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How to Create Interactive Video Quizzes

How to Create Interactive Video Quizzes

I am an avid Instagram scroller and like to keep track of the latest trends.

For some time now, I’ve been noticing the AMA (ask me anything) trend where Instagrammers- mostly influencers and brands use the AMA feature on their story and followers write their questions in the space provided. The Instagrammers then respond to those questions with either text, an image, or by recording a video of them answering the question.

ask us anything

How cool is that? It is undoubtedly the best way to interact with the audience whose only way to communicate with you is through social handles. 

Now imagine that you were doing the same with your quizzes. When I did, I came up with a gazillion ideas as to how I could use the power of videos and build an interactive video quiz. 

So, I did a little brainstorming & research on how an interactive video quiz can benefit businesses and then, I put together this guide. 

Read on to understand everything you know about video quizzes, like what they are, how they work, why you should use them, how you can create a video quiz, and more.

Let’s start with the basics before moving on to other segments.

What Is a Video Quiz?

A video quiz involves the use of videos as a means to either ask questions or respond to questions. It’s one of the most engaging forms of quizzes and can be used to assess knowledge, teach/learn new languages, get feedback from customers, and more.

How Do Interactive Video Quizzes Work

Questions with text are alright, but video questions are more engaging. Kaltura, a video cloud platform, conducted a survey indicating that videos convey more powerful messages than written communication

When you create questions and add a video in place of text, you’re making room for more engagement and better retention. 

The quiz-takers can understand the information imparted in the video with complete attention and then use their observation skills to answer the video questions. This is what we mean when we say engagement and retention go hand-in-hand. 

There are three ways in which you can create an interactive video quiz:

  • Use the Record Video Question Type

The first most amazing way video quizzes work is where the quiz-takers can respond to questions via videos. The record question type lets you add a question that can be answered with a video. The quiz takers can either record a video in real-time or upload an existing video. 

The record video question type is great to use in assessments like a personality assessment or a pre-hiring evaluation where the participants can introduce themselves by recording a video of themselves.

Use the Record Video Question Type

Check out this example of a quiz with record-video question type.

Here are some scenarios where you can make use of the record video question type:

1- Customer engagement: When you need your customers to talk about themselves and express their views on your product or service from various angles. You can ask them questions to which they can respond by recording a video. For example: 

  • How long have you been using our product or service, and how did you discover it?
  • What problem(s) were you looking to solve when you found our product or service?
  • How has our product or service helped you solve your problem? 

2- Hiring: When you’re hiring for a job role and need to assess your candidate’s knowledge or have them introduce themselves. You can ask questions like:

  • Do you think it is essential for businesses to invest in content marketing? 
  • How would you describe your career trajectory?
  • Upload a Video with Question

The other way to create an interactive video quiz is by uploading a video in the question or answer options. For instance, you can create identification questions using the multiple-choice question type. 

Add a video clip in place of a question and ask your quiz participants to identify the video by giving four answer options. You can also place a video at the beginning of the quiz, followed by a series of questions based on that video. You can also do this the other way around. 

Add a question and ask your quiz takers to identify the right video related to the question. 

Simply add four short videos as your answer options, and you’re good to go. While you do this, you can also assign scores/ grades to the correct answer options. Doing so will save you the hours that you’d spend grading answers manually. 

There are three types that you can choose from- regular, partial, and custom. Similarly, you can create video questions and answers using other question types as well. 

Upload a Video with Question

Check out this example of a quiz with video-based questions.

Here are some scenarios in which you can create a quiz with video questions:

1- Product awareness: Create a virtual product guide and share it with your audience. Then quiz them with questions based on the video. For example, if your product is a gimbal, you can ask questions like: 

  • What feature helps in recording audio? 
  • How do you control the movements? 

2- Market research: Assess your users’ preferences by showing them a video of a range of products and then ask them questions related to the contents shown in the video. For example, if you’re showcasing a range of lipsticks, you can ask questions like:

  • Which color palette is the most diverse? 
  • Which lipstick lasts the longest?
  • Embed a YouTube Video in Question

Another way to bring a video question to your quiz is by embedding a YouTube video in your quiz question. This helps you test your audience’s retention skills or introduce them to a new concept.

