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The most famous magician in recent times has returned. The main character of some of the most popular books from our childhood is now the topic of our brand new quiz. How many details do you remember from the Harry Potter Universe?

Do you still know the name of all the important characters? How about the movies? Do you remember which actor played which character? If so, try out this trivia and challenge yourself. What were the names of Harry Potter’s parents? What was the name of the evil sorcerer who killed Harry’s parents? What was the name of Ron’s younger sister? Prepare you wand, your magic formulas, spells and your Nimbus 2000 for the great adventure that lies ahead.

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  • Which teams were playing in the Quidditch World Cup that Harry attended?
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  • What kind of creatures feed on positive human emotions?
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  • How many Weasley children are there?
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  • Who is Harry Potter?
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  • What is the main story arc for Harry Potter?
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  • Harry Potter and his friends attend what school?
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  • What is the Patronus charm a protection against?

  • What do you need a lot of in order to cast the Patronus spell?

  • Who is the only Death Eater capable of casting the Patronus charm?

  • Your first kiss with him would be?

  • He shows his love for you by...

  • Your first date?