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How to Make a BuzzFeed Style Quiz

How to Make a Buzzfeed Style Quiz

If you’re an avid scroller on Facebook, then the chances of you taking a BuzzFeed quiz on Facebook are higher than the Eiffel Tower.

But have you ever wondered why there are so many of them? 

Why are people always taking and sharing those quizzes

How does this make them perfect as lead generation content for businesses, and how can you create one? 

If yes, then you’re in the right place. 

Given the undeniable popularity of BuzzFeed-style quizzes, they should be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

To do that, you must know what’s the BuzzFeed style, what makes them so popular, and how you can actually build one and then optimize them to benefit your business. So this article talks about:

  • What’s the buzz about ‘BuzzFeed quizzes’?
  • How can quizzes help businesses?
  • How to make a BuzzFeed-style quiz? 

Let’s begin by learning a little about BuzzFeed quizzes — their style & what makes them so popular. 

What’s the Buzz About BuzzFeed Quizzes?

Did you know that the BuzzFeed quiz What City Should You Actually Live In Quiz! has been taken by 22 million people (and counting) so far? 

Well, now, you do!

After entering and ruling the digital landscape with listicles and gifs, BuzzFeed became the big shark of the digital age when it introduced quizzes. With their striking appearances and share-worthy results, BuzzFeed quizzes became an instant hit among the masses. 

What’s the BuzzFeed Style?

A typical BuzzFeed quiz gives an outcome based on the answers that you give in the quiz. 

In simple words, a BuzzFeed quiz is a personality quiz with an attractive quiz cover and exciting visuals. 

People love knowing new stuff about themselves, and a BuzzFeed personality quiz does exactly that. It gives people a chance to introspect, know their real selves, and touch upon their inherent human desires.

Why Are BuzzFeed Quizzes So Popular?

A simple reason is that BuzzFeed quizzes combine the fun factor with the ease of taking these quizzes that makes these quizzes tick with the audience. Here’s a list of other reasons why people love taking & sharing BuzzFeed quizzes:

They’re engaging – With exciting visuals, creative question-styles, and quirky language, quizzes are engaging enough to keep the audiences hooked. 

The quiz results are share-worthy – The real fun in taking a BuzzFeed quiz lies in its final result. Even if the quiz-takers end up getting a result they do not desire, they can’t stop themselves from sharing it. The quiz results are so upbeat and crafted in a positive way that leaves quiz takers feeling good about themselves.

They are shareable – You can share BuzzFeed quizzes at the click of a button. If someone takes a quiz on the web or any random website, they can share the quiz on their social media feed and let their friends take it to double the fun. 

Well, with these reasons, there’s one more reason why BuzzFeed quizzes are so popular, but you gotta move to the next to know all about that. 

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How Can BuzzFeed-Style Quizzes Help Businesses?

Have you ever come across a blog post that had 22 million hits? 

No? Neither have I!

But, you know what I have seen touching that number? A BuzzFeed quiz!

The Which City Should You Actually Live In quiz created and shared on BuzzFeed has been played 22 million times and shared by 2.9 million people globally. This means, probably, a major fraction of 22 million people were directed to different products, to a website, and turned into customers by a particular brand.

These are some estimates, but hey, quizzes do serve the purpose. 

Quizzes are one of the most important tools for a business as they help in its overall growth. Here’s how:

  • Wider Brand Reach- People love taking quizzes, especially those that reveal something about themselves, i.e., personality quizzes. Even more so, they love sharing positive quiz results with their friends. When you share quizzes on social media, they automatically widen your brand’s reach, making room for more prospects. 
  • Faster Lead Generation- Given the popularity of BuzzFeed-type quizzes, they are a good resource to generate leads efficiently. With a well crafted lead-capture form and integration with the right CRM tools, the lead generation process can be made simpler and faster.
  • Increased Website Traffic- Doing a simple thing such as adding a powerful CTA to your quiz results page or offering an incentive can result in increased website traffic. 
  • Affiliate Sales- If you wish to direct your audience to your products, quizzes can be the right tool to do so. Creating and sharing a quiz can be the perfect way to customize your affiliate recommendations and make more sales!

