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  • OMG!you sisters birthday is coming up!luckily, you saved up $1,000what do you do with it?(dont choose "b" just to be cheesy)
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  • theres this REAL hot guy!your sis wants to ask him out! but you want to date him. what do you do?
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  • Your sister is in desperate need for boyfriend advice. what do you do?
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  • Her friends must have given her some nickname to tease or call her by. Do you know what it is? (Remember, honesty is the best policy.)

  • Girls share their future aspects or say dreams of what they want to have in the future; husband, kids, job or something like that. So, do you know how many kids she wants to have? (Answer honestly please.)

  • Do you know it what is her favorite snack? 

  • Would you take a bullet for your sister?
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  • How well do you know your way around your sisters house/room?
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  • Do you know your sisters best friend?
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  • What is your favorite color?

  • What "Friends" character(s) do you think you are most like?

  • If you had a night alone at home, what would you do?