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40 Best True or False Quiz Questions

Best True or False Quiz Questions

What comes to your mind when you think of a quiz?

“A question followed by four answer options.”

In other words- ‘a multiple-choice question,’ right?

Well, that’s natural when the majority of quizzes available on the web are multiple-choice.

But, there’s another type of quiz that can be equally fun and a right measure of factual knowledge.

It is called a ‘True or False’ quiz.

Check out this example of a True or False quiz by Buzzfeed:

True or False Quiz

It looks quite fun, and the cover image says- You’ll learn some cool facts!

But, why are we telling you this?

Because a true or false quiz can help when you’re looking for a way to engage your audience, need a lead magnet, or add more fun to your house parties.

And that’s not even the best part. You can include true or false questions in personality quizzes, pre-hire tests, or trivia. 

Most importantly, such quizzes let you assess a person’s factual knowledge or know them better.

And we are here to help you learn how to create one. 

But, before we do that, we’ll share with you a list of the best true or false questions that you can include in your quiz. 

Write down your favorite questions as you move through the list, so it’s easier for you to build your true or false quiz if you find it difficult to come up with the right questions.

Let’s get started.

Personality True/False Questions

You wouldn’t expect to find true or false questions in a personality quiz. 

That’s rare, yes, but it is not impossible. 

In fact, it is a fun way to know someone by giving them a statement and seeing if they agree to it or not. 

Personality quizzes with true or false questions work fine as there are no right or wrong answers. The person answering the questions either agrees or disagrees with a particular situation. 

Let’s look at some of the true or false personality questions you can use in your quiz. 

1. I like to follow trends.

While those who opt for ‘true’ in this question may be the ones who keep up with the pace of times, those who opt for ‘false’ may be the ones who live by their own rules.

2. I’m not influenced by the behavior of others.

Those who are easily influenced by others’ behavior tend to have weak decision-making skills. However, being aware of such a trait can help them work on this trait and find ways to improve it.

3. I worry a lot about things.

Include this question to see if the person is carefree or has trouble dealing with issues. For an even better personality quizzing experience, use branching logic in your quiz. 

For instance, if the quiz taker opts for ‘true’ with branching logic, the next question could be “What kind of issues bother you the most” or “I seek help when facing troubles.” 

4. I enjoy working with people.

You can use this question as a nod to the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. Use it to learn if the quiz taker is an introvert or extrovert, likes to work in teams, or thrives in a team environment. 

 5. My friends turn to me for good advice. 

With this question, find out if the person taking your quiz is looked up to by their peers. If they opt for ‘true,’ chances are they are potential leaders. 

6. I feel overwhelmed, but I am not sure what to get rid of. 

Use this question to discover your quiz takers’ problems and offer products or services as solutions for those problems.

7. I’m the person who sets the bar. 

Use this question to determine the overachievers. Those who opt for ‘true’ are the ones who go out of their way to set the bar high for any task, while those who opt ‘false’ are those who believe in only doing the job. 

8. I appreciate it when someone gives me their undivided attention. 

Use this question to peek into the attributes of someone’s personality and need for attention. 

9. I carefully think before I say something. 

Another part of someone’s personality is the way they weigh their words before uttering them. A person who opts for ‘true’ in this question surely possesses the innate ability to determine the consequences of their words, while those who do not are a little edgy. 

10. I’m a go-getter. I’d rather die than quit. 

This is a fun two-part question that you can use to get quiz takers to get specific answers about their personalities. 

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Marketing True/False Questions 

The best use of marketing true or false quiz questions is when you’re trying to assess a person’s marketing or branding knowledge.

Let’s look at some true or false questions and answers for marketing quizzes that will help you in both situations:

1. If a firm produces the right goods or services, marketing has little role in creating customer satisfaction.

Correct answer: False

2. A Pinterest tag is a code inserted on your website to track conversions and build audiences to reach valuable customers on Pinterest.

Correct Answer: True

3. You cannot monitor your competitor’s email marketing campaigns.

Correct answer: False

4. Blogs build credibility and authority.

Correct Answer: True

5. Marketing creates task utility, but not time or place utility

Correct answer: False

6. The job of marketing is to guide the development of form & task utility and to provide time, place, and possession utilities.

