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10 Best Employee Assessment Tools

Employees are the backbone of your organization, and their overall performance matters a lot in the long run. However, keeping track of your employee’s performance and achievement can be a tricky and extensive task, but employee assessments can help you do that. Provided that you plan and execute them accurately.  But why do employee assessments...
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20 Best IQ Quiz Questions for Your IQ

IQ or intelligence quotient is a metric that is often used to evaluate someone’s psychological abilities to decide their eligibility for a specific program.   However, the existence and the use of not just IQ quizzes but all quizzes have long been debated.  But the quizzes are here to stay.  In fact, IQ quizzes are one...
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How to Create an Engaging Product Recommendation Quiz

Since online shopping and eCommerce have gained prominence, people have gained access to more products than ever at their fingertips. But what if you’re not sure what to buy? This phenomenon is quite natural and called ‘Overchoice’ or ‘Choice overload,’ where people find it extremely difficult to decide when they have a lot of options...
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40 Best True or False Quiz Questions

What comes to your mind when you think of a quiz? “A question followed by four answer options.” In other words- ‘a multiple-choice question,’ right? Well, that’s natural when the majority of quizzes available on the web are multiple-choice. But, there’s another type of quiz that can be equally fun and a right measure of...
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Online Team Assessments: Everything You Need to Know

When the former American automobile giant Oldsmobile met an ill fate because it ignored the need for innovation, it was a nod to the need for effective team assessment.  Those in charge of innovation at Oldsmobile turned a blind eye to fuel efficiency, made no amendments to design, and ultimately failed to innovate.   It paints...
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How to Make Snapchat Quizzes

You’ve heard about quizzes, you’ve heard about personality quizzes, but have you heard about Snapchat quizzes?  On October 5, 2021, all of Facebook’s apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, went down for more than five hours.  When I couldn’t find any other way to keep myself entertained during those hours, I turned to Snapchat!  And...
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10 Best Skill Assessment Tools for 2022

Finding the best skill assessment tools can be as difficult as finding the right candidates.  You can’t risk spending on a tool that doesn’t give accurate results. Well, because that defeats the purpose of using it in the first place.  So, to pick the right tool, you have to visit various websites, watch a hundred...
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What Are Pre-Employment Assessments and Tests?

Today, when hiring the best talent is one of the top contributing factors to companies’ growth, pre-employment tests have become a significant tool for companies. Hiring suitable candidates for a job role in an efficient and cost-effective way is crucial for the success of this HR function.  Even a tiny hiring mistake can cost $840,000! ...
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7 Different Types of Assessments You Should Know About

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “assessment”? Is it a test, an exam, or an interview for a job? Here’s a fact- it can be all of those things.  But, what are the different types of assessments?  You’ll be surprised to learn that there exist various online assessments, both in education...
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100 Best Online Quizzes

Feeling bored? Have the urge to procrastinate? Want to learn something new? Want to publish amazing content? Of all the ways the internet helps us in these scenarios, online quizzes rank among the best. Not only are they a treasure trove of fun & insights, but they’re also a cathartic experience in themselves.  Especially personality...
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