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  • Who is an animagus in Harry Potter?
    Who is an animagus in Harry Potter?
    LUPIN ISNOTAN ANIMAGUS HE IS CLEARLY A WEREWOLF. FOOL'An animagus is a wizard who elects to turn into an animal. A werewolf has no choice. With each full moon, when he transforms, he no longer remembers who he is. He would kill his own best friend if he crossed his path. Furthermore, the werewolf only responds to the call of his own kind.'

  • Who is an animagus?
    Who is an animagus?
    I'm sorry you peeps obviously don't know anything about harry potter, because everyone knows that lupin is a werewolf not an animagus. and you gave no sign we had to choose more than one of the options."you need to get your priorities straight" says ron to hermione (which you obviously don't know that).

  • What can James potter turn into?
    What can James potter turn into?
    1. james is a stag2.on one of the previous Q's it sais that james is an animagus3. another Q said that lupin is an animagus aswell which is wrong because he is a wherewolf, bitten when he was 6 by none other than the bae, Fenrir Greyback!

  • Who is an animagus?
    Who is an animagus?
    Remus Lupin IS NOT an animagus he is a werewolf there is a VERY LARGE DIFFERENCE! Animagus is a witch or wizard who trained for years to be able to turn into any animal they trained for at will. A werewolf is a person bitten by another werewolf therefore turning into a werewolf. They transform once a month at the full moon and becomes a vicous werewolf not knowing of his/her surroundings and would kill his/her best friend if they crossed paths. A werewolf does not have a choice. C is an incorrect answer. The answer should only be A and D. Get your Harry Potter facts straight.

  • What does veritiserum smell like?
    What does veritiserum smell like?
    Veritiserum has no odor. Amortentia smells like whatever attracts you. This stupid quiz is all mixed up!

  • What did Harry say wrong while using Floo powder trying to get to Diagon Alley?
    What did Harry say wrong while using Floo powder trying to get to Diagon Alley?
    Obviously the people making this test have absolutely no brains as the correct answer is obviously dragon alley. you are 100% correct , harry said diaginilly but the word he was supposed to say was diagon alley which means he actually got that word incorrect.

  • Who is the animagus?
    Who is the animagus?
    Lupin is not an animagus. Lupin is a werewolf.The animals are James & Sirius & Peter & Rita.

  • Which of these is not a line from Harry Potter?
    Which of these is not a line from Harry Potter?
    No its the answer e which is correct Hermione does say thator I have read the question wrongly and it is very badly phrased

  • What kind of creatures feed on positive human emotions?
    What kind of creatures feed on positive human emotions?
    This question does not have any correct answer even with the given choices. The dementors may be the most obvious choice but they do not feed on people’s positivity. If they did that, then they would not be so grim. What they do is they become stronger from people’s fear, sadness, and anger. This means that they get strengths from people’s negative emotions. Just imagine if there are actual creatures like these that are available in the world. It can make anyone immediately feel unhappy, sad, and angry without knowing the reason why. Some may even experience negative emotions that they thought they have gotten over with in the past.

  • Who is animagus?
    Who is animagus?
    James and Sirius Rita Skeeter and James NOT Rita Skeeter and Lupin and Peter Pettigrew because Lupin is a WEREWOLF and if you've listened to Hermione Granger in the movie of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, she told professor McGonagall the difference between a werewolf and an animagus is that an animagus can choose if he wants to be an animagus and a werewolf can't choose if he wants to be a werewolf. BOOM!!!!!!! I knew that. hermionegrangerpower

  • Who is Harry Potter?
    Who is Harry Potter?
    Harry Potter is a human being, not a book or a movie. Sure, there are thighs written about him, but he is a person.

  • The Filthy name that muggles can be called by those with magic blood is
    The Filthy name that muggles can be called by those with magic blood is
    I'm mad because I put 'mudblood', which is how it is written in the book, and it said that I got it wrong......

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