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It has become one of the basic utilities in today’s world. Many cannot imagine their lives without it. Yet how much do you know about computers? Can you name all of its basic components? How about the most used programs?

You’ll have to answer questions like: What was the name of the first general-purpose computer? Who described, for the first time, the principles of the modern computer in a 1936 paper? What part of the computer performs the basic arithmetical, logical, and input/output operations of the system? What do the initials RAM stand for? Take your time, make all the right calculations and answer all the questions. Are you enough of a computer geek to get past our computer trivia?

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  • Do you have access to a WIFI conection atleast 90% were you use your computer eg. home, work, school / uni?
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  • What is the minimum screen size you want from a latop
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  • Do you want to play games such as Call of Duty, or Skyrim on your laptop
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  • Lets start with an easy one.  What does CPU stand for?
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  • Who invented the Graphical User Interface (GUI)?
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  • You install a new 250 GB hard drive in your computer and format it.  Upon checking the available space on the hard drive in My Computer, you are puzzled to find that there is substantially less space available than 250GB.  Why? 
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  • Why do you want a computer?

  • Do you feel it is good to help the planet and protect it from global warming?

  • What types of things do you want on your computer?

  • Desktop is a computer term that refers to:

  • The Control Panel is:

  • Select one of the following to determine the proper procedure for shutting down your computer.