Now that you have learned how amazing BuzzFeed quizzes can be, the only thing that remains is learning how to make one! Quickly move to the next section, where you’ll find all the steps you need to take. 

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How to Make a BuzzFeed Style Quiz?

First off, you need to have an up and running Facebook page and then obviously, an online quiz maker to 

1- Go the Easy Way – Use quiz templates 

Honestly, using quiz templates is the fastest and easiest way to create quizzes. All you gotta do is visit the templates section and pick the one closest to your strategy. 

Even if you’re unsure of the topic you want for your quiz, you can visit the templates library and explore all the categories like business, entertainment, and pop culture. And you never know, you might end up finding just the right quiz for yourself. Each category has a collection of different quiz templates that you can use as it is or customize as you like. 

For a BuzzFeed style quiz, you may wanna explore the entertainment and lifestyle categories in the personality quiz templates section as most of the trending BuzzFeed quizzes are built around those categories. 

Here’s a snapshot of some of the lifestyle quiz templates offered by the ProProfs Quiz Maker

quiz templates

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Create your quiz with ProProfs 

2- Show Your Skills – Create a personality quiz from scratch

While it is easy to pick a quiz template, edit it as per your requirement and share it with your audience in no time, it doesn’t let you show your real creativity. 

On the other hand, creating a quiz from scratch leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can choose your own topic and theme of your quiz, build your own questions, mix different types of questions, configure the settings, and much more. 

Watch: How to Create a Quiz Online (with ProProfs)

Before you move to create your quiz from scratch, here’s something you need to do first-  

Choose a Quiz Topic

Before you sit down to create a quiz, you must have a clear idea of what it’s going to be about, i.e., the topic of your quiz. If you don’t already have one, here’s what you can do: 
Analyze your audience. Know who is going to take your quiz. 
The best benefit of creating a BuzzFeed-style quiz is realized when it’s shared on Facebook, so ultimately, it becomes very important to analyze your audience and tailor your quiz according to them. 

Google Analytics has a lot of data about your audience if you know how to find it. Similarly, Facebook insights can quickly determine the demographic of your most active users and determine the topics they share in common.

quiz insights

  • Choose a topic they will relate to (a TV show, movie, news, or trend)

Once you’ve analyzed your target audience, you gotta pick a topic they resonate with the most. 

For instance, if you see a lot of shoppers, you might wanna create a quiz around the latest shopping trends, or if you see a lot of them sharing a penchant for a genre of music, movies, or books, that could be it. 

If I were to create one for building engagement, I’d create a quiz about food trends since a lot of my friends on Facebook share a common love for trying new cuisines. 

  • Tap into fandom  

Tapping into fandom is what works best when creating a BuzzFeed style quiz. People often identify themselves as dog lovers, foodies, or crazy about a particular show like Friends or Game of Thrones. When you create a quiz around their fandom, they get excited and love to play and share the quiz.

tap into fandom

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Once you’ve decided your quiz topic, you can move to create your quiz from scratch by following these steps:

Step-1: Build an Interesting Title 

In ProProfs, Quiz Maker, when you click on create from scratch, you’re immediately taken to the quiz builder where you’re required to add the title & description of your quiz. 

When creating a BuzzFeed style quiz title, I recommend you take a tour of the most popular BuzzFeed style quizzes. 

building an interesting title

You’ll find that BuzzFeed quiz titles aren’t standard and boring. They’re exciting and challenge you to know something about yourself that you don’t already know.

Do you see how they do that? Simple they create a quiz about “you.” 

[Notice the use of the pronoun ‘you,’ ‘your,’ and ‘you’re’ in the titles and the subtext.]

Let’s analyze a few BuzzFeed titles: 

1- The “test your knowledge” titles

test your knowledge

test your knowledge 1

Such “infuriating hard quiz” quiz type titles trigger YOU into finding out if you are a real fan and not just another binge watcher!

2- The “Which (blank) are you?” titles

Which (blank) are you?

Which (blank) are you

Such quiz titles work so well probably because human beings, by nature, are curious about themselves. 

3- The ‘Actually’ Titles

The 'Actually' Titles

The 'Actually' Titles

The 'Actually' Titles

Take out the word “actually” from these titles and see what remains. Nothing exciting, right? 

