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We need you to appear for someone in court. This client of ours is none other than the Legal Quiz we got set up. We need you to build up your case and showcase irrefutable evidence that you posses the right answers. It’s gonna take a while and it isn’t going to be easy but we’re sure you can win it. Here are some sample challenges to get you going.

What does administrative law deal with? How many countries are members of the International Criminal Court? Copyrights and trademarks fall under what type of law? What famous president of the United States was a lawyer, prior to becoming a politician? Sounds easy? Think you can win this case? Go out there and prove to everybody that your alibi is strong and your knowledge solid.

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  • Which of the following punishments was not one of the sanctions imposed by the N.C.A.A. on Penn State for the school’s role in the Jerry Sandusky child-sex-abuse case?
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  • Which pioneer of space exploration died on Monday?
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  • According to reports earlier this week, Russia blocked the embattled regime of its ally, Syria, from doing what?
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  • You are arrested.  Do you:

  • You want to make a simple will. Is it good enough to:

  • If a person insults you is it still defamation if no one else is around?  Yes or No?

  • Which of the following laws are examples of Federal laws?

  • Which is the highest Court that an Australian can now appeal to?

  • Which section of the Australian Constitution allows the Commonwealth Government to make laws for the peace, order and good government of the Australian people in relation to certain laws?

  • Function influence but does not dictate form
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  • Architectural-form equals social-form
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  • Form does not necessarily follow function
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