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Employee Training Assessment Guide: Train Smarter to Boost ROI

Training expenditure in the US has crossed the $100 billion mark.  Considering how expensive training can be, even a few wasted training sessions can be heartbreaking. Businesses must consistently create the right training programs and conduct them impactfully.  But how can you ensure this without further adding to the training costs?  The solution is simpler than...
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12 Best Exam Software to Consider in 2023

For educational or business purposes, conducting effective exams can be a pain. From ensuring your assessments are cheating-free to delivering them in a streamlined way, there’s a lot that goes into a successful examination. But with the excellent exam maker software available today, it’s no longer a hassle. Online exam tools let you conduct exams...
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Informal Assessment: Definition, Examples & Benefits

The word ‘informal’ conjures up the vision of something easy, relaxed, fun, and friendly unlike its opposite term ‘formal’. The same is true about informal assessments in the context of evaluating education and training. Informal observations of students and corporate learners have their own merits. If you’ve been using only formal assessment techniques so far,...
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Role of Online Assessments in Creating Learning Pathways

In the 21st century, training instructors are shifting from traditional learning methods to modern approaches where learners can consume the same materials in a self-paced and flexible manner. Learning pathways are one such method that has become extremely important for upskilling learners.  Wondering what a learning path is? These are a group of courses, modules,...
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Sales Assessment Guide: Hire & Train Smarter to Build Winning Sales Teams

85% of customers report being dissatisfied with their sales call experiences, according to Salesforce.  This shocking statistic underlines the need to create better sales teams and processes by hiring the right salespeople and sales managers and delivering top-quality sales training.  This blog post discusses a central piece of the puzzle for every sales hiring or...
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20 Best Online Test Maker Software of 2023

Whether you’re a recruiter, trainer, or teacher, an online test maker software is an incredibly resourceful tool.  Why?  It’s because online test maker tools let you supercharge your testing efficiency & accuracy and enable you to make highly informed decisions based on automated reports & statistics. There’s a plethora of online test builder software out...
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Leadership Assessment Guide for Succession Planning, Hiring & Training

Bad leaders can be a business’ worst nightmare! From a lack of appreciation to workplace toxicity, poor leadership provides plenty of fuel for employee turnover.  To avoid such consequences, you must take special care when choosing people for key leadership roles. This means ensuring your hiring, taining, and succession planning processes are top-notch and feature...
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Remote Assessments: Guide to Recruiting the Best Remote Workers

With more and more people wanting to work from the comfort of their homes, the hybrid work model is expected to grow to 81% by 2024.  Shocking? Not so much. In fact, 6 out of 7 managers think dynamic teams, including remote workers, will become the norm. Given remote work is here to stay, we...
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Communication Assessments: A Guide for Hiring & Training

Enterprises in the US and the UK lose a combined $37 billion each year due to something as avoidable as employee misunderstandings.  Poor communication is one of the biggest causes of such costly misunderstandings.  This is why recruiters worldwide consider communication assessment essential during the hiring process. Besides hiring good communicators, companies also try to...
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How to Conduct a Talent Assessment to Build Better Teams

More than two-thirds of tech organizations worldwide experienced a talent shortage in 2021.  Needless to say, the struggle is real! Companies that wish to survive this dire situation must develop robust processes to attract and retain top talent.  This is where a talent assessment strategy comes in. Well-conducted assessments make it easy to hire best-fit...
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