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20 Best Recruitment Assessment Tools in 2023


From wasted money, time, and effort to uncomfortable “letting go” conversations, bad hiring can open a whole can of worms – which makes it surprising that almost three in four employers admit to having made this mistake

One of the most common reasons why many companies hire the wrong people is that they simply don’t have an effective candidate assessment process. So, we’ve put together this list of the 20 best recruitment assessment tools to help you hire right. 

But, before we unveil our list, let’s make sure we’re on the same page regarding what is a recruitment assessment tool and why your hiring team needs an excellent one

What Is a Recruitment Assessment Tool?

Recruitment assessment tools are online software tools that help recruiters and employers analyze job candidates’ skills, personality, and cognitive abilities and make highly informed hiring decisions to ensure both role-specific and cultural fit. These tools let you create and administer your pre-hire tests and compare the applicants’ performance in a centralized and streamlined way. 

What to Look for When Selecting a Recruitment Assessment Tool

Selecting a recruitment assessment tool for your organization is crucial since an inefficient or unsuitable tool can end up harming your recruitment process instead of helping it. Here are all the things that you should keep an eye out for when comparing your options. 

  • Suitability to Your Needs – Your recruitment assessment tool should fit nicely into your hiring and onboarding system. It needs to enhance your screening process and complement the interviews.
  • Pre-Built Tests – You’ll need a wide variety of recruitment assessment tests. So, tools that offer pre-built, professionally-designed hiring tests should be among your top contenders. 
  • Customization Settings – The more test settings you have at your disposal, the more you can tailor the tests to your specific needs. For instance, you may need to set different time limits for each question. 
  • Automated Scoring – An automated scoring mechanism for skill tests can save hours of your time that you can devote to improving the hiring process in other ways. 
  • Question Types – Top recruiting assessment tools offer a wide variety of question types, including video interviews and comprehension-based questions. They also let you add videos, images, documents, audio, and links to your questions. 
  • Security Settings – The best recruiting assessment software offer robust security settings to prevent cheating and unauthorized access and ensure your tests’ credibility. For example, you should be able to randomize the question order for different test-takers and prevent printing and copying of the test content. 
  • Reporting – The best recruiting assessment tools provide insightful and easily digestible reports & analytics that help you quickly identify suitable candidates from the applicant pool.
  • Appealing UI – Your hiring tests will be one of the first things the candidate will see of your company. So, they need to offer a pleasant and seamless user experience.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – The recruitment assessment tools you choose should offer a good value for money in terms of the features & benefits and fit into your recruitment budget.

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Benefits of Recruitment Assessment Tools

Implementing recruitment assessment software in your organization improves business outcomes in many ways. Here are the positive changes you can expect by creating a hiring process powered by candidate assessment tools

  • Engaged and Productive Workforce – Employees who fit well into their roles and company culture can stay well-engaged with their job and organization, enabling them to be highly productive and contribute adequately toward business objectives. 
  • High Employee Retention – By ensuring a good fit, hiring assessment tools reduce employee turnover, saving you a lot of money in hiring and training costs. 
  • Saved Time and Effort – With online recruitment assessment tools you can conduct pre-employment tests and analyze results in a streamlined way. These take much less time and effort to administer compared to pen-and-paper-based assessments. 
  • Unbiased Candidate Assessment – Being data-driven, online recruitment assessments are not affected by unconscious bias, enabling you to screen and select the most deserving candidates. 
  • Better Workplace Communication – Apart from assessing competency, employment assessment tests help identify candidates’ communication styles and preferences, so managers can lead them better. 

Now that you understand why hiring assessment tools are a must for an effective recruitment process, let’s jump into our list of the 20 best recruitment tools, starting with a quick feature comparison.

Feature & Price Comparison of the Best Recruitment Assessment Tools

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Top 20 Recruitment Assessment Tools for 2023

1. ProProfs Assessment Software


Explore Assessment LibraryGet a Demo

ProProfs is the most comprehensive recruitment assessment tool out there. It lets you easily create score or personality-based tests on any topic and comes bundled with 100+ best pre-employment assessment tests that you can use as-is or modify to suit your needs. Once candidates submit their tests, you can analyze and compare them using detailed, AI-powered reporting and analytics.

