Easy Quiz Creation

Creating an online quiz is simple with ProProfs. 100+ quiz templates, 100,000+ ready-to-use questions, automated grading, and more.

  • Reuse existing content
    Reuse existing content

    Upload presentations, videos, docs, etc. once and use as many times as you want

  • Lead forms
    Lead forms

    Collect quiz-takers info using a customizable lead form in a lead generation quiz

  • Bulk import
    Bulk import

    Easily import your existing questions using an excel sheet

  • Import SCORM quizzes
    Import SCORM quizzes

    Easily import SCORM-compliant content and centrally access learner data

  • Delightful reports & analytics
    Delightful reports & analytics

    Get access to auto-generated reports and analytics to gain quiz insights anytime, anywhere

White-Labeling & Customization

Feature your quizzes under your brand name. Remove ProProfs branding by adding your company logo. Choose from 100+ themes, backgrounds, fonts & more.

  • 100+ themes
    100+ themes

    Beautify your quizzes with over 100 professionally designed quiz themes

  • Branding & logo
    Branding & logo

    Give your quizzes the look and feel of your own brand by adding your logo and colors

  • Change background
    Change background

    Customize quiz background based on your liking

  • Fonts & styles
    Fonts & styles

    Choose fonts, layouts, and styles to make the quiz appear the way you want

  • Custom certificates
    Custom certificates

    Create customized quiz completion certificates with your company logo

  • Embed quiz on your website
    Embed quiz on your website

    Let learners take quizzes without leaving your website

Testing & Assessment

An online assessment tool to easily create assessments. Shuffle questions and randomize answer options for a unique experience.

  • Scored & personality quizzes
    Scored & personality quizzes

    Create a variety of quizzes such as scored quizzes, personality quizzes, and more

  • A variety of question types
    A variety of question types

    Our quizzes support 10+ question types such as multiple-choice, matching, hotspot, and more

  • Excel upload
    Excel upload

    Easily create questions in an excel document and bulk-upload them into your quiz

  • Offline authoring
    Offline authoring

    Develop your quizzes without the need to remain online all the time

  • Randomization & Shuffling
    Randomization & Shuffling

    Randomize and shuffle quiz questions as well as answers for a different experience

  • Mandatory & optional questions
    Mandatory & optional questions

    Keep your quiz questions either optional or make them mandatory for learners

  • Types of grading
    Types of grading

    Choose from partial, regular, custom grading, negative marking, etc.

  • Timed quizzes
    Timed quizzes

    Prevent cheating by setting expiry time for your quiz questions

  • Scoring & result customization
    Scoring & result customization

    Create custom scores & results and choose what a quiz taker sees on their report

  • Mobile-Ready

    Access quizzes and tests seamlessly on any device such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops

  • Social media sharing
    Social media sharing

    One-click social media sharing buttons. Enable or disable social media buttons on a quiz results page easily

  • Capture leads & contact info
    Capture leads & contact info

    Capture leads and gather details of prospects with lead generation quizzes

  • Automate grading
    Automate grading

    Pre-assign points to correct answers and save tons of manual grading time

  • Instant feedback
    Instant feedback

    Provide instant feedback for every answer or based on score. Add images to give engaging feedback

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Learner Experience

Give your learners an engaging learning experience by enhancing your quizzes with images, videos, and personalized results.

  • 70+ languages
    70+ languages

    Create quizzes in over 70 languages and grow your learner community across the world

  • Discussion & collaboration
    Discussions & collaboration

    Build a learning-focused Q&A community by enabling learner collaboration

  • Announcements

    Send out announcements to learners and ensure course compliance

  • Embed quizzes in courses
    Embed quizzes in courses

    Enhance the learning experience by embedding final exams in your online courses

  • Branching logic
    Branching logic

    Send quiz takers to the next question based on their response to the previous question

  • Save & resume courses
    Save & resume

    Allow learners to save quiz at any point and later resume from where they left

  • Compliance & reminders
    Compliance & reminders

    Set reminders for quiz completion dates and ensure ongoing compliance

  • Create personalized results
    Create personalized results

    Delight your customers at the end of the quiz by creating personalized results

  • Add images & videos
    Add images & videos

    Make your quiz engaging by adding images & videos to questions or answer options

Reports & Analytics

Track quiz-takers in real-time and obtain learning reports. Analyze quiz results easily.

