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Meets All Your Online Testing Requirements

  • Use online tests to inform employees about policies and procedures and deliver effective skill training.

  • Test employees’ knowledge and understanding of critical matters related to safety and compliance.

  • Hire smarter and faster by easily assessing candidates’ skills, knowledge, and personality traits.

  • Easily create and share secure exams anytime, anywhere, from any device.

  • Build personalized student assessments in minutes. Automate grading and scoring to save time.

  • Create interesting quizzes with our online test maker to make knowledge transfer fun and engaging.

How to Create an Online Test

Build secure online tests easily with ProProfs AI
  • Step 1: Pick a template or create from scratch
  • Step 2: Add questions using AI or from our library
  • Step 3: Configure security settings
  • Step 4: Add your logo, brand colors & theme
  • Step 5: Assign via a link, embedding, or classroom

15+ Question Types

Make your tests engaging
  • Multiple-Choice

  • Video Response

  • Checkboxes Or Multiple-Response

  • Audio Response

  • Essay-Type Or Open-Ended

  • Fill-In-The-Blanks

  • True Or False

  • Matching

  • Comprehension

  • Hotspot

  • Type-In

  • Order List

  • Dropdown

  • Read & Answer

  • Watch/Listen & Answer

  • Submit Document/Image

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Million+ Ready-to-Use Questions

Easily create a test on any topic in seconds
  • tick Created with Sketch. Ready-to-use & customizable questions & tests
  • tick Created with Sketch. 100+ professionally authored pre-hire skill assessments
  • tick Created with Sketch. Psychographic assessments
  • tick Created with Sketch. Compliance assessments
  • tick Created with Sketch. Leadership & management assessments
  • tick Created with Sketch. Healthcare assessments

Automate Grading, Feedback, & Results

Save time & enhance learner experience
  • tick Created with Sketch. Automated & manual grading options
  • tick Created with Sketch. Regular, partial & custom grading
  • tick Created with Sketch. Display personalized results based on scores
  • tick Created with Sketch. Give instant feedback/answer explanations
  • tick Created with Sketch. Give personalized feedback in the reports
  • tick Created with Sketch. Boost understanding & retention

Robust Security & Proctoring

Prevent cheating & unauthorized access
  • tick Created with Sketch. Screen share & webcam proctoring
  • tick Created with Sketch. Shuffling & question pooling
  • tick Created with Sketch. Share quizzes via password-protected links
  • tick Created with Sketch. Create a secure login portal
  • tick Created with Sketch. Prevent tab switching, printing & copying
  • tick Created with Sketch. Configure time limits & test availability

AI Reports & Stats

Track individual & group performance
  • tick Created with Sketch. View individual & group reports
  • tick Created with Sketch. Review difficulty level & other stats
  • tick Created with Sketch. Analyze performance & progress
  • tick Created with Sketch. Identify learning gaps easily
  • tick Created with Sketch. Download reports as .xlsx and .pdf
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Automate Your Certification Program

Add custom certificates to your tests
  • tick Created with Sketch. Issue beautiful certificates automatically
  • tick Created with Sketch. Custom certificates with your logo & signature
  • tick Created with Sketch. Use pre-built designs or upload your own
  • tick Created with Sketch. Set a minimum score percentage for certification
  • tick Created with Sketch. Set a certificate expiration date
  • tick Created with Sketch. Set reminders for recertification

Anytime & Anywhere

Create mobile-friendly quizzes & tests
Anytime & Anywhere
  • tick Created with Sketch. Mobile-responsive online testing platform
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  • tick Created with Sketch. Assess remote learners or candidates
  • tick Created with Sketch. Remove geographical barriers & scheduling issues
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Everything You Need for Online Testing

Add a touch of your branding to your tests by adding your brand’s logo, themes, colors, and more.

Integrate your tests with your learning record store. Record reports and learner interactions easily.

100+ Settings

Configure more than 100 settings for security, proctoring, notifications, availability, and more to suit your testing requirements.

100+ Templates & Assessments

Access a collection of 100+ ready-to-use scored quiz templates and skill assessments designed by experts.

Instant Feedback

Create a learning loop for your test-takers by adding engaging feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

Share quizzes easily as a secure link, via email, embedding on a website, or virtual classrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an online test?

Making a test is very easy with our online test maker. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Pick a template or start building from scratch.

Step 2: Add questions or import them from the question library.

Step 3: Automate scoring and certification.

Step 4: Configure security and anti-cheating settings.

Step 5: Assign the test by sharing a secure link, website embed, or via a virtual classroom.

Check out this video tutorial to learn more about making a test.

How to automate & configure grading?

All types of questions except essay and video response questions are graded automatically based on your point assignment.

