Easy Quiz Creation

Creating an online quiz is simple with ProProfs. 100+ quiz templates, 100,000+ ready-to-use questions, automated grading, and more.

  • Easy to create a quiz
    AI Quiz Builder

    Create quizzes & questions with our advanced AI that will write and check questions for you

  • Easy to create a quiz
    Easy to create a quiz

    Easily build scored quizzes and personality quizzes with online quiz generator

  • A variety of question types
    15+ Question Types

    Create engaging quizzes with a variety of question types, such as multiple-choice, matching, hotspot, and more

  • 100+ ready-to-use templates
    100+ ready-to-use templates

    Choose from over 100 professionally designed scored quiz and personality quiz templates

  • Reuse existing content
    Reuse existing content

    Upload presentations, videos, docs, etc. once and use as many times as you want

  • Lead forms
    Lead forms

    Collect quiz-takers info using a customizable lead form in a lead generation quiz

  • Question library
    Question library

    Search for topics and easily import questions from over 100,000 ready-to-use questions

  • Bulk import
    Bulk import

    Easily import your existing questions using an excel sheet

  • Shared folders
    Shared folders

    Allow multiple instructors to collaborate and build quizzes simultaneously

  • Import SCORM quizzes
    Import SCORM quizzes

    Easily import SCORM-compliant content and centrally access learner data

  • Assessment library
    Assessment library

    100+ professionally built assessment tests to assess skills and hire the right talent

  • Delightful reports & analytics
    Delightful reports & analytics

    Get access to auto-generated reports and analytics to gain quiz insights anytime, anywhere

  • Easily share quizzes with learners
    Easily share quizzes with learners

    Share quizzes on learner dashboard or via email or embed on a website

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White-Labeling & Customization

Feature your quizzes under your brand name. Remove ProProfs branding by adding your company logo. Choose from 100+ themes, backgrounds, fonts & more.

  • 100+ themes
    100+ themes

    Beautify your quizzes with over 100 professionally designed quiz themes

  • Fonts & styles
    Fonts & styles

    Choose fonts, layouts, and styles to make the quiz appear the way you want

  • Branding & logo
    Branding & logo

    Give your quizzes the look and feel of your own brand by adding your logo and colors

  • Custom certificates
    Custom certificates

    Create customized quiz completion certificates with your company logo

  • Change background
    Change background

    Customize quiz background based on your liking

  • Embed quiz on your website
    Embed quiz on your website

    Let learners take quizzes without leaving your website

Testing & Assessment

An online assessment tool to easily create assessments. Shuffle questions and randomize answer options for a unique experience.

  • Scored & personality quizzes
    Scored & personality quizzes

    Create a variety of quizzes such as scored quizzes, personality quizzes, and more

  • Timed quizzes
    Timed quizzes

    Prevent cheating by setting expiry time for your quiz questions

  • Scoring & result customization
    Scoring & result customization

    Create custom scores & results and choose what a quiz taker sees on their report

  • Excel upload
    Excel upload

    Easily create questions in an excel document and bulk-upload them into your quiz

  • Mobile-Ready

    Access quizzes and tests seamlessly on any device such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops

  • Offline authoring
    Offline authoring

    Develop your quizzes without the need to remain online all the time

  • Social media sharing
    Social media sharing

    One-click social media sharing buttons. Enable or disable social media buttons on a quiz results page easily

  • Randomization & Shuffling
    Randomization & Shuffling

    Randomize and shuffle quiz questions as well as answers for a different experience

  • Capture leads & contact info
    Capture leads & contact info

    Capture leads and gather details of prospects with lead generation quizzes

  • Mandatory & optional questions
    Mandatory & optional questions

    Keep your quiz questions either optional or make them mandatory for learners

  • Automate grading
    Automate grading

    Pre-assign points to correct answers and save tons of manual grading time

  • Types of grading
    Types of grading

    Choose from partial, regular, custom grading, negative marking, etc.

  • Instant feedback
    Instant feedback

    Provide instant feedback for every answer or based on score. Add images to give engaging feedback

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Learner Experience

Give your learners an engaging learning experience by enhancing your quizzes with images, videos, and personalized results.

  • 70+ languages
    Practice & Test Mode

    Set up practice mode with feedback & flexibility or secure exam mode with cheating prevention enabled.

  • 70+ languages
    70+ languages

    Create quizzes in over 70 languages and grow your learner community across the world

  • Save & resume courses
    Save & resume

    Allow learners to save quiz at any point and later resume from where they left

  • Discussion & collaboration
    Discussions & collaboration

    Build a learning-focused Q&A community by enabling learner collaboration

  • Compliance & reminders
    Compliance & reminders

    Set reminders for quiz completion dates and ensure ongoing compliance

  • Announcements

    Send out announcements to learners and ensure course compliance

  • Create personalized results
    Create personalized results

    Delight your customers at the end of the quiz by creating personalized results

  • Embed quizzes in courses
    Embed quizzes in courses

    Enhance the learning experience by embedding final exams in your online courses

  • Add images & videos
    Add images & videos

    Make your quiz engaging by adding images & videos to questions or answer options

  • Branching logic
    Branching logic

    Send quiz takers to the next question based on their response to the previous question

  • Text-to-Speech

    Allow learners to listen to question text to make the quiz accessible for those with visual or reading difficulties.