ProProfs’ online assessment platform offers 15+ question types, including multiple-choice, video response, comprehension, and checkbox. Its video questions, which let candidates respond by recording or uploading a video, are handy for remote hiring. 

ProProfs is equipped with 100+ smart settings for security, cheating prevention, and customization and also lets you brand/white-label your assessments. Tests get auto-scored as per your point assignment, which you can manage using flexible grading configurations, such as partial & custom grading, negative marking, and more. What’s more, you can also import questions from ProProfs’ quiz library, which contains over 1 million ready-to-use questions. 

Key Features 

  • 100+ professionally-designed skill, personality, and cognitive assessment tests
  • Customizable hiring test templates and one million+ ready-to-use questions 
  • 15+ question types with branching logic
  • Add images, videos, documents & links to questions 
  • Automated grading with flexible point assignment 
  • Prevent cheating by shuffling questions & answers, disabling tab switching, and much more 
  • Create question banks to randomly pool questions from 
  • Set time limits (overall or for individual questions) 
  • White-label your tests with your logo, colors, fonts, graphics, etc.
  • Downloadable, AI-powered reports with statistics 
  • Integrates with HR software like BambooHR


Massive resources library with assessment tests, test templates, and ready questions

Intuitive and user-friendly tool 

Performance tracking in real time

70+ language support including English, Spanish and more


More templates can be added


Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at $20/month (billed annually)

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Applied is a recruitment assessment tool that focuses equally on making hiring assessments more ethical and efficient. This software has dedicated functionalities to ensure that unconscious bias doesn’t come into play during the hiring process and that you create a diverse and highly-productive workforce. 

With this unique tool, you can receive anonymized candidate applications and have candidates randomized to steer clear of ordering effects. You can also group candidates into batches to help with comparative assessment and collect scores from multiple evaluators to take advantage of the “wisdom of the crowd”. 

Key Features 

  • Anonymous candidate applications to avoid bias
  • Randomization of candidate responses to ensure fairness
  • Job description tool to remove gendered language in job descriptions 
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion-focused live reports 
  • Library of ready-to-use questions with scoring guides
  • Dashboard for centralized candidate management 
  • Automated feedback for candidates 
  • Automated interview scheduling 
  • Job board integrations


+ Great for anti-bias, diversity-focused hiring

+ Mobile friendly 

+ Multiple evaluators 


–  Needs more features to help with large volume applications

–  The replacement words suggestions functionality needs improvement 


Available on request 

3. Codility


Codility is one of the best online assessment tools for hiring developers. You can use this specialized software to assess job candidates’ coding and soft skills. The recruitment suite includes:

  • A comprehensive test editor
  • Pre-built code tests
  • A scoring system
  • Reporting & analytics

You can also hold remote technical interviews with the screened candidates.

You can integrate Codility with many other tools you use for recruitment using its API. In this way, the tool lets you streamline the entire recruitment process. Plus, it also includes anti-bias and candidate anonymization functionalities.

Apart from hiring tests and video interviews, you can also use this recruitment assessment tool to create gamified coding challenges to attract and assess top talent at scale.

Key Features 

  • Create role-specific coding skills and soft skills assessments
  • Host remote or on-site technical interviews with CodeLive
  • Shared canvas to ask system design questions
  • See how candidates code in real-time with a shared code editor 
  • Integrate CodeLive with your applicant tracking system (ATS) and communication tools
  • Attract top talent at events with gamified coding challenges
  • 40+ languages and technologies for hiring front-end & back-end developers, DevOps engineers, cloud engineers, and data scientists 
  • Skills library with unique coding tasks 
  • Anti-plagiarism toolkit 


+ User-friendly tools

+ Streamlined test assignment with ATS integrations


–  Reports can be more explanatory

  More new niche technologies can be added to the library 


Available on request

4. SHL


Saville and Holdsworth Ltd. (SHL) is well-known for its Occupational Personality Questionnaires (OPQ32) personality assessments that they launched in 1984. Today, the company offers a comprehensive talent acquisition and management platform that enables you to hire and groom the best talent for your organization.