You can attach videos representing a case study, new information, product journeys, etc., depending upon your requirements. Then you can create questions based on the video to assess how well your audience retained and understood the information presented in the video. 

Embed a YouTube Video in Question

Check out this example of a quiz with YT video.

Just the way you would upload a video to the questions and ask questions based on that video, you can embed any YouTube video in your question and ask questions based on that video. For example:

  • Add a YT video from a movie and ask quiz-takers to identify the locations shown in the video. 
  • Add a YT video of assembly-line production and ask questions based on the process as shown in the video.

In the next section, read about why using interactive video quizzes is a good idea.

Why Use Interactive Video Quizzes

For a lot of reasons, interactive quizzes are a great way to accelerate business growth, but these are the top ones: 

  • Boost Engagement

When shared on social media, video quizzes can help engage your audience up to a level where they’d like to take the quiz and share their results or their experience of the video quizzes. 

Since videos help visually communicate the idea of the quiz, they have more appeal and can engage the audience more than text-based quizzes. 

  • Strengthen Relationship with Audience 

The fact that video quizzes allow your audience to communicate with you through a stronger medium than text helps establish stronger customer relationships. Businesses and brands can use the power of quizzes to learn what their customers think about their products or services. 

It is an interesting way to get customers’ feedback and testimonials. 

For example, with questions like ‘Please tell us what you like the most about our product,’ the customer can simply click ‘Record’ to share their thoughts. These videos can then be downloaded and added to your testimonials page. 

  • Allow Verbal Expression

Thoughts, opinions, and doubts are better expressed in speech than in text, which is why interactive video quizzes are the right tools for when you need to get detailed answers from people or conduct interviews with authors, entrepreneurs, and celebrities for their social media campaigns. 

For example, it would be really easy for an author to answer the question – ‘When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? ‘ by just clicking the ‘Record’ button and sharing their experience with the world.

Now that you know the right reasons for using the interactive video quizzes, you should also be familiar with the process of creating an interactive video quiz. For that, quickly hop on to the next section, where you’ll find all the steps required to create one. 

How to Create an Interactive Video Quiz 

Creating an interactive video quiz is easy when you have access to the best quiz maker software. 

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There are a few ways to bring a video into your quiz. The easiest way, however, is by picking a video quiz template. However, you can be your creative best if you create quizzes from scratch.

  • Creating Video Quiz Using Templates

Step-1: Select the Quiz Type

Select the Quiz Type

Go to your quiz dashboard and click on +Create a Quiz

From there, navigate to the Templates page and choose the type of quiz you want to create. 

If you wish to create a scored quiz and assign points to your quiz takers, go for a scored quiz. If you wish to conduct a personality assessment, you can choose a personality quiz

Select the Quiz Type

Step-2: Pick a Template

After you click on the type of quiz you want to create, you can view a variety of quiz templates. The templates are further arranged under different categories for you to choose from. 

Pick a Template

If you can’t view the video quiz template you wish to go with, simply go to the search box and type ‘video quiz templates.’ Then, you can filter the search results and select the template you’d like to go with. 

Step-3: Edit & Create

Once you choose the template, you can preview the template to see how the quiz will look by clicking on the Preview button.

preview the template

If you like the template, click on Use This Template

You can use the template as it is or edit it if you like to create your quiz. You can change the cover image of the quiz, add, modify or delete the questions, change the quiz background, add your logo, and more. 

After you’ve edited the template, your quiz will be ready to share. 

Now let’s look at how you can create an interactive video quiz from scratch. 

  • Creating Video Quiz From Scratch

Step-1: Choose a Quiz Type

Start by choosing the type of quiz you want and then clicking on +Create from Scratch button. You’ll then be navigated to the quiz editor, where you can start building your quiz. 

Choose a Quiz Type

Step-2: Choose From Various Question Types

A quiz is all but a set of questions. When you begin to create an interactive video quiz, all you’ve got to do is add the right type of questions. In the quiz editor, click on the +New Question button and select the question type. There are more than ten questions that you can choose from. 

Various Question Types

Step-3: Decide How You Want to Create the Video Quiz

There are three ways you can create a video quiz:

  1. By using the record video question type
  2. By uploading a video with the question
  3. By embedding the video from YouTube

Let us now look at all the steps required to create the interactive video quiz in all three ways. 