Correct Answer: True

7. In advanced economies, marketing costs only about 10% of each consumer’s dollar.

Correct answer: False

8. Marketing activities should begin with potential customer needs, not with the production process.

Correct Answer: True

9. Production, not marketing, should determine what products are to be made.

Correct answer: False

10. Customer value is the difference that a customer sees between the benefits of a firm’s offering and the costs of obtaining those benefits.

Correct answer: True

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Finance True or False Questions

Just like marketing, finance, true or false questions can also be used in two situations. You can include them in personality tests to check up on a person’s financial health or use them to assess their general financial knowledge.

Let’s look at some Finance True or False quiz questions: 

1. It’s prudent to live within your means, even if you make enough money to splurge.

Correct answer: True

This question is perfect for testing general financial knowledge and personality traits. Use this question to segment savers and spenders.

2. Buying a single company’s stock generally provides a lower risk-return than an equity exchange-traded fund.

Correct answer: False. Buying a single company’s stock is exposing you to only the risk of that company. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are bundles of securities (i.e., stocks and bonds) and are more diversified than a single company’s stock.

“How financially literate are you?” or a more fun title like “Do you know your money?” make for perfect quizzes for this true/false question. 

Notice how the question below also has a third answer: “Don’t know.” Opting for an intermediary answer will make it easier for people to answer questions, especially within long-length knowledge tests. 

However, it will complicate the question-answer correlation process making the results less accurate.

Questions with ‘I don’t know’ options

3. Your credit card debt isn’t important if you can make the minimum payment.

Correct answer: False. Your credit card could carry high finance charges, making it extremely difficult to get out of debt if you only make the minimum payment.

To keep the true/false quiz informative, incorporate fun facts people might not know. This will ensure the quiz is informative and also lends you the opportunity to complement it with extra free materials.

4. Buying a used car will help you minimize depreciation.

Correct answer: True

“Are you making the right financial decisions?” or a more specific quiz like “Should you buy that car?” will put this true/false test question to good use.

5. I buy items whenever I feel like it.

This straightforward question will make it easy for you to get relevant results and resources for quizzes like “What’s your spending personality?” and “What’s your money risk profile?”

6. My monthly expenses exceed my income.

This question will help you determine the ways in which the quiz taker manages their finances. You can use it in a quiz and then pair the quiz results with actionable resources to help quiz takers manage their finances in a better way. 

7. I have enough money to cover my entertainment needs.

This true/false question will help you determine quiz takers’ money priorities. Further, this question can help you differentiate between people who spend their money for instant gratification and those who save for long-term goals. 

8. You are secure with your annual income.

This is a question to assess both financial wellbeing and potential career opportunities. You’ll learn if someone is unhappy with their current earnings and discover their salary goals.

9. I prepare a personal monthly or weekly budget.

LaToya Joy Westbrooks, founder of Wealthy and Personal Finance Expert, incorporates a similar question in her “Do You Know Your Financial Health?” quiz. In the quiz result, she defines the quiz taker’s score and guides them to her services.

10. The stress of your personal finances is affecting your health.

To find out how much of an impact someone’s money problems have on their physical or mental health, add this question to a quiz titled “How to stop losing money” or “Find and fix your biggest savings mistakes.”

Pro tip: If you are creating such quizzes for lead generation, try not to include very hard true or false questions that will leave your prospects scrambling for answers.

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Trivia True or False Questions

There are very few people who do not enjoy trivia quizzes. Trivia is the go-to solution, whether it is a house party, an in-class activity, or just some activity to kill spare time.

Trivia true and false quiz questions vary from easy to difficult. They are not only informative and comprehensive but also entertaining. 

Here are some trivia true or false fact questions that’ll compel the players to test their knowledge on various topics: 

1. The Monalisa was painted by an artist named Leonardo Da Vinci

Correct answer: True

2. People may sneeze or cough while sleeping deeply. 

Correct answer: False

3. Walnuts are not nuts!

Correct answer: True

4. Penguins can’t fly.

Correct answer: True

5. Suicide Squad is based on Marvel Comics.

Correct answer: False

6. Daffodils is a famous poem written by Williams Wordsworth

Correct answer: True

7. There is snow on Minecraft.

Correct answer: True

8. Electrons move faster than the speed of light.

Correct answer: False

9. The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1927.

Correct answer: False 

10. Light does not travel in a straight line.
Correct answer: False

Now that you have the list of the best true or false questions, you can start building your true or false quizzes. In the next section, we’ve laid out the steps you’d need to take to create one, just in case you’re doing it for the first time. 

