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In the US, the Supreme Court is the highest court of the land handles all federal cases and appeals, making the final say on a federal law or high profile case. The US Supreme Court was established in 1789 – which article of the Constitution gives the Supreme Court its power? Since its creation, the US Supreme Court has made landmark decisions that have impacted life as we know it.
How many Justices are there in the US Supreme Court? True or False: Justices are elected every 5 years? Supreme Courts are also found in each state, and in other countries besides America, including Canada, Pakistan, Britain, and India. If you think you know the ins and outs of the Supreme Court, our challenging quizzes are more than enough to keep the most active of brains in tip-top shape!

Nearly two-thirds of Americans can't name even a single member of the high court, according to a new survey by See how you do.

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    From the list below, select the names of four other Supreme Court justices.

Test your knowledge of the Supreme Court and Justice Stephen Breyer, whom Jeffrey Toobin writes about in the September 27, 2010, issue of The New Yorker.

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    Justice Stephen Breyer, who now often finds himself in the minority, tells Jeffrey Toobin in this week’s magazine that sometimes “dissents accomplish something, in that the majority has to respond,” and that “every dissent” is what?

Supreme Court Cases North Carolina Civics and Economics Curriculum

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    You have the right to remain silent-you have the right….

These are the big supreme court cases that you need to know.

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    In its McCulloch v. maryland decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of

I describe this quiz as part of the Supreme Court.

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    Judicial authority extends to issues dealing wih all the following areas EXCEPT

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Supreme Court Questions & Answers

In his opinion in Buck v. Bell, what was Holmes referring to when he said that three generations of imbeciles are enough?
1. sterilizing the mentally retarded-in an eight-to-one vote, the court upheld the state of virginias right to require sterilization for the mentally retardeda statute that was not repealed until 1974. writing the majority opinion, holmes compared cu
Why do some people think the supreme court has too much power?
Yes,of course supreme court has too much power.Thanks