On the talent acquisition front, SHL’s recruitment assessment tool lets you conduct assessments for testing job-specific skills, soft skills, and personality and host video interviews at scale. Like Codility, it also offers dedicated products for hiring developers, such as coding skill tests & simulations and whiteboard & IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for live coding interviews. 

Key Features 

  • Pre-built skills, personality, and cognitive assessments
  • Add your branding to assessments 
  • Scoring system with red/amber/green job match indicator
  • Provide instant, personalized video feedback to candidates 
  • Showcase your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) messages and job/work culture previews 
  • Conduct video interviews using SHL’s question bank or ask your own questions 
  • Interactive dashboard for real-time monitoring of your hiring program 
  • Integrations with 80+ top applicant tracking systems 
  • Talent management tools


+ Wide variety of ready-to-use assessments

+ HR technology integrations


–  User experience for candidates can be improved

  A great option for high-volume hiring 


Available on request 

5. Athena Assessment


One of the simplest online recruitment tools, the Athena Quotient (AQ) Assessment is designed on the premise that judgment is the most important attribute needed in an employee for optimal productivity. This unique test presents the candidate with a set of phrases, and the candidate has to arrange these phrases from best to worst. 

Most candidates can complete this untimed assessment in less than 30 minutes. Athena offers a variety of detailed reports to aid in your hiring process. You can have these reports customized with your organization’s logo and colors.

Key Features

  • Unique pre-built assessment to measure judgment
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in 30 criteria
  • Identify stress levels and triggers that affect judgment 
  • Get detailed reports to analyze job fit 
  • Customize the look and feel of your reports 
  • Well-explained instructions for taking the assessment


+ Easy to administer to candidates

User-friendly interface 

Detailed and insightful reports 


–  The reporting can seem overly complex to some recruiters

  Does not measure job-related skills or other personality traits 

–  You can’t create your own assessments 


  • Subscription starts at $500/month
  • Per assessment” pricing starts at $125 for a single assessment

6. iMocha


iMocha offers over 2,500 skill tests covering various topics, including IT skills, coding, cognitive aptitude, industrial skills, retail, engineering, and more. This recruitment testing software also lets you create custom assessments by adding your own questions, either one by one or in bulk. You can also use this platform to conduct live video and coding interviews.

iMocha offers excellent security and anti-cheating features, including live video & AI-based proctoring, question randomization, window lock, IP access restriction, single sign-on, and more. The recruitment assessment tool also supports many integrations, including Applicant Tracking Systems, to make the recruitment process quick and efficient. 

Key Features 

  • 2,500+ skill tests, including 500+ tests for IT skills, 20+ for coding languages, 20+ for domain skills, and 20+ for cognitive abilities 
  • Create custom assessments 
  • Live video interviews for assessing coding, communication, and analytical skills
  • Get custom assessments created by subject-matter experts in 48 hours 
  • Real-time, AI-enabled audio, video, and image proctoring
  • AI-powered reporting and analytics with an intuitive dashboard 
  • Live coding interview functionality
  • Security & compliance features, including single sign-on and IP access restrictions 
  • Advanced employer branding
  • Applicant Tracking System integrations


User-friendly platform

Great collection of ready-to-use tests

Highly customizable assessments 


– Collaboration can be challenging 

–  The reporting can be more detailed 


Available on request 

7. HackerRank


HackerRank is a top recruitment assessment tool for hiring software developers and engineers. It lets you create coding assessments for over 35 programming languages and is equipped with a virtual whiteboard and a customizable IDE environment. You also get a platform for conducting technical interviews via audio, video, and live chat.

HackerRank is especially suited for candidate screening as it lets you create insightful, role-specific technical challenges at scale. What’s more, the tool automatically reviews candidates’ performance and ranks them so you can easily identify top performers. 

Another great feature of this tool is that it helps with improving diversity and inclusion in your hiring by anonymizing candidates and letting you provide additional time accommodations to candidates with special needs. 