  • By Using the Record Video Question Type

Follow these steps to create an interactive quiz using the Record Video question type: 

From the list of question types, select ‘Record Video’ and click on Add Question located at the bottom.

Video Question Type

Then, in the question editor window, start customizing the question as required. You can change the title, add an image to the question, add a description, set the number of retakes, and more. 

Video Question Type

Video Question Type

You can also provide the following three choices to your quiz takers

  1. Record answer, 
  2. Upload answer file, or 
  3. Record answer or upload file.

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  • By Uploading a Video Clip With Question

Follow these steps to create an interactive quiz by adding a video clip to the question: 

On a quiz editing screen, open a question for editing or add a new question.

Enable the Media option. 

Video Clip With Question

Then, click on the image button to add a video to the question/answer.

Under the Upload tab, you can upload an image, video, or a document (DOC, PDF, PPT).

Upload a video in one of the formats as shown below.

Video Clip With Question

Click Done to finish the process of adding a video to the question.

  • By Embedding a YouTube Video in Question

To embed a YouTube video in your question, you can simply add the video by searching on YouTube. It’s super easy. 

Let’s look at the steps to add the video to your question by searching on YouTube:

Click on +New Question and then click on the image icon located at the extreme right of the space provided for typing the question.

YouTube Video in Question

Select “Videos”, then enter the video title in the search bar and click the search icon.

Embedding a YouTube Video

Select the video that you want to embed, then click “Done.”

Embedding a YouTube Video

Enter the question and option text, then click “Save“. 

Embedding a YouTube Video

And that’s it!

Step-4: Assign Grading & Feedback

After you’ve created video questions for your quiz, you can assign them grades or scores just like you’d do for any other type of quiz. 

You can pre-assign scores so the questions are automatically graded when attempted and even add feedback for correct or incorrect answers that will be displayed instantly after a question is answered. 

For example, when you’re creating a multiple-choice question by inserting a video or embedding a YouTube video, you can assign scores for answers.

Locate Popular Settings on the left side of your quiz interface to add scoring to your questions and set the order of questions. 

Assign Grading & Feedback

To add feedback, type in your text in the space provided below the question.

Assign Grading & Feedback

However, if you’re using the Record Video question type, there is no need to assign grading as you can first watch the quiz-takers’ responses and then give them grading or feedback accordingly. 

Step-5: Create a Custom Results Page

Creating results such as pass or fail or confining them to a final score doesn’t do justice to interactive video quizzes’ engagement factor. The results page for such quizzes needs to be a little more vivid and illustrative. 

That’s why it is important to create customized results for your quiz takers that they’d love to share. 

Locate Results on the left side of your quiz interface and configure results as you like. 

Create a Custom Results Page

When creating scored quizzes, you can create different results pages for different brackets of scores. With personality quizzes or assessments, it becomes even more fun. You can create a custom results page for every personality and add interesting descriptions. 

Step-6: Design Your Quiz

After you’re done with adding questions, you can start working on its appearance. You can up level the entire look & feel of your quiz by customizing it the way you want. 

Design Your Quiz

Give it a touch of your brand by adding your logo and themes. Use a lot of images or change the fonts, quiz background, and more. 

Step-7: Configure Settings

The last step in creating your quiz is configuring a few important settings like security, notifications, and more. 

Before you share your quiz, it is important to work on its security to prevent unauthorized access. To configure settings, simply click on Settings located at the top of your quiz interface. 

Configure Settings

Configure Settings

Configure Settings

After such settings are configured, you can share your quiz with anyone via mail or embed it on your website. 

Once you’ve created and shared your quiz, you’ll be surprised at how easily the entire process lets you create amazing content that can help you convert and engage. Not just that, it benefits you in different ways that we’ve shared in the next section. 

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Benefits of Creating Interactive Video Quizzes 

In the sphere of business, these are benefits that can be realized with creating video quizzes: 

  • Effortless Remote Hiring

A major part of the hiring process includes getting to know your candidates. When conducting an interview process face to face, the part where the candidates introduce themselves is quite important. But when hiring remotely, getting to know your candidates can be a little difficult.