  • Real-time reporting
    Real-time reporting

    Track progress and fetch reports while quiz takers are taking the quiz

  • Individual & group reports
    Individual & group reports

    Monitor individual and group progress and generate reports for each

  • Grade book reports
    Grade book reports

    View the total points and average score of members of a group for all quizzes

  • Reports sharing
    Reports sharing

    Share reports with teams, leaners, or even those not using ProProfs

  • TinCan/SCORM-compliant Integration with LMS
    Tin Can/Scorm Compliant LRS

    Instantly record plus view quiz data (reports & learner interaction) in your SCORM Cloud LRS

  • Export reports
    Export reports

    Export quiz reports in popular formats such as Excel, PDF, and more

  • Email reports & certificates
    Email reports & certificates

    Share quiz reports and completion certificates with learners via emails

  • IP tracking
    IP tracking

    Track not only when and by whom a quiz was taken, but also the IP address

  • Filtered results
    Filter results

    Filter learning reports by time such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, and more

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Security & Permissions

100+ settings and smart configurations that let you customize your experience with features like security levels, roles & permissions, notifications, and compliance.

  • Password-protected quizzes
    Password-protected quizzes

    Allow public quizzes or make them private by adding a password

  • User & role-based permissions
    User & role-based permissions

    Create group admins & instructors to manage accounts

  • Reminders & Compliance
    Reminders & Compliance

    Ensure high quiz completion rates by automating reminders

  • IP based restrictions
    IP based restrictions

    Make a quiz available only within certain IP ranges

  • Single sign-on
    Single sign-on

    Let your quiz automatically identify users logged into your website

  • Secure online LMS login portal
    Secured online log-in portal

    Authenticate secure log-in by assigning unique login id to quiz takers

  • GDPR-Compliant
    GDPR compliant

    We protect personal data and privacy of all end-users

  • Cloud based World Class Infrastructure
    World Class Infrastructure

    Our cloud infrastructure is hosted with Amazon and IBM

  • GDPR-Compliant
    Disable print

    Configure settings to disable printing of your quiz for security

  • Cloud based World Class Infrastructure

    Easily recover an accidentally deleted quiz in the trash folder


Integrate quizzes with CRM, marketing, and customer management tools to automate time-consuming tasks.

  • Mailchimp

    Add new ProProfs Quiz Maker learners to your MailChimp subscriber lists

  • Salesforce

    Automatically push new quiz takers or learners to your Salesforce account as leads

  • TinCan/SCORM-compliant Integration with LMS

    Find the easiest route to making your quizzes SCORM compliant with this integration

  • GetResponse

    Add new learners to your GetResponse dashboard and leverage it for your marketing needs

  • icontact

    Automate lead capture process with the help of lead quizzes integration with iContact

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Find easier ways to share quizzes with learners and quiz anytime.

  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Anytime, Anywhere

    Create quizzes that are compatible with mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets

  • Online classroom
    Online Classroom

    Create learner groups and centrally assign quizzes & courses

  • Email

    Share quiz with learners via email. Create personalized email templates and send them to quiz takers

  • hare on Websites
    Share on Websites

    Easily embed the quiz on your blog or website such as WordPress, WIX, etc.

  • Self Registration
    Self Registration

    Allow learners to log in and self-register to the online classroom

Lead Generation

  • Lead forms
    Lead forms

    Add customized lead forms to capture quiz takers info

  • Shareable results
    Shareable results

    Create customized shareable results and reach a wider audience

  • Customized Social Sharing
    Customized Social Sharing

    Share quizzes with captions that look great on your website and on social platforms

  • E-commerce platform
    E-commerce platform

    Sell quizzes on ProProfs Store or any other site of your choice and make money. Integrate with Stripe or Paypal, offer coupons & more.

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