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Janie R. Gill
Janie R. Gill

Business and Computer Essentials Teacher, Butler County Board of Education


Butler County Board of Education is boldly committed to student success. Our mission is to enable every student to graduate college - and make them career-ready and competitive in a global economy. We will accomplish this mission by providing a rigorous education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence.

We follow an 'Old School' approach to education that includes ensuring that students have their basic needs met, buildings are safe and clean, students are well-disciplined, and are led by committed staff. We teach K-6 students solid leadership skills at the elementary level as part of the elementary school culture (The Leader in Me program). All 7-12 students participate in at least one extracurricular activity each year without having to pay a fee as part of a graduation requirement. When kids connect to something positive on a regular basis, outstanding student performance outcomes will result.

 Butler County Board of Education


Our students enjoyed taking the computerized exams, but we didn’t have a platform where we could conduct online exams. The issue with computerized exams was manual grading and scoring. We wanted a tool that shared results with students automatically and in real-time.


We then found ProProfs Quiz Maker. It is extremely easy to maneuver. What we love the most is that ProProfs has a library of hundreds and thousands of ready-to-use questions that we can make use of while creating online exams. This is more than what we were looking for.


We loved the fact that I could email quizzes and the tests to the students' school emails. I also could set up grade books and quickly assign makeup tests to various learning styles and learning levels. This has made the lives of our staff much easier and they now devote more time into strategy and planning. We have created about 1000 exams with ProProfs so far and counting.

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