Of course, there are audio calls and video conferencing, but there’s always a chance of experiencing some glitch due to internet disruptions. 

A better workaround for this is creating an interactive video quiz with questions that help assess the candidates’ skills and abilities and introduce themselves. 

If a candidate records a video for the interview, you can view and reference it later many times for proper screening any time you want to. This is perfect for hiring in different time zones.

Here’s an example of such a question:

Effortless Remote Hiring

With the record video question type, you can ask the candidates to introduce themselves by recording a video in real-time or uploading a previously recorded video. 

That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, it is!

  • Better Performance Evaluation

Employees’ performance evaluation is a crucial task for business growth. Knowing what your employees are doing and if their performance is good enough is key to growing your business. Conducting assessments is an effective way to carry out the performance evaluation process wherein you create a test to evaluate your employees’ proficiency followed by a personal interview. 

This is where an interactive video quiz can offer great assistance. 

You can create a test using a mix of questions to assess employees’ proficiency and then use the record video question type to replace the personal interview. You can simply add your questions to which the employees can respond by recording a video. 

You can ask questions like:

  • Are you happy with your current role? Briefly describe your experience. 
  • What motivates you to get your job done?
  • What can we do to make your job more enjoyable?
  • What are your ideal working conditions to be the most productive?

Do it once, and you’ll be surprised with the results.

  • Fun Training Assessments

Interactive video quizzes are engaging, enable effective identification of knowledge gaps, and provide a new way to improve learning outcomes. This is similar to the performance evaluation benefit we discussed above. Interactive video quizzes come in handy when you have to impart training to your employees and then run a training assessment. 

With video quizzes, you can first show training videos to your employees and then ask questions based upon that video. 

The automated grading will show instant results to know where they went wrong, and instant feedback will make room for better learning & retention. 

For instance, you can use training videos at the time of employee onboarding. You can create video quizzes with a video that showcases your company’s founding story, its founders’ journey, its achievements, milestones achieved, its functioning, values, vision, and more. Then, you can create questions based on the details mentioned in the video to check how much of it has been absorbed by the trainees. 

  • Audience Engagement for Conversions

Interactive video quizzes offer an effective way of imparting knowledge by allowing the quiz-takers to turn into viewers. When it comes to conversions, the major factor that contributes to it is engagement. Video quizzes being engaging and fun to attempt can play in your favor. 

Create a quiz with 5-8 video questions, and at the end of the quiz, display a lead capture form before displaying the quiz results, and you’ll be surprised at how easily they fill in their contact information to view and share their results. 

As this article is coming to a close, I feel it is important to circle back to one of the points discussed earlier about choosing the right tool to create such quizzes. 

While there are some tools that have started offering this option, ProProfs Quiz Maker, one of the best quiz builder software out there, offers several features that make it the right choice.

Slide into the next section to read the right reasons. 

ProProfs – an Excellent Tool to Create Interactive Video Quizzes

First of all, ProProfs is completely cloud-based and doesn’t require any kind of software installation whatsoever. 

Here are some more reasons why everyone should use it to build quizzes online: 

  • 100+ Templates: Get access to 100+ professionally designed templates that can be used to create quizzes within minutes. 
  • 100,000+ Ready-to-Use Questions: Import questions from the public question library of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions to build a quiz from scratch.
  • 10+ Question Types: Make the most engaging video quizzes by choosing from 10 different question types. 
  • White-Label: Brand your quizzes by adding your logo and themes to your quiz. 
  • Delightful Reporting: Access detailed AI-enabled reports & and statistics in real-time or download and print later. 
  • Lead Forms: Enable quality lead generation with quizzes with a customized lead capture form. 
  • 10+ Integrations: Integrate quizzes with top-tier marketing automation tools to streamline the email marketing process. 

Interact, Engage, and Grow

Interactive video quizzes are a great way to improve learning in the times of streaming video platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Whether it’s your online audience that you wish to engage with or your employees who want to learn and grow, interactive video quizzes are the new wave of content.

Design compelling interactive video quizzes that your audience will want to take and share their results. Hire candidates remotely, or train your employees with engaging video quizzes. There’s so much you can do with an interactive video quiz, provided you have the right tool.

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