  • Speech-to-Text

    Let learners answer questions verbally and have their responses converted to editable text.

Track quiz-takers in real-time and obtain learning reports. Analyze quiz results easily.

  • Real-time reporting
    Real-time reporting

    Track progress and fetch reports while quiz takers are taking the quiz

  • Export reports
    Export reports

    Export quiz reports in popular formats such as Excel, PDF, and more

  • Individual & group reports
    Individual & group reports

    Monitor individual and group progress and generate reports for each

  • Email reports & certificates
    Email reports & certificates

    Share quiz reports and completion certificates with learners via emails

  • Grade book reports
    Grade book reports

    View the total points and average score of members of a group for all quizzes

  • IP tracking
    IP tracking

    Track not only when and by whom a quiz was taken, but also the IP address

  • Reports sharing
    Reports sharing

    Share reports with teams, leaners, or even those not using ProProfs

  • Filtered results
    Filter results

    Filter learning reports by time such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, and more

  • TinCan/SCORM-compliant Integration with LMS
    Tin Can/Scorm Compliant LRS

    Instantly record plus view quiz data (reports & learner interaction) in your SCORM Cloud LRS

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100+ settings and smart configurations that let you customize your experience with features like security levels, roles & permissions, notifications, and compliance.

  • Password-protected quizzes
    Password-protected quizzes

    Allow public quizzes or make them private by adding a password

  • Secure online LMS login portal
    Secured online log-in portal

    Authenticate secure log-in by assigning unique login id to quiz takers

  • User & role-based permissions
    User & role-based permissions

    Create group admins & instructors to manage accounts

  • GDPR-Compliant
    GDPR compliant

    We protect personal data and privacy of all end-users

  • Reminders & Compliance
    Reminders & Compliance

    Ensure high quiz completion rates by automating reminders

  • Cloud based World Class Infrastructure
    World Class Infrastructure

    Our cloud infrastructure is hosted with Amazon and IBM

  • IP based restrictions
    IP based restrictions

    Make a quiz available only within certain IP ranges

  • GDPR-Compliant
    Disable print

    Configure settings to disable printing of your quiz for security

  • Single sign-on
    Single sign-on

    Let your quiz automatically identify users logged into your website

  • Cloud based World Class Infrastructure

    Easily recover an accidentally deleted quiz in the trash folder

Cheating Prevention

Ensure the integrity and validity of your assessments with robust test proctoring and anti-cheating functionalities.

  • Proctoring

    Require quiz takers to share their computer screen and turn on their webcam and microphone prior to starting. Access these recordings under quiz proctoring logs.

  • Disable tab switching
    Disable tab switching

    Prevent quiz takers from looking up answers online by disabling tab/browser switching.

  • Shuffling

    Randomize the order of questions and answer options to discourage cheating through answer copying and cheat sheets.

  • Question pooling
    Question pooling

    Create a large question bank and automatically present a unique subset of questions to each quiz taker.

  • Timed quizzes
    Timed quizzes

    Set a time limit on your entire quiz or on individual quiz questions so learners don’t have enough time to look up answers.

  • Require ID
    Require ID

    Ask each quiz taker to provide a unique identification number for verification to ensure that the exam is not taken by someone else on their behalf.

  • Disable printing & copying
    Disable printing & copying

    Make sure that quiz takers aren’t able to print or download the quiz or copy any of its content.

  • Configure availability
    Configure availability

    Set an availability time frame for each quiz and prevent reattempts from the same quiz taker or IP address.

Integrate quizzes with CRM, marketing, and customer management tools to automate time-consuming tasks.

  • Mailchimp

    Add new ProProfs Quiz Maker learners to your MailChimp subscriber lists

  • GetResponse

    Add new learners to your GetResponse dashboard and leverage it for your marketing needs

  • Salesforce

    Automatically push new quiz takers or learners to your Salesforce account as leads

  • icontact

    Automate lead capture process with the help of lead quizzes integration with iContact

  • TinCan/SCORM-compliant Integration with LMS

    Find the easiest route to making your quizzes SCORM compliant with this integration

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Find easier ways to share quizzes with learners and quiz anytime.

  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Anytime, Anywhere

    Create quizzes that are compatible with mobile devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets

  • hare on Websites
    Share on Websites

    Easily embed the quiz on your blog or website such as WordPress, WIX, etc.

  • Online classroom
    Online Classroom

    Create learner groups and centrally assign quizzes & courses

  • Self Registration
    Self Registration

    Allow learners to log in and self-register to the online classroom

  • Email

    Share quiz with learners via email. Create personalized email templates and send them to quiz takers

  • Lead forms
    Lead forms

    Add customized lead forms to capture quiz takers info

  • Customized Social Sharing
    Customized Social Sharing

    Share quizzes with captions that look great on your website and on social platforms

  • Shareable results
    Shareable results

    Create customized shareable results and reach a wider audience

  • E-commerce platform
    E-commerce platform

    Sell quizzes on ProProfs Store or any other site of your choice and make money. Integrate with Stripe or Paypal, offer coupons & more.

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