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  • Why do women feel more insecure in relationships than men?
    Why do women feel more insecure in relationships than men?
    Women are more in tune with their emotions and therefore 'feel' many emotions more strongly than men in a given moment. While many women feel insecure in a reletationship, others may feel very secure. Men on the other hand are less in tune with their emotions and more likely to answer 'I don't know' when asked how they feel. Building up self-confidence for both in a relationship helps make each feel more secure. Couples who know it takes work to build up trust and can be more honest with each other tend to feel more secure than others. In the past one source of insecurity for women was tied to money. Because men earned more money and even further back were the sole owners of property women often feared losing the relationship and ending up homeless. Widowers in the past were often shunned and had to beg for a lifestyle after their husbands could no longer provide. Thankfully this is less of an issue these days and the more progress society makes in recognizing everyone has potential to succeed and in education the more secure we all feel in and out of relationships.

  • Is relationship all about love and sex?
    Is relationship all about love and sex?
    Relationship is about love, but it does not have to be about sex. More than this, a relation is about understanding. It is about knowing the other person and helping him or her through different aspects of life. Yes, intimacy and sex is a vital part of any relation, but it is not the only thing to consider. You need to have the other components of a relation for it to work. Having deep understanding of the person, a good sense of humor and the ability to take care of certain needs of your partner, helps you build your relation. These things make it stronger. You can then add the flame of romance and sex to fortify your bond and make things interesting.

  • Are there any early signs that your relationship is going to end?
    Are there any early signs that your relationship is going to end?
    Yes. Take note of the eye contact you have with your partner. If s/he is looking less at you, and less often straight into your eyes, take note. Are the little kind or helpful actions fewer than in the past? when you have any news, is s/he less inclined to sit and listen or discuss it with you?   Are there excuses around being late, having to be elsewhere instead of with you? Fewer hugs and kisses? If these signs are there, plus any extra irritable behaviour, sit down with him/her and say 'I think our relationship is looking in trouble, or at least weakening. Tell me if you think you'd like to end it.' Better this than a slow and painful and unpleasant fizzling out. If s/he has other worries that have caused the lessening attention and involvement and it's not anything about commitment to the relationship, s/he will say and you can help with whatever it is.

  • Why do I have awkward eye contacts with her?
    Why do I have awkward eye contacts with her?
    If you like someone, chance are, you will be gaping at him or her every chance you get. After some time, the person either notices or some of her friends tell her about you staring. Naturally, she gazes back and you two make eye contact. Awkward! Well, if you like someone and keep staring at them, you will end up meeting her eyes more than once. These awkward eye contacts are natural and are usually the start of a conversation. You need to man up and talk to her now. ask her about herself, complement her or think of some work that you might do together. This will help you convert your awkward eye contacts into productive conversation.

  • Should I continue a relationship with a guy even if I am not in love with him/her?
    Should I continue a relationship with a guy even if I am not in love with him/her?
    A relationship is a relation of truth. You may think that you can hide your feelings and continue the relation even when you do not love him or her. However, this can lead to fights, depression and even cheating later on. A far better and fair option for your Boyfriend or girlfriend is to tell them the truth. Help them move on, rather than frustrating them with your loveless words. This is unfair for both you and them. Yes, they will be hurt in the start, but considering the turmoil they will go through in the future, it is kinder to do so.

  • Is it true that flirting is good for health?
    Is it true that flirting is good for health?
    Flirting has many health benefits for real. They help release the happy neurotransmitters, which are beneficial for promoting a good mood and boost self-confidence. Flirting is god when you are not in a relationship. However, you can still flirt with your spouse even if you are in a relation. This helps boost mutual positivity. It also keeps the love and the fun aspect of your relation alive and blazing. This is very important to prevent the relation from dying down and each partner losing interest. A little flirt over the dining table, while cooking or in the car makes your spouse realize they are still attractive as before and helps boost your happiness levels too.

  • Why is letting go so hard?
    Why is letting go so hard?
    When you love someone, you are emotionally attached to him or her. You get addicted to their presence. Their daily texts, habits and activities become part of your life. You start liking the routine that you build with your lover. Their scent becomes yours and their voice becomes a regular hymn. Letting go of a person means changing all these little things. You need to incorporate hundreds of changes. Many of your habits are associated with your spouse and they change too. Your entire day transforms suddenly and so does your life. It is difficult to accept this change. This is why it is so hard to move on.

  • What is the major cause of broken relationships?
    What is the major cause of broken relationships?
    The most common reason for breakup is lack of trust. Partners fail to trust their spouses, which leads to fights and arguments. Slowly, the intimate bond is shattered by stones of doubt, which infiltrate into the mind and damage the love for each other. Lack of trust can translate into possessiveness, jealousy or lack of dependability. It can take any number of forms, which slowly become intolerable. The best way to avoid his is to actually sit down and figure out the cause. Is there actual evidence to the problem or is it something that you have made up in your mind. Giving each other time and space is one of the best ways that couples can avoid this problem.

  • Why do long-distance relationships always fail?
    Why do long-distance relationships always fail?
    Long distance relationships do not always fail. However, they are hard to maintain because of the lack of intimacy. There is not much you can tell your partner on the phone. It cannot replace the intimacy and physical presence of your partner. In addition, many people like to have real live humans to feel and touch to put life into the relation. For them, going away and not meeting for months makes the relation lose its charm. Moreover, the romantic needs of each partner are not met. Time difference can also make you unavailable for each other, which complicates issues and breaks these relations.

  • What are the best advices for long-distance relationship?
    What are the best advices for long-distance relationship?
    For a long distance relationship to work, much work is needed to be put into it. - Communication is very important, no long distance relationship can survive without great communication. - Also, try to carry your partner along with all that's happening in your life, this is the only way they can feel that they are part of your life, share your happy moments, your pains, your struggles and challenges with your partner. - Remind yourselves how you feel about each other as often as possible. - Make the best use of the time you share together. Been involved in what's happening in each others life is the best way to keep long distance relationship going.

  • What is the name of the last one? Mary's father has four children; April, May, June.
    What is the name of the last one? Mary's father has four children; April, May, June.
    What?? I don't get it! WRONG THIS IS COMPLETELY DUMB

  • What are the most common problems faced by couple in a relationship?
    What are the most common problems faced by couple in a relationship?
    One of the most common problems faced by couples includes boundary problems. Each partner should respect the others boundaries. Yes, they live with you, but not giving the other person space will lead to long term problems that can strangle your relation. Another problem is time management. Couples can struggle to find time for each other. It also leads to fights when the limited amount of time is suddenly spent with friends or in some other activity. Another important problem is possessiveness. Yes, the right amount is like salt in a relationship. However, you need to trust your man or woman. Raising questions at every text, simple calls or baseless accusations can have a toll on your relationship.

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