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A society is made up of a group of people that share the same ideas and work together to meet common goals. If you live in a society you get a sense of belonging and help when you most need it. The quiz below is designed to...

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    You see a cat in a tree, it is in danger and it needs help. What do you do ?

If you were on a jury for a murder trial, would you make the right decision? Trials rely on statistical evidence, which sometimes be confusing. This quiz tests how well you understand the stats that are used. Return to...

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    A man has been stabbed to death at his home in a city, and a suspect is on trial for the crime.The murder weapon has been recovered, and a sample of DNA has been obtained from the handle.The suspect's DNA profile matches that on the handle. An expert witness says that the probability of anyone else being a DNA match is 1 in 3 million.What are the chances that the DNA on the knife came from someone other than the suspect?

The Illuminati needs new recruits. We are running out of people. We have eyes everywhere and ears everywhere else. Take the quiz and if we deem you worthy, we'll give you a call. Don't worry, we already have your number!

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  • Sample Question
    Would you sell your soul to the Devil in exchange for your greatest and deepest desire on earth???

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Society Questions & Answers

What is the difference between capitalism and laissez faire?
Capitalism and laissez-faire are both economic systems. There is no big difference between the two. Capitalism is an economic system that is based on private or corporate property rights, and it also includes the private ownership of resources. By de
What is the difference between Majesty and Highness?
Majesty and highness are two standard terms used to address royalty. When addressing royalty, it is imperative to show the appropriate courtesy. Majesty and highness are two terms that have a philosophical and prosperous history rooted since the medi
What is the purpose of education according to Mr. Keating?
Mr. Keating, played by Robin Williams, is the main character is the 1989 movie, “Dead Poets Society,” The film takes place at an elite boy’s boarding school in Vermont. In the Fall of 1959 several young men are introduced and taken