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Increase Lead Generation by up to 200%

Capture qualified leads with lead quizzes
Increase lead generation by up to 200% with lead gen quizzes

Create lead quizzes with ProProfs Quiz Maker and increase lead generation by up to 200%. Customize your own lead forms to collect valuable customer data such as name, email, phone or pretty much any information you need. Add these lead forms to your quizzes and capture qualified leads before the quiz starts or just before the result is shown. You can then push these leads to different email marketing lists by simply enabling the integration option so each new lead is added to your email marketing list. Creating quizzes for lead generation with ProProfs Quiz Maker is the most efficient way to generate leads. Check out some lead quizzes examples here.

  • Add lead forms to your quiz
  • Collect valuable customer data
  • Add leads to email marketing tools

Create Results That Go Viral

Create personalized results that get shared
Create personalized results with lead quizzes

Personalize lead quizzes’ results to make them go viral. Add emotive images and share buttons to the results of lead quizzes to increase share-ability by quiz takers. You can also add an appreciative message or a quote to personalize the results. Create exciting results for lead generation quizzes that are more likely to be shared. Personality quizzes for lead generation are the best quizzes to serve this purpose.

  • Add emotive images
  • Create positive results
  • Keep share buttons visible

Integrate With Popular Marketing Tools

Add leads to your CRM & email marketing lists
Integrate your email collection data with all of your most used marketing platforms

Integrate Quiz Maker with major marketing tools to save time and effort. Automate email marketing campaigns by adding leads captured through lead quizzes to email marketing lists maintained in MailChimp, Constant Contact and other software. For example, you can generate leads and grow subscriber list by creating lead generation quizzes for small businesses. Explore these examples of lead gen quizzes to know more.

  • Grow mailing lists
  • Automate email marketing campaigns
  • Nurture your new leads

Customize Message for Social Sharing

Quizzes that look great on your website & on social platforms
Create easily embeddable lead quizzes

Create easily embeddable lead quizzes and boost traffic on your website or social platforms. Visitors can take quizzes on your website without ever leaving it. Customize a great message for social sharing and enable Facebook comments. You can easily create and share lead quizzes with your audience by either embedding it on your website or pasting the embed code on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Embed on your website or share on social media
  • Use your logo & brand colors
  • Enable Facebook comments

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  • Free lead generation quizzes

    Lead Generation

    Increase lead generation by up to 200%

  • Promote & drive traffic to social media platforms with lead gen quizzes

    Promote & Drive Traffic

    Post lead quizzes on social platforms to promote your brand and drive website traffic.

  • Increase your leads and learn about your audience with lead quizzes

    Insightful Reports

    Analyze quiz reports to learn about audiences and make smarter marketing decisions.

  • Integrate your lead quiz with marketing automation tools


    Integrate Quiz Maker with marketing automation tools to enable seamless marketing.

  • Customize lead forms to collect customer data that you need for lead generation

    Lead Forms

    Customize lead forms to collect customer data that you need for lead generation.

  • Create interesting quiz results that are more likely to get shared on social media platforms

    Brand Reach

    Create interesting quiz results that are more likely to get shared on social media.

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