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Over 50,000+ surveys created. Over 4 million respondents

Super easy to create surveys
ProProfs lets you easily add a survey to your website, blog or facebook page. I used it for online market research and it generated valuable data & an ongoing conversation across platforms.
Susan Emmer, Startup Marketing and Branding Expert.
Susan Emmer
Everyone should give it a try!
I am most impressed with the product. It is simple to use. Everyone should give it a try!

Prof. Daniel Stein Director of Technology, Touro College
aniel Stein
Susan Emmer,
Startup Marketing and Branding Expert
Prof. Daniel Stein,
Director of Technology, Touro College

How it works?


Create a Survey

  • Select a survey template
  • Add video, images, graphics
  • Add videos, images & media
  • Brand with your logo/colors
  • Choose Security options

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Analyze Results

  • Survey stats & reports
  • Instant answers
  • Visual charts and graphs
  • Download Results

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ProProfs is perfect for:

Corporate Tests

Business Questionnaires

Create online surveys to conduct market research, assess employee feedback, and measure customer satisfaction.

Classroom Surveys

Use online surveys to gather parent feedback, and conduct student surveys.
Fun Quizzes

Event Surveys

Conduct a post event survey to find out if attendees liked the conference, workshop or trade show.

ProProfs is a powerful survey tool, which educators, instructors, online marketers and organizations can use to create a range of surveys to gather customer feedback, conduct market and demographic research, course evaluations and many more. Our Survey Maker supports advanced features including response grading, detailed survey stats, multiple question types, cross-device compatibility, survey embed facilities among others. With its simple drag and drop survey creation interface, easy edit and reordering of survey questions, creating surveys with ProProfs is a delight! With ProProfs Survey Maker you can create surveys tailored to the needs of your respondents and get detailed reports that help you to accurately interpret the results. Sharing the report with managers and other stakeholders is also extremely easy. Marketers can post the surveys to their blogs or websites by using the survey embed code we provide. Along with surveys, online marketers can also create a quiz or create a poll to boost their marketing efforts.

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Survey Maker software features

World's leading tool to create surveys

Free and Simple!
For all skill levels. No HTML experience or software download required to create questionnaire.
Security Controls
Conduct secure & confidential surveys. Secure online data storage with download option.
Superb Analytics!
Real time data collection.Generate reports and track results.
Customize for Your Brand
Host survey on ProProfs, or change settings, look and feel of survey to embed on your website or blog.
Easily Share Questionnaires
Online surveys are all Facebook, Twitter, iPad and mobile compliant. Share across one or all social networks and platforms.
Templates & Question Types
Easily create online surveys in minutes with our many professional templates and large variety of question types.

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