidents can happen anytime, so it's important to know about health insurance and how it can cover your medical expenses. Take this quiz to check your understanding of medical insurance!

Assess Employees Brand Management Skills

Brand Management Quiz

10 Questions

How much do you know about brand management? Take this quiz now to assess your knowledge and expertise in brand management!

Is Your Manager a Team Player?

Team Building Quiz

11 Questions

A quiz to test whether managers understand the company's approach to team building.

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