Now the main difference between titles with the word “actually” and those without is the way the quiz is presented. The former is a challenge, whereas the latter is simply a quiz.

Creating BuzzFeed style quiz titles is no rocket science, but it isn’t a guess-game either. Craft your titles carefully and ALWAYS do some research. 

Step-2: Begin With the End – Create Quiz Outcomes

If this article was about creating a scored quiz, then I’d have placed this step as a 6th. But, since we’re talking BuzzFeed-style quizzes, there’s no way it doesn’t come first. 

Currently, about 96 percent of users who start BuzzFeed sponsor quizzes finish them

It’s quite clear that the quizzes are created in such a way that the quiz-takers immerse themselves in the whole quizzing process only to reach the final outcome. 

A simple reason behind this is that they are intrigued to know something about themselves that’s unknown to them. Here’s a list of such quizzes:

Create Quiz Outcomes

Create Quiz Outcomes

Create Quiz Outcomes

Create Quiz Outcomes

You can see that each quiz promises to deliver new information at the end. This is why quiz results are of utmost importance and should be the part around which you must create your quiz.  

Also, building results first makes it easy to create answers that fit your results, instead of trying to do it the other way around!

For instance, if you’re building a quiz called “What Kind of Shopper Are You,” the most common outcomes could be- Impulsive, Bargain, or Practical. 

Once you’ve known the outcomes, it’ll be easier for you to build questions and add answers tied to a particular outcome. 

After you’ve created your outcomes, you can move to work on the quiz results page. 

You’ll need to create a separate result page for each outcome. And mind you, the results HAVE to be positive and upbeat. 

Have you ever come across a BuzzFeed quiz result that is mean? No, right?

Coming back to our example, attach an image, incorporate a few shopping traits, and give a brief description of the personality with a positive and upbeat spin on the characteristics that might not be considered positive otherwise. 

The outcome ‘Impulsive’ might appear derogatory to some, but it wouldn’t appear as such with a positive description attached to it. 

Here’s how you can write the result for the outcome- The Impulsive Shopper

The Impulsive Shopper

The Impulsive Shopper

Once you’ve finalized the outcomes and created the results page, it is time to move to questions.

Step-3: Add Questions to Your Quiz

People love it if you talk directly to them, and most BuzzFeed quizzes are based on that premise. 

They make generous use of ‘you’ in questions, and that tends to make it seem like a one-to-one conversation. It becomes a personal experience whether people are taking the personality-type quiz or trivia or assessments

You’ll need to create questions and add as many answer options as possible quiz outcomes. 

Let’s take the quiz example from above- “What Kind of Shopper Are You?” 

Since the quiz has three possible outcomes, you’ll need to create questions with three answer options each. 

 Add Questions to Your Quiz

After you’ve added your answer options, you’ll then need to match each answer option with one particular outcome. 

In ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can also allocate points to each result type associated with a question, as shown in the image below: 

 Add Questions to Your Quiz

The personality with the most points would then be selected as the final result. 

I recommend using more multiple-choice questions as it is easier to add image-based answer options that’ll help increase the “BuzzFeediness” of your quiz. 

For example, for the ‘What Kind of Shopper Are You’ quiz, you can use the following questions and answer options:

Question- Pick your favorite shopper character from the movies – 

Pick your favorite shopper character from the movies

Pick your favorite shopper character from the movies

Pick your favorite shopper character from the movies

The above question has three most renowned shopper characters from three different Hollywood movies- 

  1. Clueless
  2. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  3. The Devil Wears Prada

There’s no way a person taking a quiz to find out what kind of shopper they are wouldn’t have watched these movies! 

Similarly, you can create audio and video-based questions and answers for your video quiz

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Step-4: Work on the Quiz Appeal

Aside from the quiz’s engaging questions, working on its appearance is just as crucial. Follow these tips to make your quiz appealing:

1- Use multi-media within: As stated above, adding images, videos, or audio files to your questions can take the engagement of your quiz a notch higher than ever before. 

Here are some other examples of such questions from different BuzzFeed quizzes. 

use multi media within

use multi media within

Imagine if these images were replaced with just text. They will be half as interesting as they are now.