Key Features 

  • Create coding skill tests 
  • Conduct real-time technical interviews with live chat, audio, and video 
  • Content library with coding, HTML/CSS/JS, multiple-choice, diagram, subjective, and database questions 
  • Add-on to assess role-specific skills by assigning real-world projects 
  • Benchmarking add-on to rank candidate scores against your candidate pool
  • ATS integrations to assign assessments, view results, and manage interview invites 
  • Add-on that lets you review candidates’ code review comments 


+ Beautiful UI

+ Great pool of ready-to-use coding questions 

+ Excellent coding challenges for every skill level


  The code review system can be slow at times 

  The interview functionality doesn’t always run smoothly 


Starts at $25/month (billed annually)

8. TestDome


TestDome is another recruitment assessment tool that lets you assess candidates’ skills using pre-made or custom assessments. It offers you 160+ ready-to-use hiring tests that you can use as-is or customize to your needs. 

You can create a custom employment assessment test by adding your own questions or using the tool’s question bank, which contains over 1000 expertly-designed questions. TestDome prides itself on its premium question collection that tests real-world competencies and even offers a money-back guarantee if anyone can find the answers to its premium questions online. 

Tests created with this tool get automatically scored, saving time and effort. You can also set and adjust a cut-off score and automate pass/fail grouping. 

Key Features 

  • Access 160+ pre-built hiring tests on programming, customer, service, accounting, project management, soft skills, and more
  • Customize any test by adding questions from TestDome’s library or by adding your own custom questions 
  • 1000+ questions designed to analyze real-world problem solving 
  • Anti-cheating features, such as webcam monitoring, duplicate email detection, and disabling copy & paste
  • ATS Integrations with Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, and more
  • Detailed reporting with a skill-wise breakdown 
  • View candidates’ progress minute-by-minute for coding tests
  • Automated scoring and pass/fail grouping 
  • Give immediate feedback to candidates on their score


+ Easy candidate management 

+ You can track candidate progress in real-time 

+ Recruiters can collaborate and share roles 


–  The UI could be faster 

–  Needs more options to customize notifications 

–  Not enough questions on certain topics


Starts at $100

9. Skillsarena


Skillsarena lets you conduct hiring assessments to test job-specific skills, psychometric traits, and soft skills. You can choose your assessment tests from the tool’s test library or create your own custom test. The library contains skill tests on various topics, such as accounting & finance, English, Math, industrial skills, health & safety, Microsoft Office, and more. 

What makes Skillsarena one of the best recruitment tools is that the company’s team works with you to create a bespoke test. You can also opt for their consultancy services to create highly-effective situational judgment tests tailored to your organization’s unique needs. 

Key Features 

  • Get tailored situational judgment tests drafted by Skillsarena consultants
  • Pre-built skill tests to assess technical and soft skills
  • Psychometric assessments that provide in-depth personality profiles of applicants 
  • Create your own hiring assessment tests 
  • Unlimited administrators in the premium version 
  • On-demand expert consultant for premium users 


+ You can get bespoke assessments created by experts 

+ Good variety of ready-made hard and soft skill tests 


–  No monthly or annual subscription plans are available 


Free and paid plans. Paid plans start at £425.

10. Criteria


If you’re looking for a recruitment assessment tool that offers a good number of highly-reliable, pre-built tests, then Criteria should be on your shortlist. This tool provides recruitment skill tests for as many as 1,100 positions. What’s more, Criteria has a scientific advisory board that oversees these assessments’ development and even collaborates with leading academic and research institutions in pursuit of its test validation efforts. 

Criteria’s platform provides performance reporting in real-time complete with analytics to compare candidates on important metrics. It integrates with several top ATSs and Human Resources Information Systems (HRISs) to speed up the hiring process.

