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You may know that a database consists of information collated in a logical way, and that databases are usually managed by using a database management system (DBMS). Do you know how a DBMS system works though? Do you know what database servers are, and how they work?

If you think your geek IQ includes a huge knowledge of databases, why don’t you prove it by accepting the challenge of our entertaining database quizzes. Do you know all about the possible applications that a database can be used for? Or who Edgar F Codd was in the history of databases? Take one of our expertly created database quizzes to learn the answers. 
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    What are the basic components of a linked list?

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    -------------------------------responsible for authorizing access to the database, for coordinating and monitoring its use, acquiring software, and hardware resources, controlling its use, and monitoring efficiency of operations.

Below is an Important Trivia Quiz On database. As a programmer or software developer, you need to know the basics surrounding database, their creation, maintenance, and management. Take up this quiz and get to learn more about it...

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    Which of the following is a disadvantage of a computerized database?

What we have here is a Boolean search operator quiz trivia. The operators AND, NOT and OR and keywords are used together by a user when they undertake a Boolean search. When you use this search you will get results that have the...

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    Which operator would increase your search results?

Below is a Relational Database Trivia Quiz! It is designed to help you understand how databases holding the same information are structured and maintained. Do you think that you have what it takes to tackle it based on what you...

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    Which of the following makes it possible for entities to share a relationship?

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Database Questions & Answers

What are the disadvantages of paper-based databases?
Paper-based databases can immediately get lost. You may place it in a folder and then forget the folder somewhere else. When you know that the database needs to be copied, you may have to do it by hand or do it again from scratch. It is also very exp
What is a recommended practice with regard to the Apex CPU limit?
You do not want to experience the APEX CPU time limit exceeded message. There are different considerations that you should do. First is letter B. You can use maps for cache so that you can work faster and you can find what you are looking for in a sh
Which technique may reduce the heap size if developer encounters an error that states that the Apex heap size is exceeded?
D is the answer to this question. The developer would need to use SOQL instead of the SOQL queries for the loops. The developer is also known as the programmer. This is the person responsible for making sure that all of the software systems as well m
Which statement is true about using ConnectApi namespace (also called Chatter in Apex)?
Connect Api is a feature of Chatter, an API development that enables the salesforce to connect safely and usefully with others. It is the social network of any Salesforce. Salespeople can post quotes, images, updates, and more. The Connect Api namep
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