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Do you know what administrative law deals with? How many countries are members of the International Criminal Court? Think you can answer these types of questions? Take the online legal quizzes to prove and learn more as you play.

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This quiz will test your knowledge of the Australian Legal System

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 4552   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2015
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following laws are examples of Federal laws?

Do you know anything about legal documents? Could you pass this quiz? A record is legitimate if it’s creator intends for it to be enforceable in a court of law. For a document to be legitimate, it must also follow the...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 234   |  Last updated: Jul 29, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is not a legal document?

Welcome to the court express trivia quiz on court document retrieval. If you are looking to access documents you can’t get easily get on the internet you can get them from Courtxpress at a fee. Do you know the...

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 569   |  Last updated: Jan 8, 2021
  • Sample Question
    An FBI computer crime and security survey revealed that virus attacks continue to be the source of:

Find out how privileged you are, just how much you've worked for in life.  The higher your score, the more things have been given to you in life, the more privileged you are.

Questions: 18  |  Attempts: 1414   |  Last updated: Apr 26, 2021
  • Sample Question
    How did you get your first car?

A reaction to Tumblr.

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1634   |  Last updated: May 6, 2021
  • Sample Question
    Are you cis?

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Question:   |  Attempts: 199   |  Last updated: Jul 1, 2021

Quiz Description

Question:   |  Attempts: 155   |  Last updated: Apr 26, 2021

Question:   |  Attempts: 47   |  Last updated: Feb 5, 2021

Question:   |  Attempts: 384   |  Last updated: Sep 29, 2020

Question:   |  Attempts: 35   |  Last updated: Jun 9, 2020

Below is a Test on Transport and Environment Committee! They are tasked with ensuring that the safety of people and goods in transit is put in mind at all times. Why don’t you take up the quiz and see how much you know...

Question:   |  Attempts: 76   |  Last updated: Nov 8, 2019

Laws are made to restrict illegal work or activity done in any form. There are certain legal rights when it comes to copyright. A copyright is the original creative work of a creator if copied or misused; then legal action is...

Question:   |  Attempts: 756   |  Last updated: Jun 25, 2019

The Law of the United States comprises many levels of structured and unstructured forms of law which are strictly followed in the United States. This quiz has been made to test your knowledge about Legal terms, Law...

Question:   |  Attempts: 229   |  Last updated: Jan 9, 2019

Question:   |  Attempts: 47   |  Last updated: Mar 8, 2017

Test your knowledge of the Canadian classification of firearms. 

Question:   |  Attempts: 99   |  Last updated: Dec 27, 2016

Question:   |  Attempts: 417   |  Last updated: Dec 27, 2016

Here's a short quiz on the concepts discussed in this tutorial.

Question:   |  Attempts: 484   |  Last updated: Dec 27, 2016

Question:   |  Attempts: 2480   |  Last updated: Dec 27, 2016

Week 1 - Chapter 10 Quiz

Question:   |  Attempts: 48   |  Last updated: Oct 20, 2016

An international Legal Quiz to test your response to common legal situations which can lead to serious consequences for you if you make the wrong call.

Question:   |  Attempts: 1651   |  Last updated: Oct 13, 2016

Question:   |  Attempts: 82   |  Last updated: Jul 4, 2016

Question:   |  Attempts: 418   |  Last updated: May 20, 2015

Joint Commission Survey Readiness Quiz.

Question:   |  Attempts: 448   |  Last updated: Apr 2, 2015

Landlords have been getting a bad rap recently, but often unfairly so.The vast majority of landlords do a great job of balancing their interests with those of their tenants.A proportion of landlords are now being called...

Question:   |  Attempts: 57   |  Last updated: Dec 4, 2014