Key Features 

  • Pre-built hiring tests for assessing skills, cognitive aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and more
  • Game-based assessments provide candidates with an immersive experience 
  • Design situational judgment tests 
  • Conduct video interviews using pre-filmed standard questions or by asking your own questions 
  • Add your logo and branding to your assessments 
  • Anonymize candidates to remove unconscious bias
  • Integrations with a wide range of ATSs and HRISs
  • Candidates can take Criteria assessments on any device 
  • Real-time reporting with analytics 


+ Simple and clean interface 

+ Easy to assign assessments to candidates 

+ A good number of integrations 


–  Needs more customization options 

–  Reporting can be more user-friendly


Available on request 

11. Mettl


Mettl offers one of the most secure platforms for conducting assessments with its top-notch proctoring facilities. This includes live proctoring, AI-powered automatic proctoring, and record-and-review style proctoring. The tool also has excellent data security standards, further ensuring the credibility of your talent assessments.

Like other recruitment assessment tools, Mettl lets you choose between creating your own tests or choosing from its test library. While it covers various niches, the test library is particularly useful if you’re hiring for engineering and software development roles.

Mettl also offers other assessment solutions besides skill and psychometric tests, such as coding simulators, an online hackathon platform, and an English language skill evaluator tool. 

Key Features 

  • Ready-made tests to assess candidates’ skills, behavior, and cognition 
  • Create your own hiring tests 
  • 100,000+ pre-built questions for quick test creation 
  • Live proctoring, record-and-review proctoring, and AI-based automatic proctoring 
  • Insightful reports with interactive graphs and charts 
  • AI-powered spoken English evaluation tool
  • Library of coding simulators that includes simulators for front-end, back-end, database, data science, and more
  • Conduct online hackathons to engage with campus talent 
  • Support for 26+ international languages 


Excellent proctoring capabilities

+ One of the best assessment tools for hiring developers 

+ Real-time dashboard to monitor hiring pipeline 


 UI could be faster 

 You need to download reports to view a detailed analysis of candidate performance 


Available on request 

12. Plum


Plum features a simple yet highly effective method of assessing candidates’ job fit. Here’s how this recruitment assessment tool works:

  • Hiring teams take a short survey to find the behavioral needs for the role they are hiring for.
  • Job applicants take a test to assess their personality and cognitive abilities and receive a personalized talent profile.
  • The talent profile is compared to the role requirements to decide if the candidate makes a good fit.

You can add multiple team members to your Plum assessment process and define roles & permissions for each. To help with candidate analysis, you can easily print or download Plum profiles.

Key Features 

  • Conduct personality and cognitive ability hiring tests 
  • Add multiple collaborators to improve and de-bias hiring
  • Create detailed job-fit criteria using a 6-minute survey for the hiring team
  • Download and print talent profile reports 
  • Get notifications for new candidates 


Special profiles for candidate analysis

Insightful questions

Great for a DEI hiring strategy 


 Interpreting talent profiles can be challenging at first 

 Mild learning curve


Available on request 

13. HR Avatar


HR Avatar provides an engaging assessment experience for candidates by combining text-based questions with simulations featuring fun 2D animations. This human resource assessment tool offers over 200 pre-made tests to assess role-specific skills and also lets you create custom tests. 

With its excellent remote proctoring functionalities, you can conduct effective, cheating-free tests using this platform. 

HR Avatar also has a unique automated reference check feature. This feature lets you ask the candidate for contact information of their past supervisors and co-workers and then send quick surveys to them to get information about the candidate’s background.

Key Features 

  • 200+ pre-made job-specific tests
  • Create custom tests to suit your needs
  • Live video interviewing with real-time scoring 
  • Remote test proctoring functionalities, such as image capturing, suspicious activity monitoring, live video proctoring, and more
  • Ask candidates to provide contact info for past supervisors/co-workers and send them short, 5-minute surveys for reference check 
  • Create workplace simulations featuring 2D-character animation
  • Advanced reporting capabilities 


User-friendly platform 

Fun animated simulations

Easy to understand assessment results 


 More pre-built tests can be added 


Starts at $45

14. Pymetrics


Envisioned by an academic neuroscientist, Pymetrics is a recruitment assessment tool that tests candidates’ soft skills and emotional traits. The AI-driven assessment provided by this platform uses a benchmarking algorithm to rank applicants against the company’s top performers. 

