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  • Discrete data is from qualities that can be

  •   Continuous data is from qualities that can be

  • Which of these is NOT continuous data:

  • Who, among T, R, S is (are) to the East of P? R, who is to the West of P, is not as near to S as P is, S is in the farthest East. P is not as far away from S as T is.

  • Who amongst A, B, C, D and E was the first to reach the function? B, who reached earlier than E, A and C was not the first to reach.  A, who reached earlier than E and C could not reach earlier than D, who was at the function before B.

  • How many students did secure 1st class in a class of 48 students? Double the number of 1st Class students secured IInd Class and all the remaining failed. Number of students failed was thrice the number of 1st Class students in the class.

  • A collection of facts such as test scores, drawings, photographs, and inventory figures is called

  • Regardless of the kind of data processed or the kind of device or equipment used, all data processing systems involve

  • The earliest data processing equipment were all manual-mechanical devices due to the

  • What is Non-linear data structure
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  • In linked lists there are no NULL links in
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  • In a stack the command to access nth element from the top of the stack S will be
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