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You may know that a database consists of information collated in a logical way, and that databases are usually managed by using a database management system (DBMS). Do you know how a DBMS system works though? Do you know what database servers are, and how they work?

If you think your geek IQ includes a huge knowledge of databases, why don’t you prove it by accepting the challenge of our entertaining database quizzes. Do you know all about the possible applications that a database can be used for? Or who Edgar F Codd was in the history of databases? Take one of our expertly created database quizzes to learn the answers. 

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  • Which of these involves the analysis of complex data in the database?
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  • Which of these is not related to informatics?
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  • Which of these is not a logical data model for informatics databases?
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  • Which of the following represents the different Information Levels?

  • The primary difference between a Database and a Data Warehouse is that a Data Warehouse stores Transactional Information for a single Application, whereas a Database stores Aggregate (Summary) Information from multiple Applications as well as External Information such as Industry Information.

  • If a Manager wanted to know: If an order got shipped to a particular customer, he would use a Data Warehouse or a Data Mart.

  • What are the names of the models in software’s canonical model structure?

  • The Refinement relationship enables the architect to:

  • Abstractions are:

  • Without queries, databases are pointless.
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  • This view of the table is ...
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  • This screen represents
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