The unique thing about this tool is that it uses games instead of questions to assess strengths and weaknesses. This makes for a highly engaging experience for the candidates. You can also conduct video interviews for screened candidates and share the recorded responses with all stakeholders in your hiring process. Pymetrics also offers ATS integrations and candidate anonymization. 

Key Features 

  • Access gamified soft skill assessments 
  • Conduct video interviews
  • Get tailored interview questions for a structured evaluation process
  • Share videos between recruiters and hiring managers for better internal collaboration 
  • A platform for existing employees to explore internal job opportunities 
  • ATS and other integrations to streamline talent evaluation 
  • Anonymize candidates to remove bias


Simple and intuitive tool

You get to provide a fun experience to candidates 


 Reporting can be improved


Available on request 

15. Predictive Index


With over 65 years of experience in behavioral science under its belt, Predictive Index offers one of the best behavioral assessment platforms that you can use to enhance your recruitment process. The PI Behavioral Assessment analyzes four key personality traits – dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality.

Besides its popular behavioral assessment, this recruitment assessment tool also offers a 50-problem cognitive assessment and the PI Job Assessment. PI Job Assessment is a unique recruitment tool that lets you X-ray the role you’re hiring for to identify the traits you should be looking for in your candidates. 

To complement its assessments, PI also offers a pre-employment testing tool that lets you further streamline your hiring with custom interview questions, candidate sorting functionality, and more.

Key Features 

  • PI Behavioral Assessment: A quick assessment to analyze the personality traits of candidates 
  • PI Cognitive Assessment: A 12-minute timed assessment with 50 problems to assess cognitive aptitude 
  • PI Job Assessment: Identify top behavioral and cognitive traits required for success in a particular job role 
  • PI Hire: A multi-feature pre-employment testing tool 
  • Ask custom interview questions to analyze gaps between candidates’ traits and job requirements 
  • Sort candidates based on top job-performance predictors 
  • Deliver an excellent candidate experience to seal the deal
  • Detailed reports
  • Integrations with top applicant tracking systems


Access one of the best pre-employment personality tests

Lets you provide an excellent candidate experience


 The reporting can be more streamlined, with all of the data available in one place


Available on request 

16. eSkill


A popular recruitment assessment tool, eSkill features a comprehensive test library spanning over 500 subjects and covering various job roles, including sales, HR, administration, accounting, IT, and more. You can also create custom assessments by including questions from the test library or drafting and adding your own. 

eSkill also lets you add several simulations to your assessments, such as multitasking and Microsoft Office. The tool lets you remote-proctor your tests and add time limits to ensure that you get credible and accurate insights from your assessments. It also has impressive features for conducting interviews and managing feedback. 

Key Features 

  • Access test library with 800 job- and subject-based tests 
  • Create your own hiring tests by choosing questions from the library or adding your own 
  • Add video response questions to assessments 
  • Get expert guidance to create tailored assessments
  • Customize the look of your tests by adding your company logo 
  • Include various simulations in assessments
  • Online proctoring to discourage cheating 
  • Set time limits to accurately analyze skill level 
  • Integrate with popular ATSs and learning management systems (LMSs)


Simple and easy-to-use interface

Excellent collection of skill, behavioral, and cognitive assessments

Great multitasking simulator 


 Mobile compatibility can be improved

 Reporting can be enhanced to meet enterprise-level needs


Starts at $100/month (billed annually)

17. ThriveMap


ThriveMap aims to create a uniquely effective hiring process for medium and large organizations with their “day-in-the-life” candidate assessments. Apart from analyzing job applicants against the company’s hiring criteria, the assessments created with this recruitment assessment tool also provide a digital tour of the company’s work culture. 

In this way, ThriveMap assessments help reduce employee turnover stemming from “expectation vs. reality” gaps, making it one of the best hiring tools. The platform provides auto-generated and insightful reports and is equipped with a leaderboard for candidate comparison. You can also choose from several assessment optimization tools that are available as separate add-ons.

