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We really think we have something going on here. You’ve been through everything for our quizzes and you deserve all the respect and appreciation. For this to turn into something worthwhile, you need to go through one more challenge. It’s relationship quiz and these questions will have you pondering a lot. No, they’re not trick questions but we would really appreciate a correct answer.

Let’s have a look at some sample questions. What are the four main forms of intimacy? What did Freud state about parent-child relationships? What relationship statuses are available on the popular social network Facebook? How do you find our quiz? Is it right for you? We really hope so because we’ve got huge plans for you.

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  • Are you neglecting any of your needs because of your relationship?

  • Are you projecting past hurt onto this relationship?

  • Do you fear being honest?

  • When my partner is around, I usually feel...
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  • When we argue...
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  • On our days off of work, we usually...
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  • Does your partner make you feel bad about yourself? Does your partner undermine your self-confidence? Does your partner break you down instead of building you up?
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  • Do you take part in each other's lives and are you involved and interested in each other's activities and interests?
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  • Do you really know your partner? Do you know how he/she thinks and feels about things?  
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  • How often does he talk to you?

  • What does he call you?

  • Does he flirt a lot?