ProProfs Online Test Maker lets you assign points to questions and answer options in a bunch of ways. You can choose between regular, partial, and custom grading to suit your needs.

In regular grading, the learner is either awarded the full points or none at all, whereas, in partial grading, they get points based on how correctly they answered a checkbox, matching, or fill-in-the-blanks question.

Custom grading, the most flexible option, lets you assign different points for each answer option. You can also have negative markings for incorrect responses and award bonus points for exemplary performance.

To know more about ProProfs’ scoring system, check out this quick guide on How to automate & configure grading.

How to automatically award custom certificates to learners?

You can set up an automated certification program for your test by going to the test settings and navigating to “Completion Certificate” under the “Presentation” section.

You can opt between always displaying the certificate in the reports or displaying it only if the test taker achieves a minimum score percentage of your choosing. You can choose and edit one of ProProfs’ professionally-designed certificate templates or upload your own design and add info fields. ProProfs also lets you set expiry dates for your certificates.

All you need to do is go to the Advanced settings tab, locate “Quiz Completion Compliant Till” in the “Compliance” section, and add an expiry date or time period. You can also choose to email learners on certificate expiry and ask them to retake the test. Check out this help page to learn more about How to Automatically Award Custom Certificates to Learners.

How can I prevent cheating in online tests?

Here are some ways you can prevent cheating in online tests:

  • Proctoring: Enable remote proctoring to monitor test takers via screen sharing and their webcam and microphone. Get screenshots, screen recordings, and webcam feed recordings in the test report.
  • Private Tests: Make your tests private and password protected. Create secure, individualized logins for all learners.
  • Tab Switching Prevention: Prevent test takers from switching tabs so they can’t look up answers.
  • Shuffling: Randomize the order of questions and answer options to discourage answer copying.
  • Question Pooling: Create a large question pool and use it to present different, randomly selected sets of questions to different test takers.
  • Copying/Printing Prevention: Prevent test takers from copying/printing test content to prevent test leakage.

Explore this help section to learn more about ProProfs’ cheating prevention measures.

How to create a timed test?

Here’s the process for creating a timed test in simple steps:

Step 1: Pick a template or start building from scratch.

Step 2: Add questions or import them from the question library.

Step 3: Automate scoring and certification.

Step 4: Add overall/per question time limits.

Step 5: Configure security & anti-cheating settings.

Step 6: Assign the test by sharing a secure link, website embed, or via a virtual classroom.

Check out this help section to learn more about creating a timed test.

How do I send a quiz to learners?

ProProfs Online Test Maker provides easy and flexible options for sending your quizzes and tests to your learners. You can share your quizzes as a secure and private link, send them via email, embed them on a website, or assign them via virtual classrooms. Using ProProfs’ virtual classroom functionality, you can create individualized classroom logins for your learners or enable access via Google Single Sign-on.

Check out this help section to learn more about how to send quizzes to learners.

Can I provide instant feedback for online tests?

Yes. You can configure feedback for a question by opening its advanced settings in the quiz editor. Once in the advanced question settings, you can add your feedback text, image, and links in the space provided under “Feedback”. Our online test maker also lets you switch between three feedback modes:

  • 1. Provide the same feedback to all learners, regardless of their answer
  • 2. Provide different feedback to learners who answer correctly and those who answer incorrectly
  • 3. Provide the same feedback to all learners, but display it as separate explanations for each answer option

You can also choose whether to display the feedback after each question or just at the end of the test. Explore this help page to learn more about how to add feedback for a question.

How can I customize the results in the test report?

You can customize results for a test by opening its settings and navigating to the Result section in the General tab. You can choose between a pass/fail, letter grading, or “good/very good/excellent” type of result display or set up your results screen from scratch with the “customize” option.

You can display different result screens based on the test taker’s score percentage. You can display engaging custom results by adding a title, description, and image for the different result screens. Read this help page to learn more about how to customize the results in a test report.

How can I make an online test more engaging?

Here are 7 quick ways to make your online test more engaging:

What types of tests can you create with an online test maker?

You can create any type of test with ProProfs. For example, you can create:

Learning Needs Assessments: Find out students’ or employees’ learning needs so you can deliver a targeted learning program.

Formative Tests: Test learners after every chapter in your course to engage them and keep track of learning progress.

Secure Exams: Create secure, cheat-proof exams for any business or educational requirement.

Periodic Tests: Refresh knowledge, ensure long-term retention, and spread awareness about critical matters, such as safety & compliance.

Recruitment Tests: Assess job candidates’ skills, knowledge, cognitive abilities, and judgment as part of your screening process.

Personality Tests: Leverage personality tests to hire good-fit candidates and improve team management.

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