Key Features 

  • Create candidate assessments with scoring based on your hiring criteria
  • Automated scoring 
  • Add realistic job previews to candidate assessments 
  • Get assessments in any language for a small additional charge 
  • Candidate leaderboards 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • ATS integration 
  • Candidate anonymization to remove bias 


Visually-appealing UI

Easy to navigate through

Offers meaningful insights into job fit 


 Limited functionalities 


Per feature pricing model. Starts at $15

18. HighMatch


HighMatch lets you conduct timed screening assessments featuring straightforward multiple-choice questions. You can choose your assessments from HighMatch’s test library or create a personalized assessment by working with their assessment creators. 

This recruitment assessment tool also offers pre-built assessments to test hard skills, soft skills, personality, and cognitive skills. The hard skill tests are categorized by industry and role, making it easy to get started. 

HighMatch also has an excellent reporting mechanism. You can create a hiring profile that highlights the important traits you’re looking for and view each candidate’s comparison with it. The platform also provides personalized interview questions based on a candidate’s assessment performance. 

Key Features 

  • Test library with skill, personality, and cognitive tests 
  • Create custom assessments in partnership with HighMatch’s services team
  • Create a custom hiring profile for each role and analyze candidates against it 
  • In-depth reports with scores and descriptions to analyze job fit
  • Get personalized interview questions based on a candidate’s assessment score
  • Integrations with most leading ATSs
  • Candidates can take assessments on mobile devices


Excellent collection of skill tests categorized by industry and job role

Insightful Job Fit reports 


 Assessments feature only multiple-choice questions


Available on request 

19. The English Quiz


As the name suggests, the English Quiz is a platform for English language assessments. This recruitment assessment tool offers a collection of 20 ready-to-use and customizable assessments to test candidates’ speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, oral expression, and comprehension skills. 

The English Quiz also offers excellent reporting and analytics capabilities. Candidate performance reports feature CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels, a standardized grading scale for language exams widely used across Europe. 

This feature-packed tool also offers automated proctoring to prevent cheating and lets you brand your tests to reflect your corporate identity.

Key Features 

  • Choose from 20 ready-to-use English language assessments 
  • Create custom assessments by customizing pre-made tests 
  • Seamless administration, reporting, and collaboration with the user dashboard 
  • Get assessment results based on standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)
  • Tests get evaluated by professional evaluators who are native speakers and language experts 
  • Add your branding to your tests, dashboard, and correspondence
  • ID verification, automated proctoring, and secure browser settings to prevent cheating 
  • Get assessment results within 24 hours 
  • Candidates can take assessments at any time and on any device 
  • ATS and LMS integrations 


Great collection of pre-built assessments 

Good anti-cheating settings 

Insightful reporting 


 UI can be improved


Starts at €220/pack

20. Self Management Group


After making a name as the go-to recruitment assessment tool for hiring salespeople, Self Management Group (SMG) expanded its offerings to cater to hiring needs for all kinds of job roles. Today, it offers screening tools, simulations, and its trademarked POP (Predictor of Potential) personality assessments to help you screen candidates and hire top talent. 

SMG’s assessments are based on over 40 years of research on employee productivity factors and are available in 40+ languages. The assessments come with an AI Chatbot service for asking post-assessment questions from candidates, helping enhance the candidate experience. 

Key Features 

  • Predictor of Potential (POP) personality assessments for various job roles 
  • Assessments are available in 40+ languages
  • AI chatbot to enhance the post-assessment candidate experience 
  • Screening tools to process large volumes of applications 
  • “A day in the life” job try-out simulation 
  • Simulation to assess hard skills 
  • Reports and analytics 


Easy to use 

Good analytics

Great personality assessments


Mobile version needs improvement 

Mild learning curve


Available on request 

Create the Best Teams With the Best Assessment Software

So, that was our list of top 20 recruiting tools of 2023. These online platforms are great for making your hiring process more objective and streamlined. Whichever tool(s) you go for, ensure that you create an assessment process that isn’t overly focused on testing job-specific, technical skills.

Assessing candidates’ cognitive aptitude, personality, and soft skills, such as communication and time management, is just as necessary. ProProfs makes this easy by providing a comprehensive and feature-rich assessment platform with 100+ professionally-designed hiring assessments and over 1 million ready-to-use questions. 

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