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ProProfs allows us to track the work ethic of each learner through our own portal.

Anthony Nunan
Anthony Nunan

FLIP (Flexible Learning Intervention Pathways)


FLIP - Flexible Learning Intervention Pathway, is an online, personalized learning program for students. It provides students with an intervention pathway when they are disconnected from mainstream education. FLIP offers a range of pathways for students to return to their home school, engage in alternative education choices, or assist students in creating strong options in the employment sector.


It was my role to develop an online program for students who don't attend school regularly. Some suffer from anxiety, grief or depression, while others have behavioral issues which keep them out of the classroom. We needed a quiz platform that would enable students to easily work through learning modules in a self-guided way. We wanted to use online quizzes in a frequent and formative way, not just to assess students’ understanding levels, but to also check if they’d read/viewed all the assigned material. The most difficult issue was keeping track of the students' completion of work remotely. How does a teacher know what work has been done by a student in real-time?


ProProfs Quiz Maker provides an API which allows us to process data the way we want. Most quiz solutions are great at 'teaching' based solutions, where every student is in the same class completing the same work. However, we have 100 students in our program across 15 schools, none of whom are doing the same work. We create the work on short videos, then test the student's understanding with a ProProfs quiz - usually using a question bank so the quiz is different every time to avoid cheating - and the results are sent to our server for analysis in real-time.

ProProfs allows us to track the work ethic of each individual through our own portal. It is stunning how good the data is - and it's all due to the API. We no longer have to wonder about things like - Did the students read the chapter they were sent? Did they watch the video they were supposed to watch? Did they complete an activity that was assigned? It's a good quiz software - very flexible - but it's more awesome when you combine the API with your own analysis server.

Things that we like most about ProProfs are:

  • It offers a wide variety of question types including hotspot questions, making it easy for students to show their learning
  • It provides super-detailed quiz reports with insightful information, such as how long the student took to complete the quiz, making it possible to find out how the student is coping with their learning material.
  • Providing feedback to students is quick and easy with ProProfs.


Without ProProfs and its API, we would struggle to get accurate information on students who are tasked with managing in the most difficult of circumstances. The results from ProProfs help inform the pathways we choose for each student.

We have had hundreds of students go through FLIP over the last four years, and ProProfs has been integral in the success of our pathway choices.

I have been a beta tester for a number of companies, including Microsoft, and I've had my own development company. I could create quiz software, I even started to write it when I found ProProfs doing what I'd planned to do so much better - and with an API that I could plug straight into our portal. Seriously magic. But better still, their communications are awesome. Some 'missing' features were created simply by putting in a request. They have the same principles of improvement that I had when I was doing systems development commercially.

Working with ProProfs and their team is just like a hand in a glove. A perfect fit.

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