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How to Create a True or False Quiz

Creating such a quiz is incredibly easy with an online quiz maker. Today, we’ll tell you how to create a true or false quiz using the ProProfs Quiz Maker Software

Let’s look at the steps:

Step-1: Add Questions

On the quiz maker interface, click the +New Question button.


Select ‘True/False’ from the list of question types. 


You can create your own questions or select questions from the question bank.

To create your own questions, click on ‘Add Question.’ 

Then, in the space provided for adding the question, enter a statement followed by the answer options: True and False.

Check mark the correct answer for the system to recognize when the learner attempts this question.


You can also add an image or video to the question if you want by clicking on the following icon. 


Then, choose how you want to add the image. You have three options:

  1. Get images from a website like Pexels
  2. Search from Google
  3. Search in the Library

The following images show how you can choose an image from Google and add it to your question.



Repeat these steps until you get the desired number of questions for your quiz.

Here’s a tip: Pick ready-to-use questions from the question bank to save hours of your time. 

Simply type your topic in the search bar located at the top left corner of the window.

Then, select the questions you want to add and click Use these questions.


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Step-2: Assign Scores & Automate Grading

Want the questions to be automatically graded, if answered correctly? Pre-assign grades and enable automated grading.

Go to Popular Settings, click on the dropdown menu, and select how you want to assign scores to the questions. 

b11As you can see in the image above, you can either assign total points to the quiz or assign points to each question

You can even choose to display one question on each page or all questions on one page. 

Step-3: Add Feedback

Adding feedback for answers is the most crucial part of creating a true or false quiz. 

Adding feedback helps turn incorrect answers into learning opportunities. 

For instance, if a quiz taker attempts ‘true’ for a question that’s actually ‘false’, you can give them feedback to tell them the correct answer and the reason why their answer is incorrect. 

Let’s understand this with an example of a trivia question we share above. 

Question- Electrons move faster than the speed of light.
Correct answer: False

Feedback: Electrons are much slower than the speed of light because they have mass. 

To add feedback, click the Advanced option at the bottom of your question, and in the space provided for feedback, type the feedback.


Feedback makes true or false questions 10x more effective. 

Step-4: Create Results

Creating a results page is the most fun part of creating any quiz. 

You can either choose from the types of results or create custom result pages for different scores achieved by the quiz takers. 

For instance, you can group the scores under different brackets like 80-100, 50-80, 30- 50, and so on and provide customized results and feedback. 

Simply click on Results on the left side of your quiz interface and choose the type of result you want from the dropdown menu. 


If you choose Customize, you’ll be taken to the customization window, where you can create a customized results page for your quiz takers. 


Additionally, you can use tags to categorize questions, add branching logic, and make the question compulsory. 


Also, if you’re going to create the quiz for knowledge assessment, you can time the quiz and set availability. 

Click on the Settings icon at the top of your quiz interface. 

Under Score & Time, configure the time allowed for completing the quiz.


Choose from different time windows available in the dropdown menu. 


To set quiz availability, click on the Advanced icon on the settings page.


Under Compliance, choose Set specific date and manually enter the date by which you want quiz takers to complete the quiz. 


Step-5: Preview & Share 

Once you’re done with the previous steps, preview your quiz and share it with quiz takers. 

Click on the Preview button located at the top of the interface. 

Then, select ‘Preview as Quiz Taker.’


Previewing your quiz will help you see how your quiz will appear to those who take your quiz.

Then, you can share the quiz with anyone you want via email. You can also embed the quiz on your website or share it as a post on social media. 

To share your quiz, click the Send icon on the top of your quiz interface.

Then, you choose from the many ways to share your quiz. 

b21That’s all you need to do to create and share a true or false quiz. 

Also, here’s a video guide to help you understand the steps we explained above. 

We’re sure that creating a true/false quiz now seems pretty darn easy. 

Time to Make a True or False Quiz!

Now that you know how to create a quiz, you don’t need to look much further to search the questions. Use the questions from our question bank or create your own questions, combine the questions with images or videos, share the quiz with your audience, record your quiz takers’ responses. There’s so much you can try! 

Start with five questions; then, you can go up to ten questions once you get the hang of it. And with the steps we’ve shared in this post, it is only a matter of minutes. So, don’t wait anymore. Create your first true or false quiz today. 

Check out this list of best quiz maker software to choose from. With the best online quiz maker and the right questions at your disposal, you can make a true or false quiz within minutes. 

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