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ProProfs Quiz Maker makes it easy to create holiday quizzes. You can use one of the templates we have created or start from scratch. You can add your own images and adjust the questions and answers to create a fully customized experience. Our reporting features make it easy to keep track of quiz results over time.

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Test Your Christmas Knowledge

Christmas Quiz Template

6 Questions

Can you hear the Santa coming? We know you love Christmas. Don't You? Let's see how much you know about Christmas through this quiz.

Tracing the Roots of Halloween

Halloween Quiz Template

10 Questions

Ever wondered how did the spooky Halloween originate? You think you know the answer! Test your knowledge of Halloween history by attempting this exciting quiz!

Assess Your Knowledge of Easter

Easter Quiz Template

10 Questions

A yearly celebration between March 22 and April 25, Easter has come to denote rebirth and fertility. Think you are an Easter guru?  Test yourself with the following questions to know if you are right.

Jingle Bell Facts Quiz

Christmas Quiz Template

10 Questions

For most people, Christmas is all about secret wishes and nicely wrapped gifts. But wait, there's more! Take this quiz to find out!

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