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Assess medical and first aid knowledge with these templates

ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it easy to assess medical and first aid knowledge. You can use one of the templates we have created or start from scratch. You can add your own branding and adjust the questions and answers to create a fully customized experience. Our reporting features make it easy to keep track of your results over time.

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Can You Save a Life?

First Aid Knowledge Quiz Template

11 Questions

Are you capable of saving a severely injured person? Find out by taking this quiz, which also helps you improve your first aid knowledge.

Female Health Awareness

Women's Health Quiz Template

12 Questions

Women deal with a lot of health issues, and it's crucial to know the types and risks associated with them. Take this quiz to find out!

Test Your Medical Knowledge

Emergency Medicine Quiz Template

10 Questions

How fast can you diagnose and treat a patient admitted to E.R? Take our quiz to find out and also test your knowledge of emergency medicine.

What's Your Nursing Speciality?

Nursing Specialties Quiz Template

10 Questions

Contrary to popular belief, the nursing field is diverse with a long list of specialties. This quiz will help broaden your knowledge about nursing specialties/types!

How Well Do You Know Doctors?

Doctor Career Specialization Quiz Template

10 Questions

Put your medical knowledge to the test by taking this quiz about doctor specialization!

Understanding Health Insurance

Health Insurance Quiz Template

10 Questions

Accidents can happen anytime, so it's important to know about health insurance and how it can cover your medical expenses. Take this quiz to check your understanding of medical insurance!

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