Serving corporate with its 40 years of experience of working closely with the banking and financial sector of Kuwait, Kuwait Institute of Business Studies has been the catalyst in the process of transfer of technology and know-how to this vital sector. It has diversified its product offerings to include professional certification programs, executive development programs, training and development courses, assessment and testing, English language training, e-learning, specialized library services in banking and business and banking and finance research publications.

It has established alliances with prestigious professional organizations, such as the International Chamber of Commerce in France, the Global Association of Risk Professionals and Bank Administration Institute in the USA, Institute of Financial Services (ifs) in the UK and the Financial Markets Association in France. As well, it has convinced highly selective elite educational organizations to offer programs in Kuwait.

Institute of Banking Studies


We were facing a challenge to run different kinds of tests for a huge number of people. We had an online software to run English Placement Tests at our premises, but it lacked rich features.


We started with a temporary account with ProProfs but needed to explore it thoroughly, so we contacted the ProProfs support team via email to allow us to explore more features. They were more than happy to let us experience the premium version. We could create effective and attractive tests that are very useful to our institute.


ProProfs Quiz Maker gave us an effective tool to run our tests, and we succeeded thanks to ProProfs services. We have created over 100 tests so far with over 2500 attempts and are super happy with the simplicity and automation ProProfs offers.

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