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What is a consideration when testing batch Apex?
The consideration is letter B. Batch APEX is actually very important. This is something used in order to build processes that can be used for thousands of records when used on the lightning platform. Knowing this, it is evident why A is not the right
What could be the cause of the issue in the following case? A developer writes the following Apex trigger so that when a Case is closed, a single Survey record is created for that Case. The issue...
A user updating the record multiple times does not look like the answer if you think about it. The trigger checks if the closed checkbox was previously unchecked. Now if a user was to uncheck the checkbox -> save, then check => save, there woul
What are the disadvantages of paper-based databases?
Out of all the statements that are mentioned for this question, only letter C is not true. Paper-based databases can immediately get lost. You may place it in a folder and then forget the folder somewhere else. When you know that the database needs t
What is a recommended practice with regard to the Apex CPU limit?
You do not want to experience the APEX CPU time limit exceeded message. There are different considerations that you should do. First is letter B. You can use maps for cache so that you can work faster and you can find what you are looking for in a sh