Images perform better than text. It takes 0.25 seconds to process them! So don’t forget how important the role of images is in an interactive medium such as a quiz.

2- Customize your quiz: Apart from making the quiz questions engaging with images, you can also make changes to the overall appearance and style of your quiz. 

Visuals are a crucial element of BuzzFeed quizzes and help them stand-out! 

Do a close observation of some of the most engaging BuzzFeed quizzes and you’ll find that BuzzFeed has very carefully woven nostalgia into their quizzes with the help of strong visuals. 

Take the “Which Friends character are you?” quiz, for example. 

Customize your quiz

In the quiz cover, BuzzFeed used the actual color palette and typeface used on the show giving it a true F.R.I.E.N.D.S look and feel. 

Customizations like these help give quizzes a unique personality and instantly form a connection with the audience. 

Many online quiz makers like ProProfs Quiz Maker allow you to customize your quiz appearance with the white-labeling feature. With this feature, you can-

Customize your quiz

  • Change the fonts and background images- Choose fonts and images that resonate with your quiz’s theme.

Change the fonts and background images

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3- Quiz Cover: Pay special attention to your quiz cover as it is the first thing that your audience will see after the title. Make sure that the quiz cover image is attractive, resonates with the title, and gives a clear idea of what the quiz is about. 

However, that’s not all that you want to do. After you’ve created a fun engagement avenue for your quiz-takers, it is time to actually put your quiz to the test to capture leads and drive conversions. 

Move to the next section to learn how you can do that. 

Step-5: Create the Right Buzz for Business Growth

The real benefit of a highly popular BuzzFeed-style quiz is realized when you use it for the growth of your business. 


Well, the popularity of BuzzFeed-style quizzes can be used to achieve various business goals such as lead generation, better branding, increased website traffic, and more.

Here’s what you can do: 

  • Capture leads: With an online quiz maker software like the ProProfs Quiz Maker, you can create a customizable lead form. You can place it within your quiz to capture your quiz takers’ information, such as their names, contact details, email addresses, and more. 

You can use this information to extend offers to your audience. 

Here’s how a lead form created in ProProfs Quiz Maker looks like:

Capture leads

You can also configure the fields you want in your lead form like this:

Capture leads

You can even add more questions about the quiz like:

Capture leads

  • Encourage social sharing: As mentioned above, quiz results are what drive its popularity, and BuzzFeed-style quizzes are a natural fit for social sharing. If you show positive results to your audience, chances are they’ll share the quiz with their friends, which in turn, will widen your reach.

To encourage social sharing, you can even add a custom message in the end, such as:

“Share it with your friends and ask them to find out…………”

Creating positive results and encouraging people to share them can help your quiz go viral. 

  • Add CTA buttons: Always and mind me ALWAYS add CTA or call to action buttons on your results page for your quiz takers. The most common CTA is adding social share buttons to enable social sharing mentioned above. 

Most online quiz makers like ProProfs allow you to configure settings to do so. Here’s an example of how you can enable social sharing buttons in ProProfs Quiz Maker

Add CTA buttons

And once you’ve enabled the social sharing buttons, here’s how they’ll appear on the results page:

Add CTA buttons

You can even add more CTAs, such as ‘Take the quiz again’ or direct your audience to another quiz like:

More shopping quizzes

  • Integrate your quiz with marketing automation tools: Quizzes only work best at the top of the marketing funnel but to turn the leads captured with quizzes into customers, you’ve to nurture them and move them through your sales funnel. 

An easier way to do this is by integrating your quizzes with marketing automation tools like MailChimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and more.

The integration of the two will help segregate the leads into different mailing lists based on their quiz results and responses. This will help you streamline your email marketing process and nurture your leads. 

With all these steps in place, you’re sure to come up with a quiz with as much buzz as that of a BuzzFeed quiz!

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Ready to Create the Buzz?

So now, you know the magic recipe for creating a BuzzFeed-style quiz. I hope it helps you out, and you’re able to create a mind-blowing BuzzFeed quiz by following these steps. 

To get started, check out the list of top 10 online quiz makers that you can choose from to create your BuzzFeed-style quiz or simply create one for free on ProProfs

If you find yourself stuck at any point in the process, feel free to reach out to our customer support team anytime.  

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