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Criminal. What comes to mind when you hear the word? A masked bandit? A serial killer? Criminal, in the legal sense, is both an adjective and a noun. It can describe a person who has committed a crime – the criminal. Or it can describe an act that is illegal – criminal negligence, for example.
In both of the above cases, the action or person can be punished by law. How well can you determine what is criminal? Can you figure out who the legal criminal is in any scenario? What are the punishments for different criminal acts? How are these punishments determined? Are you ready to test your skills on criminal law? Try yourself now with these quizzes on all things criminal. 
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It’s red, and it comes out if you get a cut. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t have much knowledge on the topic of blood after those two facts – but today we’re going to see if you can do any...

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    1.      What does Bloods refer to?

Throughout history, people have been identified with specific groups. Some even formed gangs that would protect their member through whatever. If you were to join a gang with your group of friends which one do you think it would...

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    What color rag do you wear?

Let’s say one day you decided to take a turn to the dark side and become wrapped up in the life of a criminal; which route would you take? Would you become a mob boss, dishing out orders and icing people who wronged you? Or...

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    A teacher who is in charge of the school play loves a football team you absolutely hate. They say that they painted the name of the team somewhere on the set. What do you do?

America is the land of opportunities! Says so the famous quote. Some of these opportunities come in the form of crime also, and America is a land that has been home to some of the most infamous criminals the world has ever seen....

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    Where was Al "Scarface" Capone born?

Questions relating to:   4th Amendment 5th Amendment 6th Amendment

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    Which one of the following is not a 4th Amendment Protection?

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Criminal Questions & Answers

What are the burdens of proof in criminal proceedings?
The burden of proof is all about the evidence that is considered before the court so as to determine a person to be held liable of a conviction beyond any reasonable doubt, and thus the defendant is the party subjected to prove beyond unreasonable du
What is the difference between Grand Jury and Petit Jury?
A grand jury is a group of citizens assembled by the government to listen and check evidence from the prosecution's witness against an accused, mostly to determine whether an accused should be charged. A grand jury usually works with the prosecutor t
What side do the Blood's fly their flag on?
Was asked what side not what pokket!! There fore akkurately speaking answer is right side.
What is the difference between Civil and Criminal Cases?
Civil and Criminal Cases are two types of cases that are usually filled in the court of law. While both are being supplied to get justice for an accuser or to acquit someone, the fact remains that both civil and criminal cases are different from each