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  • Who has extensively studied our cells, what do we look like on a cellular level according to Todd Dawson?
    Who has extensively studied our cells, what do we look like on a cellular level according to Todd Dawson?
    I put corn chips and it marked it wrong but clearly its not wrong

  • What is the purpose of education according to Mr. Keating?
    What is the purpose of education according to Mr. Keating?
    Mr. Keating, played by Robin Williams, is the main character is the 1989 movie, “Dead Poets Society,” The film takes place at an elite boy’s boarding school in Vermont. In the Fall of 1959 several young men are introduced and taken aback by their English teacher, John Keating. Mr. Keating encourages his students to embrace life and make every day and every experience extraordinary. He encourages individuality, trying new things, and not fearing being oneself, no matter what and to him, the purpose of education is to think for yourself. It is unfortunate that the old practices hold fast, a student is removed from the school, and he commits suicide. There is a cover-up of the exact scenario regarding the student’s death, Mr. Keating is blamed for the situation and is released from his position. As he leaves the school the students rally around him and tell them that they were forced to sign a letter blaming him for the boy’s death; however, he leaves with the truth, which helps him realize that he was not involved in the event.

  • Should pornography be banned?
    Should pornography be banned?
    I personally believe that pornography is something that people can either appreciate or loathe. The main reason why it is loathed by people is religion. They consider it taboo because it shows people being reckless and being free with using their bodies. Those who do not think this way see pornography as an art. They believe that bodies are like art and pornography shows people enjoying their bodies and experiencing pleasure in the process. It will always depend on people’s beliefs and how they were brought up. Sometimes, pornography is used by people to know what to expect when they are about to experience their first sexual act.

  • What is the difference between Majesty and Highness?
    What is the difference between Majesty and Highness?
    People use majesty and highness when they want to refer to someone who has royal-blood or if that person comes from high society. Majesty is normally used to address those who are in the highest ranks. This means that a lot of people can be called “Your Highness,” but not everyone will be addressed as “Your Majesty” because this term is only referred to those who are in the highest positions. These words are still used to address the royal family not only to show that the people are respected but also to show that people are obedient to the ones who are in position.

  • What is the difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen?
    What is the difference between Permanent Resident and Citizen?
    The terms “Permanent resident” and “Citizen” are often confused with one another. Although both confer rights to live legally in a particular country, they mean very different things as explained below: a. MEANING: A lawful permanent resident is someone who has been the right to live in a particular country indefinitely. Permanent residents are given what is called a “green card,” which is a photo ID card that proves their status — on the other hand, becoming a citizen of a particular country through birth and naturalization. b. BENEFITS: Permanent residence includes the right to work and to petition for close family members (Spouse and unmarried children) to receive permanent residency to come over to the country. Permanent residents remain the citizen of another country. On the other hand, a citizen of the country can leave and re-enter the country at any time without requiring a re-entry permit. A citizen can vote in the federal and local elections of the corresponding country. A citizen of a country cannot be deported from that country except there’s a history of fraud in the obtainment of the citizenship. c. LIMITATIONS: The permanent residents of a country do not have the right to vote during the election period. They are also subject to grounds of deportability. Once it is discovered that a permanent resident intends to leave that country to make a home elsewhere, it will be considered as abandoning your residence; hence, given up your green card. In contrast, citizens do not encounter any limitations.

  • Who was America's first female Secretary of State?
    Who was America's first female Secretary of State?
    Condelezza RiceD. Americas first female Secretary of State was Madelyn Albright, who was appointed to that position in 1997 by President Bill Clinton. Janet Reno was appointed to the office of Attorney General by President Bull Clinton (1992-2000). In 2005, Condelezza Rice became Secretary of State under newly reelected President George W. Bush.

  • What was AAS named after?
    What was AAS named after?
    Henry "Hap" Arnold Henry Arnold Hap Arnold

  • Why are people homeless?
    Why are people homeless?
    Many factors contribute to homelessness and poverty in today's world, may that be a decline in the wages for physical workers or a disproportionate amount of family members, less affordable lands, shelters, food which in turn leave them an option between survival needs and a shelter for the family and most of them chooses everything but a roof on their head.

  • What is the factor explained in the following statement? People remain in poverty not merely as a result of their economic conditions but because of values and practices developed from poverty.
    What is the factor explained in the following statement? People remain in poverty not merely as a result of their economic conditions but because of values and practices developed from poverty.

  • Why do Americans equate guns with freedom?
    Why do Americans equate guns with freedom?
    Because our forefathers taught us to question our government and to depend on our rights as individuals to protect our freedoms, our feelings about gun ownership are rooted in our historic struggle for liberty, which goes all the way back to the American Revolution. "The right to bear arms" is a significant piece in the Constitution of the United States. In more oppressive societies, citizens are deprived of this right. Guns are used in this country for us to protect ourselves. Weapons are used to defend ourselves against imminent danger. The Constitution of the United States is created around a system of government that is by the people. The constitution restricts the government from having too much power.

  • How are sex and gender different from each other?
    How are sex and gender different from each other?
    There was a time when people have said that sex and gender are the same. Over the years, the definition of the two is already different. The person’s sex refers to the biological identification of the person based on the distinguishing features between male and female. A person’s gender means that this is the type of role that the person plays depending on his/her preference. It can become complicated especially when people are learning about this for the first time. There are different behaviors, activities, and roles that people do that may not be what people have expected from them. The more that you understand this, the more that you may also understand yourself.

  • What is the difference between Caste System and Class System?
    What is the difference between Caste System and Class System?
    A very popular belief among the Indians is the fate that some are born to be slaves; some are born to be of the royalty, while others are in-between. Though this was forbidden among the Indians, it is already a class system that they practice in every nook and cranny of the country. However, is this statement class system the same as a caste system? The caste system is a very complex social system which determines the social gotten when you are given birth to. There are four ways by which your social status can be determined by the caste system: First; when you marry someone else that is not in your caste. Secondly: the nature of the job that you do. Thirdly: When you indulge in social ideology or religious belief that reinforces your caste system. And fourthly: when you socialize with the people in their own caste system. One main difference between the class system and the caste system is that the class system can still be changed.

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