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  • Application for voluntary surrender - on which of the following parties is the applicant debtor not required to serve a copy of the notice ?
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  • Choose the incorrect statement. An application for compulsory sequestration will be granted if the court is satisfied that :
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  • Which one of the following is incorrect : The insolvent estate remains vested in the trustee until
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  • In an exchange of contract, how many copies of a contract of sale is expected to be signed? 

  • Can contracts be exchanged by mail?

  • When is the contract said to be complete and binding? 

  • Which of these scientific terms is not governed by law?

  • How many laws explains thermodynamics?

  • Which of these is not explained by ideal gas law?

  • What is the United Kingdom upper house called? 

  • Which of these is not a law of United Kingdom?

  • Which law of United Kingdom deals with the buying and selling of assets?